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  1. I claim the Tarpon Springs Koozie!! Had a great time but way too much bourbon!! Oh, and Marcia forgot her squirt gun!
  2. Marcia and I will be there and are bringing vegetable pizza.
  3. Lol! There are only 4, so you only have 2 more to go!
  4. Thanks for hosting! Great meeting! Beautiful tank, great food, excellent presentation and good seeing everyone!
  5. I should be able to make the meeting along with Marcia.
  6. Wow! That looks great! I would also like to know if anyone has used this.
  7. My apologies for having to move the monthly meeting back a week. I thought the 2nd weekend was the 15th. Obviously, that is not the case. Due to some travel plans we have to hold the meeting on 4/15. Hope to see everyone!!
  8. Thanks Mike for hosting, great time as always!!
  9. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend this year.
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