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  1. Reeftrader is up...where is everyone at??
  2. Reeftrader is heating up club! Post what you have and start collecting those reservations!!
  3. Maybe something in the haliocheres species? Hoevens wrasse, Christmas wrasse, yellow coris, yellow and purple wrasse??? Perhaps a 6 line...
  4. Looking good sir! Really nice job on the stand and the plumbing.
  5. Their Facebook got hacked...Brad is working on getting it revamped
  6. Wow that's 35 already club...big round of applause to all of you for the contribution. Thank you for keeping this tradition that I personally started years ago going! Proud of each of you for giving back to the club!!
  7. looks good to me! good idea Kyle
  8. Wow what a great recovery! Looking forward to seeing it at the end of the year! Congrats
  9. Very true sir...you are the one who has to be happy looking at your tank and caring for it. Glad you got it back into a state you are happy with!!
  10. 🎁🎄🐠🐡🐙 Merry Christmas club!
  11. thanks again for hosting Amanda! those angels and butterflies are just gorgeous. Great times as always....
  12. Tomorrow is the big day...getting my Mac daddy beans ready tonight for the smoker tomorrow. Who else is gonna make it so we can watch Amanda dig in a bucket of sand for her white baluga gift?? 🤫😜🤣🐠🐡🐙
  13. Looking good sir. Yes definitely no melting lol
  14. Good looking fish! Thanks for the order and looking forward to seeing it in person soon.
  15. Jenn and i should be there but will be late because she works that day. We will participate in ONE gift exchange and bring a dish.
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