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  1. Hi everyone, How many of you suppliment your led lighting? If so what are you using and what benefits does it provide? I am running 'budget' full spectrum LEDs and everything seems to be doing great except I have noticed that what should be more yellow pigmented corals are washing out into more green hues. Any input, opinions and advice are greatly appreciated! Maz
  2. Hi Don, I am still learning, but I have had stray voltage in my tank over the years and sometimes it was caused by a bad heater and other times by salt build up or excess water (typically after a water change or major maintenance). In my experience it has had zero negative effects on my slice of the ocean, albeit annoying when I stick my hand in the water and get a little zap. To my knowledge there is not anything that can continuously monitor the stray voltage, aside from manually checking it with a volt meter. I have always bought the inexpensive heaters (generic brands) off of Amazon and replace them if they go bad for $10-$15. Hope this helps! Maz
  3. I kind of did the 3 island approach on mine. I found a layout I really liked online and tried to mimic it. I built the island on the right from a bunch of pieces of reef saver dry rock from Premium Aquatics that I super glued together. I built it upside down on my work bench then flipped it over and mounted it in a piece of pvc glued to a flat piece of acrylic to make a stand. Surprisingly, 1 year later and it is holding up just fine!
  4. Count us in as well!!! 2 Adults and 1 kid. Not staying the night. We are interested in the behind the scenes tour too.
  5. Do they provide any benefit to your system? I purposefully added a 4" one I picked up at the LFS to my sump thinking it would help with detritus.
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