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  1. Ok so I had taken the vertex skimmer out of my sump and ran an old euro reef skimmer for a few while but after reading all this again I figured I would give it a shot again. I have finally got it running stable and pulling a good amount of skimate. Thanks to everyone for the help and advice
  2. Thanks for the info. I have an adult pair of snowflake clowns and a blue green chromis. Some zoanthids and a couple easier sps.
  3. Tank wasn't stocked quick I don't think. I only have 3 fish. 2 snowflake clowns and a blue green chromis. The rock is Marco rock from premium aquatics I was considering carbon dosing but if there is a better way.... Lol
  4. What would be considered heavily stocked? Im honestly not sure
  5. Ok so my reef is only about 4 months old. It is a 40 breeder with a sump with a water volume of 10 gallons. I have close to 40 pounds of rock in the system that went in dry.my filtration consists of a filter sock which I change twice a week. A euroreef rs80 skimmer and foam pads in the sump before the return section to stop the micro bubbles. I also run a gfo reactor on this system. I also do 25% water changes every two weeks and haven't missed one. The nitrates are climbing slowly even with all of this. I don't know what to do. They are reading 20ppm currently any help would be appreciated.
  6. How many members do we have in the madison and Delaware counties. I am in selma which is delaware county. Lets see who is here
  7. The nitrates have remained 20 for over a week. I have had a diatom bloom and that is actually almost cleared up on its own too
  8. Ok friends im 8 weeks in on my cycle. I have had 0 ammonia for 3 weeks. Added dr tims one and only 5 days ago and nitrite will not drop below .25 ppm on an api kit. Current parameters as of this morning Ammonia-0ppm Nitrite-.25ppm Nitrate-20ppm Anh help appreciated
  9. Still having issues with this darn skimmer. Is it possible to have one to large? It worked fine for a week then went totally flat for 2 days
  10. I have had a sixline wrasse once. Cant remember why i got rid of it. And my wife wanted an angel but i wasnt sure they were reef safe
  11. Well i know i want a couple nice clowns for sure. And some sort of goby if i can have without sand. Other than that my daughter wants something pink. I would also like cleaner shrimp. I just want plenty of color and movement in the tank. I guessbi should add the rock was dry when it went in.
  12. The tank has 35 pounds of rock. I am running small sump with filter sock and vertex omega 130 skimmer. Plannning on weekly water changes. No sand anywhere in the system
  13. Hello i have a 40 breeder and wondering how many fish i can have. Any advice would help
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