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  1. So if I understand correct you are asking if reef-pi runs on every raspberry pi version? It requires the pi zero or the pi 3. Wont work on older raspberry pi’s. Alot of people use the smaller pi zero and its runs just fine. I use the 3 B+ model.
  2. So minus the time put in prolly $250-300. The PH board was assembled by me so that drove cost down on that. The raspberry pi is basically 50 bucks. Those are the two most expensive pieces. I had alot of the connectors and wire on hand as well due to my other hobbies so i didnt count that into the expense either. All in all i am happy with it. And the creator Ranjib is super active with the project and has been for a while. There are a couple other people working on it as well. there has been a full size board designed by one guy for smaller tanks. If you are willing to put the time and frustration into it its awesome. But there is a learning curve for sure. That said everyone is more than happy to help on reef2reef. I would suggest if you or anyone wants to build one make a build thread on reef2reef.
  3. so i work right down the road from jeremy but before my schedule was 11-7 tues-sunday. So the only day that i could of went was sunday and that usually didnt work because of home responsibilities. As far as calling to make an appointment, to much hassle especially when there are other places open that i could walk right into. Now its a different story because i changed careers. I guess now that you know the whole story it makes sense huh.....
  4. Has anyone else built one of these? I currently have temp, ph, 8 outlets, and control of my lights. Will be building a dosing setup soon as well this picture is missing the ph probe and board that goes along with it. Im actually surprised i do not have an updated picture. And of course the lid is off of my project box here because i was doing some work on it.
  5. I am far from out of room just have always wanted a 75.
  6. I currently have a 40b. I want a 75 set up. I have a used 75. Needs a stand a few other odds and ends. I have all the equpiment to run a 75 on the 40 breeder. I hate the place i currently live me and the wife are looking to buy a house in the next year or two. Should i wait to set up the 75 or not? My worry is moving the thing after its all set up.
  7. I haven't used my membership. I want for sure would love to meet up with you guys and talk reefing and whatever else. Had alot going on in the past year. Started a new job that was a huge change for me. Finally starting to get settled in. But i plan to renew for sure when the time comes. I want to support my local club and one day i will finally come out to a meeting.
  8. I never got to go up there because of the odd hours. My go to place is modern aquatix at least Jeremy has reasonable hours or operation.
  9. Hey sorry for the late reply. Holidays are almost over!! Anyway currently I am running a 40breeder with a 29gal dog sump. Tank is almost a year old. Lightly stocked with a few frags (test pieces). It’s nothing amazing yet. Dealing with an issue currently. also planning on moving to a 75gal before April. I have the tank getting a few more odds and ends in order before it happens.
  10. Ha sounds like a plan. I will try to get to one asap!
  11. I started reefing back in 2013 but was only in it for a little over year.....life happen, marriage....2 kids.....a move....went through a couple jobs and a few cars. Fast forward to now and I have had a tank set up for almost a year now. I have been talking about joining INDMAS since I got back into the hobby and I finally did it. So whats the next step?
  12. I recently about 5 months ago put one on my tank. I was having a dino issue that I could not get under control! Needless to say they are gone now. I dont run mine all the time to be honest.
  13. Because i was working on trying to get the club a discount up there. I was assuming that a local business would be striving to attract people from the community. I got bitched at for telling customers that were new to the hobby about INDMAS. I was trying to make some positive change to make the company more successful.
  14. and i don't have some kind of grudge against them just thought I would let everyone know about the things that bugged me when I did work there. Unfortunately I still buy certain things from there for some of my other pets but my aquatic business now goes to PA.
  15. Yeah I am a little disgruntled. I got fired for going the extra mile and helping customer to keep her money in the store. And upon further looking into they just needed a reason to express favoritism and give some one else my hours. Employees also get 10% commission on what they sell. Trust me I am not saying that businesses should break even and charge just a little amount to give customers a deal and not make any money. But that kind of markup seems ludicrous in my opinion.
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