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  1. What are the colors

  2. heads up for the big sale. check the new listing on reeftrader and indmas. 7 $20 frags for $100 4 $30 frags for $100
  3. frags loaded, more coming up.
  4. waiting on my photo box and gel filter. I order a custom made and took them 3 weeks to build. horrible customer service. will get them during the week. hope we could get assigned tables already and layout of tables.
  5. Hello I'm looking for someone Who can host 2 big rocks with around 10 sps colony's like 1 cubic feet per rock. I'm moving and my water parameters are not doing well. I'm willing to pay. But you must have sps corals in your thank I don't want someone who wants to experiment. Preferably someone who leave near downtown. Thanks.
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