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  1. Name: Ben Meyaard Gender: male Age or Age Range: 39 Twitter/Instagram: i don’t actively participate in twitter, but you can dig up all my terribly former thoughts at bmeyaard and BenMeyaard and there was a local news troll account at one point ... Where are you from? Flat Rock, Indiana. I’ve lived in 10-counties but never out of state. Type of Tank(s): 40 breeder Photo(s) of you: Full Tank Shot(s): Favorite tank pic(s): How long have you been in the hobby? Since 2011 when a friend moved out of state and left me a 5g, 3-rock, 1fish, I pump, no filter unit, and an rodi unit and said ... good luck, do your water changes, your kids will love it What do you like most about the hobby? The idea that Indiana can be a part of the #thirdcoast and keep oceans near us too... I have one of those three rocks still. Other pets: no, I’m a divorced dad with four kids who drew the line at no further pets. Other hobbies: disc golf, super Mario maker, chartguys/technical analysis, Work: TORAY accounting supervisor, moonlighting as INDMAS treasurer Favorite food: yes please... anything set out with care for others Favorite music: Umphrey’s McGee. You all above said “not country”... I like lots of not-pop country. I enjoy blue grass, western, folk etc. .haha Favorite movies/shows: peaky blinders, sons of anarchy, true detective, the wire, spongebob, macgyver, simpsons, and not many marvel/superhero movies. Something else you’d like to share about yourself: my tank took a back burner in 2018-2019, so I’m looking forward to the 2020 swap to kickstart my enthusiasm while I ride everyone else’s excitement.
  2. Working my way up there, but will be late. See you soon! -Ben
  3. isn't that how we get more than one?
  4. great tip on the primer too. That'll save someone a redo down the road!
  5. "Without the extreme pressure and cold to support their bodies they are extremely fragile and melt rapidly when brought to the surface," Linley said in a statement. So they are like zoa's in my tank then.
  6. #metoo You wanted us to post pics of our beers right?
  7. Diligence in syphoning it out during water changes, and chemiclean a couple times were what beat it back for me... Keep up the good work!
  8. I've got all 4 kiddos along this weekend, so 20+ shouldn't be a problem! Bryn, Shay, Liam, and Aiden <-- ❤️
  9. Hi Bobby. I live in Flat Rock. I'm leaving myself 5/25, but would be happy to discuss the rest of the week in a pm or phone call -Ben (765)414-8467
  10. Hello again everyone. Sorry for the delay. I've been pretty tied up with responsibilities of my day-job and family extracurricular activities... but we've had a productive conversation in the staff forums and I'd like to share an update. Expenses Total : $5,199 (Removed Speaker Expenses less MACNA payment, Updated Flag/Banner for split of non-swap expenses.) Total Profit $1,401
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