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  1. The January meeting will be on the 3rd Saturday this month January 16th. Mike -Tank Novice will be hosting and it will run from 4-6 Address is 11809 Langham Crescent Ct Fishers IN Kick off the New Year and check out the 600 gallon setup RSVP below and we hope to see everyone there!
  2. Club We have volunteer opening to host 2021 club meetings. Please respond to this thread and we will update. Normally the monthly meetings are the 2nd Saturday of the month. January - Mike- tank novice February - March - April - Mike - Mike 762 May - No meeting Frag Swap May 8th June - Summer Social - Craig and Connie - CMRUN July - August - September - Retro Frag Swap October - Vote for new board - Doug and Cheryl Dduerloo and Redfish November - Pay it forward - Luis December - Holiday Party
  3. Club Lets see what you got for your tank this year and put it to good use.
  4. tanknovice

    Year End

    Club As we end 2020 and look forward to a better 202one..... I have missed seeing a lot of you in person this year and am hopeful that next year we will start a return to our new normal. While we have many new members this year unfortunately we have had a few leave both the hobby and the club either through relocation or leaving the hobby altogether. One of the great things about our club is the help that we provide each other, always remember to ask and someone in the club usually has experience in what you are dealing with. Never get so discouraged that you decide to leave the hobby take it form someone that lost all of their fish to velvet. Learn from your mistake and always take it slow. We will be posting a sign up for monthly meetings for next year shortly. The January meeting will be at my house but we are moving it back to the 3rd Saturday of January with the hope that our in person limitations will be expanded. We will keep everyone informed and post that sign up shortly A couple of threads that we can all participate in that you will be able to find on the Forums... 1- We are bringing back the tank of the quarter starting the 1st quarter of 2021. Photos submitted between January1st and March 6th and the winner announced at the monthly meeting March 13th 2- Post what you got for Christmas this thread will start today The 202one frag swap will be May 8th at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds. Look for updates as we get them. As always if you have ideas, suggestions or criticism feel free to reach out to me at 317-730-7049, anything to make the club better. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all and a Happy Festivus to the rest of us! Mike
  5. I would need either a 36 inch In regards to price not sure what the materials costs are and your time but would want to markup accordingly I think Dirks tongs at the swap were around $39 for the 24 inch and they had the rubber tip ends
  6. Also won't lose a finger Very nice work!
  7. Luis and Chanel Thank you again for hosting the November meeting The tank looks great as always and I think that everyone liked the pay it forward part of the meeting. Temperature/Chemistry/Par
  8. for pay it forward I am bringing the following brs media reactor (will need to clean but what do you expect for free) , 30 gallon tank , AI light rail, 40lb bag of sand, and a few other items For those that have not been to one of these the concept is that members donate items and the club members in attendance pick an item one at a time The education topic will be PAR and your aquarium Hope to see everyone there!
  9. Who else is coming on Saturday I will be bringing quite a few items
  10. If you are a member check out the reef 30% off coral Friday and Saturday (6th and 7th) only Members can see the sponsor and buy sell threads Mike
  11. Doug That is great you probably have a lot of items for the pay it forward part I will be there Mike
  12. Club The November meeting will be at Luis's (Gonzo620) home at 1727 Jacques Drive in Lebanon IN on Saturday November 14th from 4pm to 6pm. The theme of this months meeting is the annual pay it forward. You may ask what that is... The concept is simple everyone has tank items lying around that they cannot use and can't or do not want to go through the hassle to sell. Bring your items and during the meeting members will have the opportunity to select that item. You may not even know you need it until you see the item. This portion of the meeting is open to club members only. You may see heaters, pumps, old lights plumbing parts RSVP below
  13. Kyle also our November meeting is our pay it forward meeting where club members bring items that they no longer need. Club members can then select form those items may be something there you can pick up for free
  14. Welcome to the club Kyle Patience is number 1 rule everyone on this site has at one time or another not followed that one and don't buy used heaters is my second rule
  15. Dawn Have APC battery back ups one for a heater, the other two run pumps nothing for lights. The tank loses less than a degree every couple of hours due to the rock and water volume. This gives me 3 hours of battery back up minimum and would have a minimum of 12 hours before fish are threatened more than enough time to hook up my generator if needed Mike
  16. Glad to hear you are not getting out of the hobby and new builds are always fun I do think you had the longest running tank in the club
  17. Doug and Cheryl Thank You again for hosting. This is already a great setup without water and will be even better once running!
  18. Amanda If the 3/4 setup is working for you now then going the reducer route should be fine If you were thinking about more flow and using this "opportunity" to implement then increasing the drain size now may be a better route
  19. The October meeting will be at the home of Dduerloo ( Doug) and Redsfish (Cheryl) And will be on October 10th at 4pm The address is 10873 Olivia Ct Indianapolis, IN 46234 Come see this new tank build in progress (Ok a lot more than just progress) This new build consists of a 300 gallon display on main floor ( part of a 500 gallon system in the works ) no water yet -basement fish room has frag tank, refugium, and sump for display -40 gallon waterbox -60 gallon cube coral quarantine -35 gallon fish quarantine -adjacent to fish room is a 200 gallon water mixing station -100 gallon display tank in basement (original display) is now Cheryl’s tank. Still recovering from the move to the new house. You will not want to miss this setup Please make sure to RSVP
  20. Reeftrader and the forums both have frags listed for Saturday check them out. Anyone else attending and or bringing frags with them?
  21. The September meeting will be on Saturday September 12th and is the annual retro frag swap. The retro frag swap is no tanks/no lights/no heaters old school- just frags in coolers to buy sell and trade. I have posted this on reeftrader (https://www.reeftrader.com/ ) as well. With COVID there are a couple of changes to this one.... Members only and everyone must have a mask (No exceptions) Our host is Eric (ericreefer05) The club greatly appreciates Eric and his family hosting. The address is 11541 Buckskin Drive Zionsville IN 46077 Time is 4pm to 6pm We do request RSVP in this thread so we have a handle on the number of attendees. I will be there, Mike
  22. You will definitely like the additional space Equipment list looks good 80 gallon with 1st little one start planning the 125 with the second one LOL
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