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  1. Looks great Jochen! Great selection of fish! In addition to the rock work of course! I'm sure the corals will do great having seen your setup and knowing how well you maintain your tank.
  2. Nicely done! Love all the DIY that you did! Nice job with the stand (especially drilling holes for the overflows) and the rail to hang the lights.
  3. Looks great! Love the rock work. Very well done!
  4. Congrats to you and Jen!! Awesome news! Mural looks fantastic. Keep posting pix, I'll use it to help remind me what corals I have in my tank...or at least want in my tank! lol!
  5. Some of these have been covered in the past and for some these may seem to basic but I thought I would through some ideas out there to get the conversation started. Lighting: pro's and con's of the different types. Sump/Refugium set-ups and best practices Methods for keeping Phosphates in check As Apex continues to gain in popularity; programming your APEX to get the most out of it Water flow in a reef aquarium Sand Using a calcium reactor; pro's and con's and how to set them up correctly Hardware Update to simplify keeping a marine aquarium; automation, ATO's, other system outside of APEX, water testing, leak detection, auto water changes, etc.
  6. Welcome to the Club! Look forward to meeting you either at the Frag Swap or the next monthly meeting!
  7. Mike, we still have the log-on that we used for the Frag Swap posts. I was posting Frag Swap but then someone else started posting the updates for us (that CoralGuy). This worked out better since you cannot post frag swaps or meetings in their main topic areas unless you have contributed posts per their minimum guidelines. Ours kept getting buried in the myriad of Frag Swaps in a section called Frag Swaps. They have asked us in the past to be an associated or linked chapter/club.
  8. I had a hammerhead go belly up recently and it was due to a change in flow and lighting. More the flow than the lighting. I had removed a large leather coral from the middle of the tank where the flow from my wave makers meet which causes a strong downward flow in the middle of the tank. This resulted in a strong flow of water directly on the hammer head. The leather coral was over the hammerhead and reduced the flow in that area. It was doing great before I removed the leather coral and within a week it was gone. I have read that this can happen when the flow is too much and the soft tissue of the coral rubs against the sharp edges of the coral skeleton. I found this on saltwateraquariumblog.com. I am sure there are better articles out there. "Like most large polyp stony corals, a torch coral benefits from moderate water flow. The polyps will remain retracted and under-inflated if the water current is too fast because the large flowing polyps are prone to rip and tear in high or ultra-high current environments."
  9. Looks very nice!! a That canopy looks great! I like the rock work as well.
  10. Marcia, Kyle, and I are still planning on coming and we are bringing BBQ Beans and a corn salad.
  11. Awesome! May take a couple of days for the fish to get used to it.
  12. Very nice! Wish I would have seen this post before we bought our masks. Bring some to the summer social, you may be able to sell a few.
  13. Awesome! Is that the RBTA you got from me? If so, be careful, mine keep splitting. I have about 7 of them now in my frag tank.
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