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  1. Are there only 2 listings so far?
  2. Thanks everyone! FYI, the 96th street location got out of saltwater last month, which is partly what fueled this question.
  3. Yeah, I know how bad Petco is, but I still like to cruise through every now and then. Which ones around the Indy area actually have saltwater livestock?
  4. Awesome, good tips in here. Plus my husband set up a live cam feed today that seems to be working really well and allows us to zoom in and see what's up.
  5. We're in Fishers and will be home in May, should you need someone to check in a time or 2.
  6. You're the one who tried to help me convince Kenna from Central Indy Aquatics that I had sent you to her! How's your Hollywood stunner doing? (And I quite liked your loud non-reefing friend that chooses hilarious names for your fish). The one who was someone's mom kept trying to talk to me about how the variety of coral on display was evidence of God. But then I got an urgent phonecall. Both times!
  7. I have friends that are willing to come in and feed fish and even do a couple of rudimentary things like fill our top-off but these friends are pretty clueless about saltwater reef tanks. They wouldn't really notice if stuff started to go downhill or know what to check if it did start to go downhill. We have an Apex but only pH and temp probes. Lights are on timers. We dose 2-part manually. We have 78 million new frags. And a seriously evil (like will raise actual blisters on my arm) anemone that just split and I don't know if the split will decide to wander. But we're going to Toron
  8. Can confirm that it's in several Meijers I have been to.
  9. I won the bonsai frag rack, an adhesive strip of blue moonlights and a package from Central Indy Aquatics with 2-part calcium and a large container of reef-roids. I was extremely surprised by the brightness of the supplemental lighting strip. I have a standard 6x2x2 180 gallon so I thought the 32 inch strip of stick-on-LEDs would be barely visible but we held them up over the tank up against our monster light fixture and the penetration and spread was impressive (without halides and T-5s). We picked up a ton of frags (like 20-25), largely SPS. My current 2 favourites are a bright yel
  10. Had a great time! The best part was when I got a frag of Budman's purple haze elegans and Louis (Gonzo) did not. Kidding! (mostly)
  11. Nice! Any pictures? I've been looking for a healthy Mag forever but I can't seem to find one.
  12. Like Magnifica (Ritteri) or Gigantea specifically?
  13. I wish I had a rock that magically produced plate corals!
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