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  1. Starry blenny...super cool fish with great personality. Love to perch and be nosy of their surrounding
  2. Haha sounds like a plan...can't wait to see the fully finished process. We are working on a gorgonian seahorse combo today. She has half fall or full wall options when and if you are ready 😉
  3. We got the sunny D's done yesterday...little larger than we wanted but they are nice and bright and look pretty sharp! My aunt will be working on fish the rest of the week...some anthias, candy basslet, helfrichi firefish and a few tangs. Getting there!!
  4. Coming around pretty well! Pink gonio looking really cool. Hopefully next week we will have some fish and highlights all done and can touch up baseboards, side walls...get carpet cleaned and bring up the furniture! Long process but looking pretty sweet!
  5. We added meteor shower cyphastrea yesterday...and are going to do a superman digitata and sunburst montipora to fill in the left side...then a zoa garden trailing down the wall towards the door. Fill in with a few anthias, white tail bristle tooth, and our snowflake clowns Angel and Krusty. Then go in and add some highlights and UV accents and will be ready to move the furniture upstairs. Thanks again to @waldend for the deal on the nursery furniture! A big help and a lifesaver there...thanks bud!
  6. Thank you both! That is what I hear. Both excited...my body keeps waking me up earlier and earlier and I can't get back to sleep. Maybe someone is trying to prepare me to be a zombie when I'm actually trying to rest
  7. So Jenn and I have been absent for a while now...and some of you may already know now that we are expecting our first child mid September. We are both very excited. We (I lol) have been working tirelessly on projects around the house the last few months to prepare for our baby boy. Here is one of them that we are proud of. My aunt is an artist and is helping us with a coral reef mural on one wall of the nursery. We are nowhere near done yet but here is a sneak peak of what we wrapped up today....
  8. Looks sharp man! Do you have a pic with the surrounding lights on to show off the tank and canopy color better?
  9. Wow very cool! Sounds like you ha w a pretty good routine down! Welcome to the club and ask away whenever you need anything...good group of guys and gals here. Make sure to keep a look out on here for corals that we post. Nice stuff lurking around with the members!
  10. Yeah very cool Paul...would be something to take to the swap too!!
  11. $45 at PA...can bring home the icecap medium trap for you Monday if you are working down at greenwood if that helps
  12. Welcome to the club! Did you find your new clownfish yet?
  13. Very Cool! do you still have the black widow nem? if so, has it split yet
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