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  1. What kind of light are you using on that?
  2. Me FP clown hasn't 'found' the nem yet, so I will feed him for now at least.
  3. Update on the nem: It has been a week since I got him. He was out in the open yesterday and looked great. Offered a silver side and he took it right away. This morning he is flat, which I understand is part of his digestive cycle. Color still looks good, so far so good. RODI will be here Monday so I will start working on water changes after it arrives.
  4. I've noticed on those days that I feed flake to my fish, the protein skimmer goes crazy. Is flake the devil, a necessary evil, or am I over feeding on flake? The other items I use to feed are Mysis shrimp and pellet seaweed, and if I don't use flake with those, my skimmer pulls out a lot less from the tank.
  5. RO/DI is ordered and should be here in two days. Thanks all for the input! I'll keep my eye on the nem and if he shows any signs of change from his current state, he's off to another tank until I can properly host him.
  6. Now that, I am at least doing correctly. I acclimated him for two hours, placed him in and then left him alone. He found a place on the back of my rock island to attach. Color still looks good, nice shade of green and a tan foot, and from what I can see, he is fully open. I just did an 8% change this past weekend and unless there is anything screwie with the chemistry prior to the RO/DI arrival, I'll hold off on the next change.
  7. Actually looking at the next one up. For an extra $40 I would get an in line TDS monitor and a pressure gauge. I think I will be ordering tomorrow.
  8. Been looking at RODI systems online. Found one @ bulk reef supply for $129, which I can afford. Anyone have experience with these? http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/brs-4-stage-value-ro-di-system-75gpd-1.html. they are vety highly rated on the web site.
  9. Water varies from cloudy white to a light brown. Saving now for the RODI. I have a friend with an established tank, I may see if he would like it.
  10. Tap water with conditioner, and have continued with that for the changes so far. I have two damsels and one FP clownfish, 9 CUC snails and 8 hermit crabs Skimmer pulled out around four ounces about every three to four days at the beginning, I now get 1 to 5 ounces per day.
  11. Ok, so here's the deal. My tank has been setup now for just over two months. I've been reading up on caring for a BTA, doing my due diligence so to speak. I though I was ready to take on the care of one of these critters and bought one a few days ago. In additional resources that I have read since the purchase, I found that several people recommend that you wait 6 months before putting a nem into a new tank. I'm hoping that I didn't just give the little guy a death sentence. The parameters on my tank have been stable for the past four weeks: as of this past weekend Sg is steady at between 1.024 and 1.025, Ammonia = 0 ppm, Nitrate = 0.25 ppm, Nitrite = 0 ppm, Calcium is 440, Alkalinity is 11. Tank has been through at least one full nitrogen cycle. So far he seems ok. His behavior has been typical of what I have read online. I acclimated him to my tank for 2 hours with drip method, gently placed him into the tank in a spot that would allow him to move where he wanted, and he has put himself into a spot where he isn't getting much light, and I have read in several places that this can be normal behavior until he gets used to the lights. Is there anything I can do to help make sure that he adjusts well to the tank? I don't think I should be doing daily tank checks and adjustments as that might stress him too much. I also don't want to do a typical water change (8%) that I have been doing for fear of making a severe change to calcium and alkalinity (I'm in limestone country and the water here is very hard). If I do a water change, should I start with distilled water? I don't have the money for a RO system yet. Any advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Other tank stats: 60 gal cube Aqualife CF500 pump Hydor Koralia Evolution Powerhead 550 gph 2 Aquasun LED HO 24" light fixtures (three modules each, 4-1 watt 6500K white, 2-1/2 watt 465 Nm Blue per module) Backpak 2 protein skimmer Live rock and live sand base, total weight between the two is currently ~ 90-100 lbs
  12. No need for a rebel roush2000, I took that shot with a $200 Nikon L830 point and shoot (albeit a nice point and shoot).
  13. There is a reddish 'something' on a few of my live rocks. Does anyone know what these are?
  14. Testing the macro capability of my new point and shoot. How's it look?
  15. I'm not sure if this is a good question to ask - it might be like asking which Star Trek movie is the best. I don't want to start a flame war, nor do I want to invite trolls to the discussion. Is there a 'preferred' way to promote coralline algae growth in a tank? I would like to eventually add some soft corals to my fish tank, and if I have read correctly, the presence of coralline algae is needed before I can consider adding anything. Is it just a matter of maintaining the proper chemistry over a given amount of time, or are there safe ways to kick start the process? I also have a questions about inverts - specifically anemones. I have a clown fish that I would like to pair with an anemone, but I have read that they can be difficult to care for, and a death can be disastrous to the tank population via the release of toxins. Are there anoemones that are easier to care for and more tolerant of chemistry changes compared to others? What chemisties to I need to monitor to assure they are healthy, and what is used to feed them? Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide. Mike
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