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    Saltwater Reefin', My Wonderful Wife and Colts football!!
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    58g Oceanic Rimless, 29g sump/fuge and a 25g AIO frag tank

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  1. Looking good man! I had the same tank a while back and really liked it. The IM mighty jet was awesome and swapped to their Brandon soon streams for variable flow and then put a power head in the middle of those returns since there is a dead spot. You should enjoy it!!
  2. Happy Thanksgiving club!!
  3. Thanks for hosting! Nice dualing tanks in the entry way looks great
  4. That's awesome...south sider so don't get over there much but will have a reason now. Good luck...can't wait to see some pics
  5. Great looking cat...good luck! Niko would not have any part of a cat here lol
  6. I really like the Smart ATO...audible and visual alarm if it is out of water or if it back siphons. Small parts make it great for nanos
  7. Same....Jimmy Buffet day!! Whoop whoop! Fins up suckaz!! πŸ˜œπŸ¦ˆπŸ πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ¬
  8. And I just now saw that other acro in front of the nem also that could need to be moved...
  9. Hey KB? Welcome to the club and the opportunity to walk into a bad arse tank like that! Perams look solid...and I think you are right with that big nem...in the right flow it looks like it could reach that acropora. It may be wise to move and re-mount the acro a few inches to the left. Secondly it could potentially continue to necrose further pending the severity of the sting. I would monitor closely and if the necrosis continue to spread...I would clip that branch BELOW the run/necrosis some In hopes to prevent it any further. Hope that helps!!
  10. Happy Anniversary you two. You guys out did yourselves as always. Thanks for hosting and good seeing everyone finally 😊
  11. Steve...Shane...Scott...whoever you are, bring them with ya lol
  12. Viel GlΓΌck mit dem neuen Job und Zuhause! Hier geht es zu neuen Riffen und neuen Abenteuern!
  13. 3 minute Freshwater dip - same temp and pH as tank it's in could make the parasite fall off
  14. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/oct/17/why-there-is-hope-that-the-worlds-coral-reefs-can-be-saved
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