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  1. At this time, current INDMAS Members may reserve a table for the 2022 frag swap by sending an email to [email protected] and posting in this topic. The post will timestamp the request and the email will be about payment. Payment will confirm the table. Ben will confirm table availability and work out payment from from there. The spots will be $30 each for members . This post is just for Club members at this time and only for a 4 foot spot. When you reply to this topic let us know if you are interested in 2 spots and we will put you on the list depending on response We will confirm table reservation as soon as possible.
  2. INDMAS is pleased to announce that the 2022 Frag Swap will be Saturday April 2nd at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds 1900 East Main Street, Danville IN from 12-4 Remember must have ticket through Eventbrite for admission. Over the past year the club has been hard at work to bring you one of the top swaps in the Midwest. There are multiple threads in this forum that should answer a lot of your questions. If you do not find it please ask. Returning again as our Platinum Event Sponsor The Reef Free frag supplied by the club for new members for the first 50 new members Free admission for club member otherwise a low $10 for admittance We will be using eventbrite this year. Membership is just $21 a year Look for our guest speaker announcement Food Truck will be available
  3. Your tank will be ready just in time for the INDMAS frag swap on 4/2
  4. I used Dr Tims a couple of times with good success
  5. Amanda I have not run MH so not sure if a cure for dinos. I you like the overall effect of your current lights for coral, you might try a UV sterilizer instead of switching lights
  6. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Club!
  7. The January meeting will be on Saturday January 15th Where : Tank Novice 11809 Langham Crescent Ct Fishers IN 46037 When Sat Jan 15th 4-6 Kick off the new year and see the 600 gallon set up with a reconfigured fish room Hope to see everyone there Mike
  8. still looking for volunteers to host a meeting in 2022
  9. Looks like we have 5 people attending plus the host Anyone else attending. I unfortunately cannot make this one
  10. Happy Thanksgiving Club!
  11. Club The monthly meetings are an integral part of the club and are a great opportunity to share the knowledge that you have picked up along the way. Please reply below if you can host one of the meetings and we will update this as we go. Month date and theme Screen name Name January 1/15 Tank Novice Mike Miller February 2/5 Rhwimers Ross March 3/12 Petes Folley Bob Myers April NONE 2022 INDMAS FRAG SWAP April 2, 2022 May 5/14 Mike Duffy June 6/11 Summer Social CMRUN Craig July 7/9 Puffdragon Alan August 8/13 Gonzo Luis G September Retro Frag Swap 9/17 Dueleroo and Redfish Doug and Cheryl October Board Elections 10/8 November Pay it Forward 11/12 December Holiday Party 12/10 Tryfin Bill Please feel free to reach out with any questions Mike
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