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    Expensive hobbies including: Fishkeeping, R/C flight, and restoring old German sports cars.
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  1. Many thanks to our local proprietor Jeremy and James for digging me out at the last minute and getting my new tank delivered to the 3rd floor of my condo, where it will be staying for a very long time (no more tank upgrades are planned). If you are new to Indmas, or even if you aren't and haven't been by Modern Aquatix lately, they always have some great livestock and dry goods, check it out soon! J.
  2. Yeah, it's Creekside Crossing. I live in building 8901, Third Floor. I could really use the hand and if you want to go to Modern with me, I'd really appreciate it. You can text me at 317-979-7543 tomorrow and we can make arrangements to go over to Modern. I've got one other guy that I'm trying to coordinate with and I think I may have a hand from Jeremy or Jamesd depending on the time and his availability. Talk to you tomorrow, thanks man
  3. Creekside Place off of County Line Road between Shelby and 135
  4. I am looking for a hand from one or two members to move my new Deep Blue 120 from Modern Aquatix off of 465 near Emerson to my condo at County Line between Shelby and 135. Pizza and beer of your choice would be offered, it would take no more than a half hour from Modern to the condo. Text me to 3179797543 if you can give me a hand on Saturday, thanks!
  5. I never thought twice about it since I began this hobby about 8 years ago, but after having some constant Cyano and Dinos issues in my 60 gallon tank I invested in a 55 watt Jebao UV. After 48 hours with it up and running, my tank "haze" went away and I saw a noticeable reduction in both the slime algae I had as well as the Dinos on the sandbed. The water clarity is unlike anything I have seen before since I started in this hobby. IMO I have never made a better investment in this hobby than buying a UV. I know there are some downsides to running a UV, but I think the benefits at least at this stage outweigh the costs.
  6. I guess that's anyone's guess, but I had five medium sized fish in my 40 and a dozen different coral in my 40 Breeder. It worked fine for me, good luck
  7. I used a Vertex Omega 130 on my first tank, a 40 Breeder with a DIY 20 gallon sump. Mine was heavily stocked and it worked just fine. Give it some time and maybe wait until you have more livestock before you give up on this one. It's a great skimmer, the only weak point is the impeller, which broke during my first full cleaning. I had it replaced and it ran just great for 2+ years on several tanks including the 40. Good luck!
  8. This will be my first meeting in over a year and I'm looking forward to it. Will be their +1
  9. I have the USB version of the Apogee Par Meter made by BioTek Marine and I'm happy with it. If you happen to get one with an older serial number, you will have to update the firmware to make it compatible with a MacBook, but this wasn't really too much of a hassle for me and it works well for me with a 15' long cord. Definitely get the wand to mount the sensor with, it's worth it
  10. Were you able to take care of this? I may have some left over since I don't throw any old scripts away. Let us know
  11. Not to promote their site, but there is a how to ramp Kessil lights on Apex on the bulkreefsupply.com web site. Just Google it since I can't seem to attach the link, I think it is Episode 17 in the series of the Apex Fusion series of videos they put out. I had my 360WE programmed in less than ten minutes using their video.
  12. I replaced the fan motor in mine last weekend and have working A/C again. I finally figured out it was a failing bearing in the fan motor after it ran fine for the first ten minutes and then starting slowing down and came to a stop as the bad bearing seized up from the heat. $179 for the upgraded fan motor, a $20 capacitor (they always recommend you replace the cap along with the motor), done. No more issues. Glad to be able to figure these things out and fix them myself, leaves more $$ for coral
  13. I hope your not seeing Montipora Eating Nudibranches, I'm having an issue with those right now and they look a little like snowflakes.
  14. Recommend you check out some Youtube videos, I am trying to get mine back in working condition as well. I have already replaced the starter capacitor and the contactor and actually got the outside fan to kick on and off for 24 hours before the buzzing came back. One word of caution: if you are going to do anything with your outside AC unit, you need to make sure all of the breakers are shut off that feed power to the unit (A/C and Furnace), you need to disconnect the power at the box that should be on the outside of the house (it should just pull out), AND most importantly, you need to discharge the big capacitor(s) that may still hold onto enough voltage to kill you with an insulated screwdriver (I also wear insulated gloves when doing this). Doing anything with your AC can potentially expose you to lethal voltage, so unless you read up on and feel comfortable discharging a large capacitor, don't attempt it. Best of luck
  15. Chevron Tang, I would if my Yellow and/or Kole Tangs would not take it out
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