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  1. I love being in the buy sell forums, though it seems to be a little dried up on interest of sold products and availability of stuff than in previous yrs. I equate it to the pandemic as i was out of the country last yr and out of the state the yr before!
  2. Do we not have a local orphek rep anymore?? Is Scott not around or with them still??? I got my hands on a OLD orphek light and have some questions.
  3. I went to my local kroger to get a nice german Kolsch beer but they didn’t have much selection and then i saw some new Taxman brews that peaked my curiosity! They are both delightful 😅! Thanks Ryan and your crew! You guys Never disappoint!
  4. I know!! I saw this a couple days after we were talking about them tanking!!! The reef hobbyist/Amazonas magazine company was looking at buying them!! This would be a huge improvement!!!
  5. Fish and coral went in today. Used aquaforest cement to place coral rocks in, a bit of a hassle but seems to have worked well. Tank is still clearing up a bit and have equipment still to finish hooking up and wire management! Then done and time to start adding more!! Thank for your comments guys, if anyone has some radion xr15 or 30s lmk.
  6. Floor jacks/struts are in! Glued plumbing in and out in the rest of manifold parts. So I started with filling, sand and base rock! I have about 250#s of sand and about 250-300# of rock(once I get my coral rock in!)
  7. If you look closely there are two Ts on the return, one for a UV and one for a BRS dual reactor to run purigen and gfo, but I didn’t put the ball valves on it yet and yes the drains do go down into the sump to reduce noise.
  8. Dry plumbing done yesterday on the trigger emerald sump! Everything worked pretty well, except i was hoping to make space for three lines on the return for the manifold, only had space for two. Lmk what u think, before i glue it all in
  9. 😅😅😅😅Nice one ☝️. I am hoping with all the very mature rock and clean live sand we are putting in the new one it is pretty seemless. I have done this before with new rock(which is currently in a rubbermaid culturing) and old rock, it will be about half and half! If we get some algae blooms or what not I’m sure we’ll manage them! Although we may end up stuck here till the end of the yr anyways soo....it’s all up in the air for now
  10. 75g quite a while before teardown, it has alot more corals and fish than in this pic, don’t ask me how pic is upside down?? I can fix it!? 2nd pic is QT setup!
  11. So I got my brother Aaron into the hobby about a yr ago, his son grew up looking at my tanks I’ve had for the last twelve yrs and has always asked for one, so I got them started with a 75g non drilled we bought out someones full setup(always the cheapest way to get started). I was away living in Barbados this time last yr and the best I could do to help start him out was to find the right setup for him and video chat Many times to get him going. This last Christmas my family stayed with his for about two wks and we upgraded the canisters and cheap lights the setup came with, with Kessils and a nice big bashsea sump with an overflow box! This was a much nicer setup for him, but they quickly were getting fish that was going to outgrow the tank and corals were crowding the tank. They were ready fora REAL upgrade, so I started putting my feelers out for something that fit their space!! Luckily for me and him we are living with his family temporarily, which is A HUGE pulling factor for him to do this upgrade bc a full tank swap is a bit over his head, as well as new plumbing and what equipment is best! So here we go! We got our hands on a 250g deep dimension 5’x3’x27” tank, stand, emerald trigger sump, 2 radion light rails, 5’ t5 4bulb kit, and a vertex omega 200 skimmer!!! I had a 60g tank I was planning on setting up when we moved so I set that up on the other side of the room, (this makes the swap so much easier so we didn’t have to try and do it all in one day), as well as a 29g quarantine tank to medicate all the new and old fish so we have a nice clean 250g! This part is all done!
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