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  1. I’ve used Jabaos with both great success, as well as disasterous. I had one 4-head Jabao run perfectly for 2 plus years when one of the pump motors began making noise, so I replaced the whole unit with new. The new unit siphoned an entire gallon of B-Ionic calcium into the tank in two days. So I switched to a 4 head Bubble Magnus, which worked fine but the pump heads needed constant maintenance/replacement. The pumps would pull the rubber tubing up through the pump head, eventually disconnecting the pump tube from the supply line, dumping additives everywhere. I’m now using
  2. We had YouTube TV for about a year, but then they got into a squabble with Fox Sports and dropped most of their Major League Baseball content. About the only thing I watch live TV for is local news, Reds baseball, Colts and college football. So I switched to Hulu. Honestly, I preferred the YouTube layout and functionality. But no Reds games during the summer was a deal breaker. Of course, it’s a moot point now.
  3. Mine weren’t a problem for a couple years but their numbers eventually reached a point where it was unsustainable. The ones in my tank seemed to feed on the GSP, which helped keep that in check. But eventually, they all but wiped out the gsp. Got a couple harlequin shrimp, one for the tank and one for the sump. Six months later, I’m having to harvest GSP. No asterina at all. Passed the shrimp along to someone else in need. Nearly a year later, still no asterina, so the shrimp clearly did a thorough job.
  4. Just stumbled upon this thread. Sorry for the late reply. I’m starting to think there’s a single, large manufacturer of latex tubing in China that is having some major quality escapes that are affecting a large swath of end users. I just had a brand new Jebao dosing pump do everything it could to wipe out my tank. Three of the four pumps displayed the same behavior: they would intermittently allow the contents of the dosing containers to siphon into my sump. Completely random. It appears there was a section of tubing that was thin-walled, and when the roller stopped on a thin-walled secti
  5. Don't forget the other bits. A pump that is considering giving up the ghost can generate a lot of heat before it dies.
  6. One item that caught my eye in your photo: the drain line from the 40B to the stock tank. That’s an awfully long lever arm tied directly to glass, and the pipe leads to a “working area” in the stock tank. In other words, the first time you bump the end of that drain line, you are likely to shatter the 40B. The end of that pipe just has so much leverage on where it penetrates the aquarium glass. Any reason not to make that a simple 90 degree elbow straight down into the stock tank?
  7. Same issue as reefaddicted above. (I've also sent a message via the "contact us" link a week or so ago.)
  8. I don't know the name, but there are tube worms that extend long sticky tentacles to capture food. The worms then reel the tentacles back in and eat whatever gets stuck to them.
  9. I downloaded the Aquarimate app from the Apple Store. It resides on my phone and iPad, and offers a gentle reminder that it's time to... (insert any and all tasks) as well as records the results, flags out-of-bounds results and tracks trends. Regretfully, it also allows you to track the cost of your hobby.
  10. I fought bryopsis for a few years. It was to the point where it was starving out my cheato in my refugium. No detectable nitrates or phosphates, and cheato slowly wasting away, harvesting bryopsis from my DT every ten days. It had first dibs on any nutrients and the advantage of lots more lighting. Also was dealing with bubble algae to a lesser extent. Brown film on the glass (which the yellow tang LOVED) had to be scraped every day. I tried the Tech-M treatment and had zero affect. I read the thread about Vibrant elsewhere and decided to give it a shot. In MY experience, it's the real de
  11. I've been very happy with my DC8000 for over a year. Given the price, I bought a second.Every six months, I swap pumps, give the one I just pulled out a good vinegar bath and scrubbing and set it aside as a spare. (My sump is in my garage so it's easy to work on).
  12. One update from the freshwater tank... Vibrant slaughtered my large, bushy Ceratophyllum overnight. So, it IS effective. But let's just say it's not freshwater plant friendly.
  13. I don't post often, but I'll add my data point, since I added my first dose yesterday. Only dealing with nuisance bryopsis and bubble, while having a complete inability to get my cheato ball to thrive in the refugium. (It's been in for over a year, and I've never harvested any). I did a full Tech-M series this summer which seemed to have zero impact on the bryo. Honestly, I saw better results from doing lots of water changes to get my Mg back down to normal levels. I've also added a dose of the freshwater product to my semi-planted 70 gallon tank. Again, for nuisance algae and some ma
  14. I've been lurking and reading here for a while, but finally a topic came up that I could actually contribute to. So, I'm an actual registered member now! But about the DI water.... Back in my nuclear navy days, we used very pure water in the reactors. So pure, in fact, that it did not conduct electricity. You could take a bath with this water and drop a hair dryer in the tub and not be electrocuted. And yes, you could drink it. Admiral Rickover himself, rather famously, poured himself a glass of water drawn directly from a nuclear reactor and drank it, in order to make a point about nucl
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