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  1. Hi club, I am in need of some help with my 180 gallon to plumb in a new sump and a couple other things. I am having issues with my right shoulder and find out next week if I need surgery. I know how to do it myself but I am physically just not able to do it because of the pain and immobility of my shoulder. Also I am having surgery on Jan 21 for my trigger finger. My husband doesn't have a clue on plumbing, or anything related to my tank, so thought it best to ask one or two more experienced people from the club to give a hand. I would love to get this new sump put in before all this happens. My tank have been suffering lately cause of my health problems and I think getting the new sump in will help make it easier on me since it may be a while for my recovery. I also would like help programing my apex to do auto water changes and maybe a few other things. I don't have anything to trade but could offer cash. Please let me know if anyone can help. Thanks!
  2. Merry Christmas Everyone!
  3. Yes we are using YouTubeTV too and really like it. We went with MetroNet for the internet, Streaming we use Roku and get ,YoutubeTV, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, HBO Max and still pay less then what we paid with XFinity!!
  4. 26 to 30 inch for me would be great.
  5. That looks awesome. Are you going to start selling them?
  6. Anyone use this for auto water changes. I have a question on set up. If I want a water change every 8 hours (3 times a day) do I set it up for Day: 0 Hour: 8 or Day: 1 Hour: 8 I am a little confused by the directions.
  7. Yay. it's plumbed! I know it can't be easy gettig this all together with a new baby!
  8. Yes I did but I didn't have any chaeto, it kill my sps corals. I think it dropped my nitrates and phosphates too fast.
  9. I plan to be there with several goodies for someone.
  10. Thinking about getting an Alkatronic and Dosetronic. Does anyone have experience with these? Or is the apex trident better?
  11. Glad you are getting another tank. What size you thinking?
  12. One trick I've done in the past is to use a flat plug or cut the bottom plug part off a frag plug and super glue it right next to the coral so then it will grow on the flat plug. Then it is easier to just pop off the plug when overgrown. If you want to frag due to overgrowth it is a little more difficult. Many times I just have to try and cut/chip the rock it is on.
  13. That stinks! That has happened to me to, it never goes back the same way.
  14. Thanks Mike. Yeah the current size pipes is working and I got good flow, my main thing was not wanting to replace all the expensive Spears and Cepex ball valves and unions I have now. I realize I will still have to cut some pipes and redo some of the plumbing for the new sump as everything in this sump is reversed. Meaning my return will now be on the right side instead of the left. Figured I could use couplers to join the existing valves to the new plumbing. Or I think I can order new union sides of the gate valves and not replace the whole thing that's the good thing about these brand of ball valves. My not look as nice but I am hoping it will still work that way.
  15. I used these flat plugs on my energy bar. Makes everything fit nicer and looks sharper. You might want to look into these. I was short 2 plugs and had to order more so in my photo you can see two of the plugs are still the regular ones. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01IBICKIC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  16. I am thinking of getting a new sump for my 180, currently have a 36" ruby red trigger sump. The problem is one compartment is behind another compartment and with all the equipment in the front compartment it makes it impossible to clean out and maintain the back compartment. I am looking at a Bashsea 48" signature series sump. All the compartment are in a row. This will make maintenance a lot easier. Currently I have from the tank: 3/4" drain and goes to 1" into the sump. New sump has 1.5" drain holes into the sump. I would like to keep some of my current unions and Spear valves to reduce the cost. My question is can I put a reducer , 1" to 1.5" at the sump and leave the rest of the plumbing as is? Or what is the best way to do this? I will use only 2 of the drains also not all 3. So what can I use to plug the 3rd hole? Here is a picture of the new sump
  17. I ended up getting a new lid with a shut off float switch that is available for the Reef Octopus skimmers.
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