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  1. we have 25 so far our goal every year is 50 anyone else?
  2. I will be there all day Saturday and setup Friday Deb will be there Saturday Anyone else?
  3. just announced our speaker will be Salem Clemmens and our topic will be on Coral diseases
  4. Amanda I had the same thing and so did Bob It is a transistor that got fried. Reach out to Jeremy or Bill if Bill has any transistors in he can fix it cheaper than buying a new one
  5. The February Meeting will be on February 10th from 4pm to 6pm Craig Martin (cmrun) and Connie are the host again this year . The address is 921 Arrowwood Drive in Carmel IN. They have a well though out 125 gallon tank that has been running for many years. We hope to see everyone there! Please RSVP below
  6. 10 spots for hobbyist were available this year
  7. Doug and Scott Thank you for volunteering what t shirt sizes please
  8. The club is working on planning a field trip to Aquashella in Schaumberg Illinois. The dates would be go up Friday 8/2 and come back 8/4. Maybe stop at the ARK on the way back. We know it is a long way off but wanted to get the date out there and gauge interest. Let us know.
  9. The 2024 Frag swap is officially full. We have 22 Vendors and 10 Hobbyist tables.
  10. It's that time of year again! Frag Swap season At this time we are opening up the sign up for hobbyist tables. This year Half a table will be $50. We have limited space available so please reserve your table early. At this time members only will be allowed to request a hobbyist table. If space is available after members have signed up we will open up to non-members. Please send your payment via PayPal to: [email protected] Also please post a reply in this thread to confirm your spot in line. Happy Reefing! Please reach out to me with any questions. Hobbyist are gonzo 620 acroland300 dduerloo bluewater, puffdragon, triggercoral, 513reeftank. cmrun, blowfish, chopper 320
  11. We have published the ReefTrader for the INDMAS 2024 Swap! https://www.reeftrader.com/swaps/120 You can use this now to list your available frags and reserve items from vendors!
  12. We are needing volunteers for the swap as we cannot run this without you the members these are the slots needed. Please reply below with your shift and Shirt size Friday Setup time 5-9 setup event and help those coming in Friday unload Doug, Craig, Reef N Fun, Tanknovice, Petes Folly, Acroland, Coralsrus Saturday 7am -11am vendors set up Doug, Craig, Reef N Fun, Tanknovice, Petes Folly, Chopper and son Sat 9-? Floaters Ryan and Amber Sat 10-1 floater CoralsRus Front Door Sat two shifts 10-1 Scott, Susie and Ben Ryan 1-3 Ben Mike 762 open Raffle 11:30-4 Need 3 Volunteers Tank Novice, Pete's Folly 2-4 Scott - Amber 10 - 6 Bar - Chanel, Deb, Marcia Tear down Doug, Craig, Reef N Fun, Tanknovice, Petes Folly, Scott Thank You all for helping out all volunteers will get a INDMAS T shirt Thank You
  13. As is tradition we will be collecting frag donations to give to new members at this years frag swap. This is a great way for us to get new members and help them start this amazing hobby! Each person that donates 5 frags will be entered into a raffle at the April meeting. Please consider donating for this wonderful club tradition by replying below. Thank you for helping get the next generation of club members excited to be a part of our great club!
  14. Smoked Turkey awaits took an hour to warm up the Treager safe travels
  15. INDMAS is pleased to announce the 2024 Frag Swap! When: Saturday March 9th from Noon-4PM Where: NORTHSIDE EVENTS CENTER AND SOCIAL CLUB (KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS) - 2100 E 71ST STREET INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46220 Over the past year the club has been hard at work to bring you one of the top swaps in the Midwest. There are multiple threads in this forum that should answer a lot of your questions. If you do not find it please ask. Hobbyist tables will be limited this year and will be announced soon Some of the amazing vendors coming to the show: Jason Fox, Oceanic Gardens, The Reef, Modern Aquatix, Evil Reef, Eye Candy Corals, Pop Corals, Frost Corals, Goat Corals, Cheezy Corals, Whitlyn Aquatics, Patrick McMullen, Motor City Corals, Mantis Reef, Coral Beauties, Aquavista 99, Coral Stop, Coral Addict Corals, Chummingham's Reef, Badgerland Saltwater, Cape Coral Collectors. The lucky hobbyist this year are : Gonzo620, Acroland300, dduerloo, Bluewater, puffdragon, triggercorals, 513 reeftank. cmrun, blowfish, and chopper320 Free admission for club members, otherwise a low $10 for admittance. Membership is only $21 a year, one of the best investments you can make for your hobby! Free frag supplied by the club for new members for the first 50 new members! Food and beverage will be available on-site via the Northside Events Center and Conference Club. Oh wait almost forgot to mention fabulous raffle prizes, with the Grand Prize being a Light and Flow upgrade with two AI Hydra 64s and 2 MP40. Back again this year is the young reefer tank giveaway which is a no cost special drawing for those attendees 13 or under. Schedule of Events on Saturday March 9th: 10:45 -11:30 Special Speaker Salem Clemmens - Topic Coral Disease Noon to 4PM - Frag Swap open 2PM to 4PM - Raffle drawings (must be present to win) 4PM - Show closes Excited to see everyone there! INDMAS Staff
  16. Laura Did this once and sourcing of the seafood was the hardest both Costco and Sam's Club have a frozen seafood medley was trying to go the fresh route but timing was the issue. Mike
  17. The January meeting will be at Mike (TankNovice) and Deb's house Where 11809 Langham Crescent Ct. Fishers IN When Saturday January 13th from 4-? 600 gallon set up with too many fish to count trust me I have tried. Hope to see everyone there to kick off the new new year Please RSVP in the thread
  18. Thank You Paul and Heidi for hosting. Beautiful home and the setups were incredible
  19. Who else for the best white Beluga in the state
  20. We are looking for meeting hosts for next year for all months except March which will be the frag swap. The meeting date is the second Saturday of the month January 13th Tanknovice February 10th CMRUN Craig and Connie March 9th INDMAS FRAG SWAP April 13th New member welcome Bob and Marica Petesfolley May 11th Mike Duffy June 8th Summer Social Amanda Mrs bugmaster July 13th Kyle and Betsy August 10th Luigi September 7th (first Saturday) Retro Frag Swap DDeurloo and redfish October 12th Board Elections Luis and Chanel Gonzo 620 November 9th Open December 14th Holiday get together Denise Backup Needed Please volunteer below, Note the September meeting is the retro frag swap and the December meeting is the holiday party
  21. Club, its that time of year again, sick kids, head colds, flu, shoveling snow, scraping windows without gloves... er, wait, I mean it's the 2023 INDMAS Holiday Party!!! This is the event that makes those other things bearable! As part of the festivities we will be having a White Beluga gift exchange. This is optional participation and gifts should be no more than $25 and the gift should be saltwater related. Its always a lot of fun! We will also be having a food pitch-in. In the RSVP reply that you are attending please put what you are bringing so others will know. Let's show a great turnout this month club. See you all there! When: Saturday December 9, 2023 4pm to 6pm or until Paul and Heidi kicks us out, whichever is later or sooner. Please note the date and time Where: Paul and Heidi's House 7719 Candlewood Lane Indianapolis IN 46250 Check out Paul's system and see what makes this one run. If you have not seen this system it includes a 21+ years old reef run exclusively on an algae scrubber, a 305 gallon system with a 6' main tank and a 4' frag tank and a 263 gallon schooling cichlid aquarium. Take a break from the hustle and bustle for a couple of hours and enjoy Please make sure to RSVP below attendance and what you are bringing
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