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  1. Is there one thread already set up titled retro swap or is everyone supposed to post individually? Thanks
  2. Darn, can’t make it, I’m going to be on vacation with my grandkids.
  3. I have to email my phone pictures to myself then use my laptop to resize them. I use Paint that came with my computer to reduce the pixels to 600 x 800 then upload them. There may be editing software for your phone to do this but I don’t have one on my phone or know what app that would be. It is a hassle but it works.
  4. Light came in very quickly, I was surprised how quick I got it. It is already installed. I didn’t get before pick but I can post some after. I have a 14 k bulb now but thinking of putting in a 20k bulb. I will get some pictures later when light comes on.
  5. I went ahead and ordered the Reef Brite 175 watt Metal Halide/LED Hybrid. Also got the dimmer controls for the leds so I can have sunrise/sunset ramp up and down times on the tank.
  6. The led lights I have now is now longer being made. It is a Vertek Illumina.
  7. I looked at T5’s but can’t do them cause smallest size is 24”. Tank is only 20” cube. I don’t want the light sticking out over the tank.
  8. I am strongly leaning towards the Reef Brite mh/led hybrid. I was thinking about the 250 watt cause the size bulb is easier to find than the 150 watt but wondering if that will be too much for my 34 gallon Red Sea reefer 170.
  9. Here is a good video that got me thinking about this. https://youtu.be/NsT2htFcHgE
  10. I have amphidiniums which are not affected by uv. The lights on my 34 gallon are 8 year old LED’s and par meter shows 96 an inch under the water, so it is time to replace them anyway.
  11. I am thinking about going to a metal halide/led hybrid light on my 34 gallon. Has anyone else gone back to metal halides? I have been having a lot of issues with dino's in both my tanks. And it looks like even some of the pros are having issues with all LED's after a few months to a year going back to metal halides or a hybrid. After doing some research I am seeing a possible, but not confirmed, theory that led's don't have the true UA that may be needed. Even though they are advertised a UV bulbs, they really are not when tested with a spectrometer(?) The theory was that UV(that is in metal halides) kills some the the bacteria that causes dino's and maybe other issues. I would love to hear from anyone else that has gone back to MH lights.
  12. Found out this is normal and is showing it is working. That blab is the bacteria in the product.
  13. I put this in my sump and ten days later it has a bit ball of slime on it. Is this normal? What is this? Should I take it out?
  14. Awesome tank! Thanks for hosting, it was well worth the drive.
  15. Cat for adoption. Azriel,( as we have named him,) is a very sweet boy who was found at the top of a parking garage in downtown Indianapolis. He is not microchipped and no one claimed him in the area he was found, so he was taken in by us, we have been fostering him for a week now and finally have begun the search for Azriel’s forever home. Before bringing him home we took him to our vet clinic where he got a clean bill of health, free of parasites, FIV and FELUK negative, we paid to have him fully vaccinated, as well as all the other tests, and he was already neutered. We do not know his history, but he is estimated to be between 3-5 years old. All this sweet kitty wants is a loving family who will give him lots of pets and snuggles. He does have his claws, but is very well behaved when it comes to using his scratching posts. As long as one scratching post is present, he will use them. He has also used his litter box every time for the week we have had him. If you are looking for a lap companion Azriel is defiantly your cat! Azriel very much enjoys being brushed, petted, and most of all snuggling up in a cozy cat bed beside you. He is not a super vocal cat, but he will greet you with very soft meows. Our adoption fee is $50, and he will come with a scratching post, bed, and his favorite toy and fully vetted! You will also receive his vaccine history and a recommended veterinary clinic. If you are interested in meeting this sweet man and giving him a love filled forever home he deserved, please contact me through a pm or text at 317-709-6933 Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikOm4BGTuVs
  16. I own both the Smart ATO and the Tunze Osmolator and I prefer the Tunze not the nano version though
  17. That’s an interesting article as BRS put out a video tonight calling it a merger. So that’s a different spin on it.
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