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  1. Lol! There are only 4, so you only have 2 more to go!
  2. Thanks for hosting! Great meeting! Beautiful tank, great food, excellent presentation and good seeing everyone!
  3. I should be able to make the meeting along with Marcia.
  4. Wow! That looks great! I would also like to know if anyone has used this.
  5. My apologies for having to move the monthly meeting back a week. I thought the 2nd weekend was the 15th. Obviously, that is not the case. Due to some travel plans we have to hold the meeting on 4/15. Hope to see everyone!!
  6. Thanks Mike for hosting, great time as always!!
  7. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend this year.
  8. I can do April after the frag swap in March
  9. I am not saying anything about spouse of the year in case Marcia ever gets on here! 🤣
  10. I'm sure it will be amazing!!
  11. I will not be able to make this, sadly. Awesome hosts, display tanks, and fish room. If you can make it, you do not want to miss this meeting.
  12. Luis (Gonzo620) ready to win the badminton competition again?
  13. Marcia and I will be there. not sure yet on food item.
  14. we are booked as well!
  15. Thanks for hosting Mike! Tank, fish room, and your house look amazing!!
  16. Hector, did you leave your fish cooler at our place?
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