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  1. I will not be able to make this meeting. Any volunteers for the meeting minutes?
  2. I have used both and I personally prefer the newer Smart micro ATO. Also, just a side note. The same company makes a sensor for skimmers as well. It will shut down your skimmer if the cup or whatever container you have is full. For me that means no more overflowing of the skimmer container!
  3. Thanks again for hosting!! Great educational presentation, tank, and setup!!
  4. Nice! I'm back in the field in Michigan this week.
  5. Marcia and I will be there. My son, Kyle, will not be coming so I will need a new partner for corn hole seeing as how we ruled it last time!! ๐Ÿ˜ We will be bringing baked beans (less pepper this time) and wings.
  6. In addition to Mike's comments, we will have a TV monitor with a power point running that will be updated with the winner and ticket#. So if you miss a drawing, you will be able to check the monitor to see if you won anything.
  7. Welcome to the club. Don't forget to enter the raffle for some excellent prizes!
  8. Update, we are going to be really late! My ride (Mike) hasn't shown up yet.
  9. We will be there! May be a little late.
  10. Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to make it. ๐Ÿ˜’ Any volunteers to take the meeting notes?
  11. PetesFolly

    Water added!!

    You can see that the water level was just below the top trim of the tank.
  12. This is actually what my neighbor did with the old tank.
  13. PetesFolly

    Frag Tank

    This is how the Frag tank ended up. I have plenty of GSP, a couple of RBTA's, and about 8 or 9 rainbow bubble tips.
  14. This was the last picture of the 125G mixed reef. The tank was doing very well...so why not upgrade to a 220G tank...Right?!
  15. PetesFolly

    Frag Tank

    From the album: 220G Build

  16. PetesFolly

    220G Build

    I finally got around to uploading pictures from tearing down my 125G mixed reef to building the new 220G mixed reef. I tried to load the pictures from start to finish but they ended up from end to start...๐Ÿคจ
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