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  1. Sean I could not see if the drain lines extended into the filter sock but on the 220 setup I extended it into the sock with an unglued coupling Also on the return you might think about a t off of it and a valve in case you want to hook up a pellet, carbon and or calcium reactor later on
  2. With the frag swap coming up on August 15th the club is needing to get a confirmation for the hobbyist tables. Please reply to this thread by July 10th to let us know if you do or do not intend to participate this year Thank You
  3. For those that volunteered Please reconfirm your participation in this years event as a volunteer. If you do not feel comfortable that is ok as well the club just needs to get a handle so we can make sure we have enough people on hand. If you could confirm by July 10th that would be appreciated. Thank You
  4. With the frag swap 45 days away it is time to start gearing back up. We have reconfirmed for the same event site and times. We are currently in the process of reconfirming with the vendors and hobbyist fo rteh event Richard Ross will still be our featured speaker and will be broadcast via zoom at the event More details to follow...…………... Mike
  5. Sean Your brother is in good hands. Having another tank to transfer everything into helps tremendously. By the way did you tell him you will have to stay another year until the tank stabilizes.
  6. The July meeting will be Saturday July 11th We have had a change in location for the meeting and it will be at Mike's (Mike762) house. Mike was originally going to host the May meeting which was canceled. The address is 6150 N Parker Ave Indianapolis IN from 4pm to 6pm Mike has a 180 display w a 125 sump that has been running a little over 3 months. Please RSVP below Look forward to seeing everyone
  7. Craig and Connie Great time as always Thank You for hosting!
  8. I would Bring salinity up to at least 1.025
  9. Looking good A lot going in during a short period of time. Keep an eye out for an ammonia spike especially with the lower water volume Try and make the summer social on Saturday
  10. Welcome officially! Hope you can make the summer social on Saturday For the torches in my experience if parameters are ok then it is usually something livestock wise that has taken an interest in it. The other option could be flow, if a powerhead has been changed either on purpose or accidently Mike
  11. Only one week until the summer social Who else is coming! Ryan - taxman is always a favorite
  12. I hope everyone has been well. With restrictions being lifted what better way to get reengaged than with the June meeting which is the summer social. While not everyone may yet be comfortable in a group setting for those of you that are the details are as follows: The June meeting will be June 13th from 4pm - 6 pm Craig Martin (cmrun) and his wife Connie are the host again this year . The address is 921 Arrowwood Drive in Carmel IN. The summer social is a pitch in so please reply if you can make it and what you will be bringing. Bring your aquarium questions to the meeting and we will be doing a question and answer I will be there +1 and will be bringing buffalo chicken dip Mike
  13. I think all you have to do is follow the link https://www.reef2reef.com/join-user-groups/indianapolis-marine-society-indmas-local-club.144/join
  14. tanknovice


    Steve Welcome to the club and the hobby. There are three local shops that are all great sources. Not sure what selection they currently have with the limited imports over the past two months. Modern Aquatix Premium Aquatics The Reef
  15. Amanda Use powerbar usb port
  16. Brian Here is you tube link from premium if this does not work Brandon may be able to get you something https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-ZCVO8rftc
  17. wanted to let everyone know that we will be cancelling the May meeting that was going to be at Mike's house. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for June
  18. I wanted to give everyone updates as to what the different shops are doing during this time. Especially since a lot of people have some stimulus money to spend: The Reef -is currently closed with no pickups. Will re-open May 1st under new guidelines Premium- Online ordering and delivery also offering on-line ordering with curbside pick up. In person Saturday hours are being evaluated. Modern Aquatix- On line ordering and curbside pick up. Make arrangements with the store. After May 1st will have store hours Salt Critters- offering online ordering only at this time All stores have said that the fish selection will be limited for a while as international shipments will be limited at best. Hopefully (but not counting on it) the pandemic has allowed the fish wholesalers especially on the wet coast to clean their systems up Mike
  19. Amanda I am very sorry to hear about that. I know with your attention to detail that a lot of time and effort went into pairing him and giving him a great home
  20. I know a lot of you had already assumed this but wanted to make it official that the April 2020 meeting will be cancelled We will let everyone know about the May meeting as more information comes in. Mike
  21. Due to a conflict with Aquashella the new date for the frag swap is August 15th
  22. If you were still planning on attending the INDMAS swap and have found out it was postponed, The Reef will be having the following on Saturday the 14th for INDMAS members only from 12-4 Must state you are a member or join at the shop All corals 30% off Select Frags are $20.00 each or 2 for $30.00 all others 30% off! Ultra Rock flower anemones $20.00 each or 2 for $30.00 Proaquatix Clowns by the pair. 48 Pairs available! Ocellaris Black Ocellaris Snowflake Black Ice Bullet Hole Extreme Misbar Black Picasso Premium Picasso Wyoming White Frostbite Gladiator Extreme Gladiator Tahitian Clams 2.5 - 3 inch $75.00 5-6 inch $100.00 Planet aquariums 10% off 120 Crystalline Combo with LifeRock. 25% off only one available. Jeremy Meadows of Planet Aquarium will be on hand to answer any questions about custom aquariums and Planet Aquarium. All Reeflower products 50% off Marine Biologist Kyle Thielman with Reeflowers in house to answer any questions about Reeflowers and reef keeping. Cobalt C Vue Aquariums 10% off All Cobalt foods and Media 30% off Viral Surati of Cobalt Aquatic will be on hand to answer all your questions about their products Fritz Salt RPM case $49.99 each Represenattives from Fritz will be there to answer questions Special pricing on CaribeSea Liferock
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