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  2. Do you still have Chaeto. please text me if you do. 317 956 2505

  3. Most of what I have read says to keep Alk between 7 and 11. If you have an ULNS reef then maybe even 6. Personally, I shoot for middle group to compensate for testing variances (mine or the kits) and aim for 9 but don't sweat 8 or 10 at all. If you wanted to lower your Alk, all you have to is unplug the reactor for a few hours up to a day or so, depending on usage, and then adjust your Calcium level back to 420, or wherever you keep it, with Calcium Chloride or the Calcium part of 2 part supplements. This link is extremely informative http://www.advancedaquarist.com/2002/11/chemistry
  4. Your Alk should go up overnight a little bit because corals are not using it until day light time. That sounds like a sweet spot to me. That is as long as it averages the 9 - 10 over the course of a few days. It is suggested to test Alk at the same time every time.
  5. I didn't expect this much trouble either. I finally got my ph balanced within .02 sway for three days and alk climbed to 15 dkh. So slowed the effluent way down and had to adjust the bubble size and BPM down to compensate for the lower pH that happens. Now have it turned off and waiting for alk to drop back down to something like 10 dkh and hope it maintains that level when it gets turned back on. I test the Alk every morning and night also. Good luck
  6. Set your apex to shut off the reg at something below what you want like 6.3. Set bubble size to 12 or something high then set your bubble per minute at 10. Wait an hour or two until it stables at 7.5 pH or whatever, then adjust the bubbles per minute down to say 8 or 9. See where that gets you then start fine tuning from there a little at a time on bubble size or BPM.
  7. Are you sure that you are at bubbles-per-second? The dial is set-up as bubbles-per-minute. I finally got my CaRx stabilized between 6.45 and 6.47 but it took me weeks and a little help from the forum here (Thanks PatO and Plantguy by the way). For comparison sake, I have a Korallin C-1502, Carbondoser regulator, and maxijet 400 as a feed pump. I run my effluent at a pretty fast rate as well, quite possibly at the 2 drops per second speed. Low pressure side is set at 12 psi, and is running 6 bubbles-per-minute. FWIW, with the bubble size/pressure at 12 psi it seems to break up into smaller bubbles that appear to be about 1 bubble-per-second by the time it reaches the bubble counter on the reactor. I also set my controller to shut off at 6.35, because, I did not want the constant on off cycling on the outlet or doser and have an email alarm set-up when it happens.
  8. Thanks, I ran the denitrator with gravity feed, worth trying again as a CaRx. Read that about Korallin and not liking pressure in a RC thread also...forgot about that. "Keep effluent at about the speed you have it. Monitor alk daily.(calcium follows alk, so no need to test it. If you start even, if alk is low you know cal is low) If it's going down, just lower the ph some on the apex... Lower both numbers .1. A small amount is a big difference. If you see yourself down to about 6.5 or so, that means you need to up your effluent and start over." "The concept is, the more the effluent, the higher your ph can be and have the same effect. The lower your effluent, your ph has to be low to make the effluent strong enough to keep up with demand. There is a point of no return where your media will turn to mush, which you want to avoid. That's why you up the effluent and raise ph and keep testing alk." That makes a lot of sense and will definitely prove to be a helpful reference.
  9. Equip: Korallin S-1502 reactor converted over to C-1502 Currently fed by a Maxi-jet 400 (considering getting a masterflex pump...) Tropic Eden large grain media CarbonDoser from AquariumPlants.com 120 gl tank, 40 gl sump, and 40 gl refugium/frag tank (will be plumbing in a 135 gl folwr in a few months) Settings: Steady drip (much more and it would be a stream) 6 seconds per bubble 6 psi makes my PH in reactor fluctuate between 6.73 and 7.2 (seems like a lot?) Apex set to shut off at 6.5 PH Probe was brand new 3 months ago and calibrated using 4.0 and 7.0 then recently verified with Borax and was off by .11 which seems close enough. Issue: Alk and Calc won't stabilize. Started at Alk 10 and Calc 425. Ran autodoser with reactor for a few days and then turned off autodoser. 3 days later alk is at 6 and calc at 375. (tested with Salifert and Seachem) I have to keep adding 2 part to bring back up. Then 2 days later falls back down. Tank uses 144 ml a day and I don't see any precipitation occuring... Adding ESV 2 part with autodoser over 24 hrs to avoid PH spike. Open to suggestions... Would it be wise to run Kalk in tandem? Is PH to high for the media? Helpful to add on a secondary chamber? Anyone have a Masterflex pump for sale?
  10. Getting xfinity internet now. Renting there modem temporarily. Any suggestions on brand/model? I will be connecting the apex via netgear wndr3700. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. 44 gal Brute with RODI water, about 1 gal a day using Liter Meter III WXM module
  12. Thanks for the help. Atomic, I'm going to pm you.
  13. Thanks for the replies. Aquarium is currently 7' 160 gallon. Future (few years probably) it will be a 8' 300 gln with the 160 as the sump. It will rest on the outside corner wall of a two story, running perpendicular. The joists are 2" by 8" at 18" on center. The entire foundation has been reinforced about 8' off the outside with 2 "sistered 2 x 8's", resting on a concrete footer with cinder blocks. hope the pics come out right.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. The room I want to put a couple hundred gallon aquarium in is on a crawlspace. Any recommendations for a contractor to reinforce the floor? I'm in Anderson.
  15. Can u describe the body profile? Is it flat like a scutus? http://www.seaslugforum.net/find/scutus
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