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    Aquariums, anything with an engine, electronics, spending time at the range, fishing, lake and beach time, and... I could go on but it would just start to get boring!
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  1. Marcia and I will not be able to make it. 😞
  2. Unfortunately, Marcia and I will not be there. We have a graduation celebration that we will be attending.
  3. Unfortunately, Marcia and I will not be able to make it. ☹️
  4. In addition to the meatballs we will be making pulled pork sandwiches.
  5. We will be making meatballs and another protein to be determined as we get closer to the weekend. Hoping to get something on the grill. Of course, both Marcia and I will be there. Lol.
  6. Maybe using a HOB type refugium with clear glass or acrylic inside the tank instead hanging on the back of the tank? That way you would have flow and custom lighting over it for the corals. I guess that would be the same is your idea with an acrylic or glass walled off area in the back. Just copy the water flow and lighting concept of an HOB to go along with it.
  7. Wow! Great idea! However, I am sure it will have a lot of challenges to figure out flow, lighting, maintenance, etc. I think one of your biggest maintenance issues will be keeping the partition (glass and acrylic) clean since algae will definitely grow on it with the lighting you will need for the corals. You have most likely already have done this...looking to see if anyone else has built a tank like this.
  8. April is the new member meeting which will be held and my house. PetesFolly (Bob) 11375 Whitewater Way, Fishers, IN. We will post more details very soon!
  9. I am good with the schedule I have been assigned (would've preferred the bar 🤪)! XL for the shirt, no surprise there.
  10. Scott, hope everything goes well with your surgery!
  11. Paul and Heidi, thanks again for hosting!! You have a beautiful house and an amazing display of fishtanks! Great to see everyone and the White Beluga Gift exchange was alot of fun! We also had a surprise guest as Hector was back from Hawaii to join us! Excellent time over all!
  12. Just wanted to add the we will be participating in the White Beluga gift exchange. Most likely brining buffalo chicken dip.
  13. I am sorry to hear that. Hang in there, this hobby can be frustrating but when you get through this part it is very rewarding.
  14. If you don't have anything going after it, I would guess tail rot. You should look up treatments for that. Anyone else have any suggestions?
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