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  1. You might have better luck if you transfer fish to clean sterile tank after each fenbendazole bath.
  2. I use to be a member of the bird club years ago. I am not a fan of Bird Fever. We got our grey from a breeder in Danville, IN. I think she has retired now. 20 some years ago I use to raise some birds also. I raised several finches, canaries, parakeets, hand feed cockatiels and Indian Ring Necks.
  3. His name is Misty. Thought it was a female when we named him. Later got a dna test and confirmed he is a male. 🙂 He is 19 years old now. Had him since he was 4 weeks old.
  4. Dry rock and live rock both have advantages and disadvantages. There are a couple companies that put dry (mined on land) rock in the ocean and let it sit for a year or two then harvest it as live rock. This is legal to do. Just can no longer take rock off a reef anymore. And you can take some steps to process this rock to get rid of some of the bad hitchhikers that won't kill the good bacteria on the live rock (the reason for buying live rock). You can also do things to the dry rock to help get rid of the nitrates and phosphates bound up in it. This does take longer to do though. I think KP Aq
  5. I have both of these meds on hand if you would like to buy some from me. Send me a pm Levamisole 2 treatments in 10 gallon tank = $2.00 Pipzine 3 treatments in 10 gallon tank = $9.00
  6. Culture your own pods and phyto add them to the tank.
  7. It may be a isopod with may need manual removal. Can you post a picutre? I also use Pipzine or Levamisole hydrochloride for parasites resistant to other meds.
  8. Can’t make. Not aloud to drive yet by this time from my surgery
  9. Hi club, I am in need of some help with my 180 gallon to plumb in a new sump and a couple other things. I am having issues with my right shoulder and find out next week if I need surgery. I know how to do it myself but I am physically just not able to do it because of the pain and immobility of my shoulder. Also I am having surgery on Jan 21 for my trigger finger. My husband doesn't have a clue on plumbing, or anything related to my tank, so thought it best to ask one or two more experienced people from the club to give a hand. I would love to get this new sump put in before all this
  10. Merry Christmas Everyone!
  11. Yes we are using YouTubeTV too and really like it. We went with MetroNet for the internet, Streaming we use Roku and get ,YoutubeTV, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, HBO Max and still pay less then what we paid with XFinity!!
  12. 26 to 30 inch for me would be great.
  13. That looks awesome. Are you going to start selling them?
  14. Anyone use this for auto water changes. I have a question on set up. If I want a water change every 8 hours (3 times a day) do I set it up for Day: 0 Hour: 8 or Day: 1 Hour: 8 I am a little confused by the directions.
  15. Yay. it's plumbed! I know it can't be easy gettig this all together with a new baby!
  16. Yes I did but I didn't have any chaeto, it kill my sps corals. I think it dropped my nitrates and phosphates too fast.
  17. I plan to be there with several goodies for someone.
  18. Thinking about getting an Alkatronic and Dosetronic. Does anyone have experience with these? Or is the apex trident better?
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