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  1. 3 minute Freshwater dip - same temp and pH as tank it's in could make the parasite fall off
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/oct/17/why-there-is-hope-that-the-worlds-coral-reefs-can-be-saved
  3. Yeah RO filter Used rock...pukani is banned wild. Everything is man made now or you buy someone else's tank rock. I can get you pukani live but it's out of state. Tons of it though 😂 Red sea is always a good way to go for sure!
  4. Math sucks but looks like (40) frags club!! I think we shoot for the stars? Let's double that this year to 80 frags!!! Why? Because we are INDMAS...we can have extra and donate some to those new members whose kid just won a tank? Or something similar...let's hit 80 club!! Very cool to hit 40 and we are two months out ....kudos indmas
  5. Wow man...that's bad a$$...lol. get that but back bro....I been doing it a decade and it's hard in general let alone your pico. Kudos Paully Shorez
  6. Great shoot me email over and I'll Gdrive it over
  7. Brian I have a few discussions I found on my phone by drive google...hmu let's get these to you sir and have IT add to indmas database please sir before I accidentally lose it lol 👍😉
  8. Not sure if this is where to put...but we have a dinette set to rid with a new table coming. Any interest? Black distressed 3*4 ft bar height with microfiber white/cream chair tops. Some stains but will come out with some TLC and will work on those. One small spot on top of the table a hot plate made a mark...nothing crazy and can be touched up obviously. $100...will get pics tomorrow. Paid $349 years back. Malaysian hardwood... quality made just needs a little tlc. Tighten some bolts etc on chairs. Greenwood/South side garage pickup
  9. Thanks again for the custom stuff for Jenn's birthday this month! She loves her earrings and the clothes for our new frag!
  10. Has there been any consideration of doing an educational topic zoom meeting for months the club doesn't meet? If Brian has the slides....invites can be sent out to those who RSVP.
  11. Here is my first hammer pinwheel after 48 hours or so. I used the orange baby wall hammer elevated in the center. 24k up front, splatter hammer back left and the gold tip top right. I didn't want to over crowd the wheel...so I will be doing a second wheel as well. This one will have the purple tip, the baby blue and the purple hammer. When I get the peach octospawn I will do one of those as well. So in the end when this baby step (get it) build is done and ready we will have three euphyllia centerpieces for the new system!
  12. I'm taking baby steps 🤣 I think I am going a different route for the light being hung or mounted. I ended up going with the Reefbreeder 42 photon LED v2. I have had a lot of luck with these lights and Logan has always been helpful over the 7 years I've used them. I think we are going to do the industrial piping to hang the LED. We are also considering having a custom patchwork welded LED casing made to mount the LED inside. I have a sketch drawn up and a welder reefer that I know that should be able to make it no issues. It will have vents up top and hopefully a way to lower a
  13. https://www.4ocean.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwlvT8BRDeARIsAACRFiWGwh9wlMz-FX8tXcRCMKI6_h01-ihQNFDp2Ch0j8l8xIocue3KlIkaAglTEALw_wcB Pretty cool operation here. Check them out and consider getting a bracelet for a loved one this year...you can be helping the environment more than you know! I think the club reached out to them in the past to try and work out a group buy and they weren't interested. But doesn't mean we can all spend $20 to help the fish and corals we all live with and love.
  14. I have been collecting hammers to make a centerpiece for the new build when and if it's finally wet lol. Right now I have gold, orange, baby blue, splatter hammer and purple. It should be really cool when I get it fragged and set up.
  15. Got the plumbing done! Looks pretty sharp...it's a little tighter than I wanted it to be for the equipment but I'm digging it! What do you think?
  16. I have the Smart ATO...great little system. Small sensor and pump...reliable. has an audible and visual alarm too...so it beeps when it's out of water in the reservoir as well as when it back siphons (you need to add an inline siphon check valve). It's pretty well priced too...easy to set up
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