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    Saltwater Reefin', My Wonderful Wife and Colts football!!
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    58g Oceanic Rimless, 29g sump/fuge and a 25g AIO frag tank

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  1. Welcome to the club! Did you find your new clownfish yet?
  2. Very Cool! do you still have the black widow nem? if so, has it split yet
  3. Definitely a start...not near close enough to help but if you need some carbon or RO water lemme know. I have plenty of both. Good luck and keep us posted
  4. Can you run some fresh carbon now to be safe?
  5. Do you have anything metallic that could have gotten in? Anyone that may have sprayed anything in the air or could have gotten into the tank somehow?
  6. Holy crap! Sorry man... Whata about magnesium and calcium? Nitrates? Temp? TDS of water you used?
  7. That sounds like a pretty cool idea!
  8. Wow that's pretty cool. I know Marc he does nice work with acrylic. Looking good Hollywood!!
  9. Dang you packin em in deep! Lol. Looking good sir...
  10. Nice pics sir! What do you use for these? Thanks for stopping by...maybe your youngest daughter can teach me how to floss like the cool kids next time 😜
  11. ReefNewby82

    New member

    Welcome JB!
  12. Reeftrader is up...where is everyone at??
  13. Reeftrader is heating up club! Post what you have and start collecting those reservations!!
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