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  1. Holy smokes! Put it in a blender with tank water and pour it back in both tanks haha
  2. Hey club...I'm sure a lot of us are into DIY for the reefing hobby when we can. However when it's not possible I wanted to let everyone know about Matt at Clear Constructions. He has been doing acrylic work for me for a few years for screen tops, signs, sumps and more. Custom stuff and he does have a CNC and just made a part for a ski doo last week for a referral of mine. He lives in Daleville but comes to Indy for work and does ship as well. Give him a shout for anything acrylic you can think of. A few members have used him for work in the past as well. Nice prices, nice work and always has great communication during your project as well. Matt Poorman [email protected] Thanks for looking! Make sure to mention INDMAS for 10% off of your first custom acrylic project!!
  3. I will take the orange turtle earrings for Jenn! Nice stuff here everyone. Scarlet made us a custom Colts baby jersey onesy and a bandana for our dog Niko. Reach out to her for anything custom even if you don't see it here. Thanks again Scarlet and Alan "the Bedazzler"!
  4. Had my plumber stop by to take a look at what colored plumbing I had ready. Glad I did, thought I did a pretty good job of getting all I needed. Pfftt...had like half of what I needed lol. Using colored plumbing can get expensive. Amazon sells Formufit PVC but most of it is 4 packs for $16 on elbows etc. So I ordered direct through the manufacturer and saved some money. Got the rest of what I needed for around $40...but those suckers charged me $23 to ship. Oh well...looks like the drain will now be red PVC with black fittings, and the return will be red PVC with black fittings. Going to have a T off with a valve to run the Somatic phosphate reactor. The stand isn't level and needs shimmed, and should be fixed this weekend and then can get the tank fully cleaned out and ready for plumbing. Jeesh this build is taking longer than I wanted for sure!
  5. Is there a reeftrader page set up for this event yet by chance?
  6. Looking good D. One slick stand and Bashsea!
  7. I can't seem to load any more pics...prompt says I've uploaded my max of 665kb or something. Any ideas?
  8. Wow very cool stuff there you Crafty Clowns! I always knew that Alan had a bedazzler hiding in his back pocket! Lol In all seriousness, this is some nice stuff and Jenn and I already have a really cool custom Harry Potter coffee mug Scarlet made. Jenn loves it and it is totally unique. Everyone should look at giving these two a chance at earning your business. Neat stuff for an especially neat cause. Good luck you two! Jenn and I wish you both nothing but luck and success in your endeavor toward such an amazing goal!
  9. Nice thanks D! Will have to give Matt a call
  10. Aww man sorry to hear on those fish. May just be me...but that seems like an awfully large bioload for a 22g tank?
  11. Thanks! This is likely the last upgrade and system we will have going for quite some time. So trying to do it right and make it look nice. The 58g is a Frankenstein system...
  12. It was two boxes @chac317...so 40 lbs total. Each box seemed to have pretty close to the same pieces with small variations. (2) arches, one cave and a nice size rock with a hole or pass thru I believe so 4 nice pieces.
  13. We will be using red PVC for the drain and return, have a few unions, ball valves and a swiss check valve too. Hopefully will be getting plumbed up this or next week after we fix a slight issue with the stand top.
  14. https://www.hobbylobby.com/Home-Decor-Frames/Knobs-Hardware/Hardware/Flourish-Corner-Accent/p/80833038 We found these corner accents we are going to put on the front corners of the stand to add some rustic elements to the modern-ish stand. Jenn and I like to blend our two styles into one in our house and those rustic/antique pieces should help tie it all together!
  15. Whoop whoop...got lucky!!
  16. Saw these already...but man this is awesome! One of these days I'll make this happen with Jenn!!
  17. Oh no! Hopefully it does real soon... definitely a good idea to get a generator for these reasons. We keep saying we are going to get one but it always gets pushed off with the tax return money we use for stuff.
  18. Okay got this to upload. Think one more arch from the middle cave to the back right cave shape...but not too important.
  19. We are going to use the Caribsea shape rocks in this build along with a mix of Tropic Eden dry sand (meso/mini/reeflakes). I have a few pictures of how the scape is going to go but I can't upload any more pictures right now. Although I am wanting one more arch - just don't want to buy a whole box for one piece lol.
  20. So on top of the nursery process and all the other hectic and amazing times we are going through...we are in the process of getting a new tank going. We will be moving the 58g corals and fish only into a new build. Jenn and I are starting all new with this build, and at a good time while so much new things are happening in our house! The equipment list is below...along with a wish list of a few items as well. I have attached pictures of the stand, that was modified by an indmas member. I also got the tank from a member here as well. Thank you to you both! Current equipment: Reef Octopus varios 4, reefbreeder photon 32, maxpect gyre 230 x2, Bashsea 36" custom color biofuge, reef Octopus 110sss skimmer. Marine pure block x2, finnex 810m and 300w heater combo, tunze ATO nano, matching Bashsea Ferrari 10g ATO container My hope is to get the new tank in place and cycling and start to sell off some equipment from the 58g. I can then upgrade the lighting to the newer generation reefbreeder. I will be updating this along the way hopefully to keep pics and records of it all. We have an 8 bar DJ panel going in on a control cut out on the right side...and have a color changing 10 foot LED strip going on the inside of the stand to help illuminate while working on the stand, as well as add some cool red color to match the Bashsea sump
  21. Starry blenny...super cool fish with great personality. Love to perch and be nosy of their surrounding
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