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  1. I have an old Halide set up (transformer and light) that you can have if you haven't found a solution yet. May be overkill for a 32 gallon system. I believe it is 200w and the dimensions should be close to your 32 gallon.
  2. Thanks for everyone's comments. I would really like to give a shout out to Mike for his above and beyond commitment and time that he put in, not only staying in contact with the Health Office, Hendricks County Fairgrounds, vendors attending other swaps, our local vendors and sponsors but finding an alternative date that will put us past this pandemic and give us time to put all the pieces back together for a successful swap. Great job Mike!!
  3. @indymatt; Facebook live event is a good idea and we will definitely take that into consideration.
  4. We have also been speaking with vendors who have attended frag swaps this past weekend in New York and other locations; however, as I stated earlier things have dramatically changed from last weekend through yesterday. Overall, the attendance was down but turn out this past weekend was still strong considering the threat of the Corona Virus; particularly in the New York area.
  5. @hawaiifavo; Thanks for the comments and your right, I did say that in an earlier post and that is my fault that I wasn't more specific about the costs I was referring to. You are also correct in that if we decide to cancel or postpone, we have many vendors and hobbyists that will be upset due to the investment they have already made to attend our event. That is the resistance I mentioned in my last post. There is much to consider, with the main consideration being the health of our members, vendors, and guests. I have already had two phone conversations this morning on this subject with Mike (President - TankNovice). He is also making phone calls and looking into options and evaluating the situation with the rest of the staff. Stay tuned, more to come throughout the day.
  6. We certainly appreciate all the comments and the severity of the Corona Virus. We also understand the importance of doing our part to PREVENT the spread of the virus to avoid the infection; especially for those that are older or already have compromised health conditions. Due to the amount of planning and coordination that it takes to hold a Frag Swap (it takes at least 6 months) it is likely that if we cancel this weekends event it will be cancelled for the year. We are monitoring the actions across the nation and world to slow the spread of the Corona Virus. We continue to evaluate the feasibility of continuing with the event and will keep everyone apprised. Keep in mind, the frag swap is put together by a handful of volunteers (under 10 - that also have careers and personal lives to attend to). It would be great if we had the man power and time to coordinate pushing this event back a few months. Summer is a very difficult time to hold a swap due to vacations/commitments; therefore, fall would be better. Although, fall also has MACNA and other swaps (including our own retro frag swap) to contend with. If we move this back to the winter, we are encroaching on next year's Frag Swap. As stated previously, if we cancel the frag swap for this weekend, it will most likely need to be cancelled for this year entirely. That will be evaluated once we make a final decision for this weekend. Please know that the staff of INDMAS has been agonizing over this unprecedented situation, we are in no way, shape or form taking this lightly, we are having an incredible amount of discussion on this daily (again, we appreciate the comments that we have received) and do realize that we also need to consider our social/community responsibilities as well. When you look at the events from Sunday through yesterday, things have taken a drastic change. We are aware that public gatherings, travel, sporting events, school (including Universities), church attendance, etc. are being cancelled and with good reason. We also know that the amount of traffic will be severely reduced. It will not be shoulder to shoulder this year. Having said that, staying 6 feet away from someone coughing will still be difficult. We also have vendors that have already cancelled and it's likely that more are still evaluating if they will attend. We respect everyone's decision and concerns and will continue to evaluate this throughout the day today and keep everyone informed as well as we can. Personally, I am in Kentucky working in the field with the medical community which includes Health Care Providers in the outpatient setting and working with the hospitals in the area. I have been soliciting their advice as well during my office visits. I will be driving back to Indianapolis today (running out of Lysol spray and hand sanitizer, ...and yes, I am taking the TP from the hotel room 😉 ) and will continue to converse with the rest of the staff as to whether or not to proceed with the event. The one thing we can all agree on is that this is an unprecedented situation. Either way we go, we are going to meet resistance. Lastly, the $$$$$ are NOT a part of the conversation (I am disappointed that this was even brought up). We are a non-profit club. We will lose money on this event for this year regardless of our decision and that is just the way it is.
  7. I am in the health care industry as well and will be attending the event. While everyone should practice proper health care (washing your hands, not touching your face, and I think given the current state of affairs we can opt out on shaking hands and hugs), I support that we should move forward with the frag swap. I work in the health care industry on a daily basis and I am aware of the situation we are facing. At the same time, if you have any symptoms of a cold, the typical flu, or corona virus please use the advice that has been given and stay home to self quarantine to minimize the spread of your illness. The cost to post pone this event and reschedule for a later time in the year plus the effort that goes into this by volunteers and vendors drove the decision to keep moving forward. The only option viable would be to cancel this year's Frag Swap entirely. While we expect that attendance will be lower due to the Corona Virus, we respect that everyone will need to make their own decision on attending the INDMAS frag swap for 2020.
  8. PetesFolly

    New member

    Welcome to the club! Looking forward to meeting you at the SWAP!
  9. Jochen, Thank you for hosting. Great set up and beautiful home!
  10. I agree, since it is already empty I would re-seal it now. Better now while empty versus after the tank is set up, has live rock, fish, and coral that would need to be broken down if a leak developed later. There are plenty of videos on line and many in the club have done this and have experience. I recently resealed a 220G that I was setting up. Probably didn't need it, but it was better to take care of it while it was empty just to be sure. It is a lot of work and you do need to pay attention to the details so that you have a good water tight seal afterwards.
  11. Update; Marcia is willing to help with ticket sales as well.
  12. I can be a floater on Saturday, XL t-shirt. Friday evening I will be picking up Rich Ross from the airport.
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