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  1. Hey everyone, Do to the constant moves of college, I am looking at getting rid of my 30 gallon reef. Rather than selling it, I am looking at donating it to a former elementary school (probably Mt. Comfort Elementary science teacher). I would like to create the passion and interest in nature and coral reefs for a younger generation and figured this is the best place to start. Does anyone have any suggestions or potential donations of coral or equipment if I am able to get this done? I have a 30 gallon cube reef with a large HOB skimmer, Chinese box LEDs, and a small 10 gallon sump that only house chaeto. I have several zoas, some sps that are half alive (haven't been able to do much maintenance in the last month and a half due to projects and exams), frogspawn, and a few montipora. Fish list: kole tang, 2 cardinals, unnamed goby, and a pair of clowns (black ice and wyoming white) Cleanup crew is pretty weak, but I do have a B.A. Conch, emerald crab, cleaner shrimp, and a few snails Any suggestions or donations would be appreciated! I am planning on approaching the school sometime next week.
  2. Specifically with the light problem; I have some type of algae (Calothrix?) that is going wild on my overflow as well as hanging off my skimmer... I will post some pictures later and see if anyone can ID. In the meantime I will manually remove and try to stock up on some macroalgae in INDY.
  3. I will add pictures when I can; Currently the tank has an unnamed goby (got it for $4 back in the day; large and redish), kole tang, 3 bangaii cardinals, purple dottyback, wyoming white and black ice clowns. Also have a jack o lantern lepastria, frogspawn, bicolor hammer, bam bams, a rainbow nem that has been dying since the swap (stomach is out, probably the size of a quarter), alveopora, elegance, and maybe a few others. I will be looking to get more coral over break; I believe that my lights are too high as the parameters are perfect and I have not seen any growth.
  4. Now that I think about it, it may have been phytoplankton, but I may be interested in that as well.
  5. I am doing research on rotifers right now; does anyone in the club have rotifers? I remember going to a meeting in Noblesville where someone had it for their seahorses but I can't remember whose house I was at (4 years ago).
  6. My wyoming white female is definitely pregnant (male is a black ice); any quick suggestions that I could try to keep the fry alive? Or am I just going to take the L on the first hatch and hope I'm ready for the next? They are still in my display tank (30 cube) and I do not have another tank set up currently. I think I may have a small 3 gallon tank somewhere that I could try to set up for them to hatch in, but it might be too late.
  7. Hey guys, I have gotten back into the hobby now that I have an apartment at IU. That being said I would like some advice for my 36 cube. I feel like I'm wasting tank volume with more or less a pile of rocks at the bottom that my kole tang and clownfish swim through. 3/4 of the tanks height is open water which neither of the fish really swim through. Any advice on how to make something taller so the fish will be attracted to the various heights and or different fish I can get so that the entire tank is being used? Wish I could have brought my 75!
  8. I'm going to try to make the last half of it. I am racing in a regatta against Purdue on Geist on Saturday and Sunday but might be able to get someone to fill in my spot. Then again, I won't be able to get the coral into my tank until Sunday afternoon...
  9. Just saw something about a club trip to Newport Aquarium. I'm pretty sure there is still a Groupon up for 50% off an annual membership (makes it the same price as one trip $25ish). See everyone at the swap!
  10. Just finished writing my college admission essay about my trials and errors as a reefing hobbyist. If it got my brother a job, I hope it can get me into college!
  11. Well that sucks, ohh well. At least I got this lesson now rather than later in life with jobs on the line or something. Just had a good hour talk with my teacher about it. Everything will be resolved, big mix up, did not mean for any of this to happen.
  12. That is fine, I learned my lesson. I will return everything tonight to blowfish. How does fraud even work? Is there a way to get my money back from the guy I purchased it from? The guy insists that it doesn't matter because I purchased it 5 months ago on Dec 27th. The guy I purchased it from is an expert and constantly sells guitars and works on the. Therefore he had to have known that it was fake.
  13. I did not voluntarily do this, I had no idea. I gave him back the money he asked for. He came up with and agreed to let me keep the frags and $50 for gas/mercy of getting screwed over myself.
  14. I advertised it exactly as it was to me. I bought it on Craigslist and relayed the same information. I did not know that it was fake. I had to talk to my parents and was on the phone while he was constantly texting me. I advertised it as a custom buillt fender built by jax axe as it was advertised to me. I talked to the guy I bought it from and he will not refund my money because supposedly custom built means it can be any parts thrown together as long as something is fender. The guy told me it was a $1000 guitar so I was trying to flip it because that is what I do; it's my unique thing to put on college applications (I'm 17). This isn't something I could resolve instantly, I had to talk to the guy I originally purchased from to find out the deal, I do not believe I was in fault because I had no idea! Plus the guy still insists that it is real. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, I did not mean for this to happen.
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