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    I got an adult Interruptus angle almost 2 years ago and have been on the look out for a juvenile to pair it with. In February I was finally able to get my hands on a juvenile. After quarantine and observation tank for a while I put her in acclimation box in DT for 2 days. Just released her today. Minor chasing for the first couple of hours as seen in the video, and now they are good! No more chasing or posturing. I really am surprise and happy on how well the introduce went. (sorry for the reflections on the glass and all the micro bubbles in tank) https://youtu.be/ykhJowdcLh8 https://youtu.be/fMlf_42tTEM
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    Will try to make it, at least for a bit. It's been a little crazy the past year and just we just welcomed our daughter Kara to the family this weekend and a nice break outside in the sun on that deck just might do the trick! I'm off for a couple weeks, if weather cooperates I'll try and smoke something tasty.
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    Finally made my first gallon of RO/DI water!! Thank you all for your help!!!
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    Little over due update! These guys are getting big and beautiful! Biggest one is now over 3/4” when fully open. Keep your eyes out probably in about a couple of months I’ll be putting these for sale.
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    She had to have a shirt that matched the rest of the family, so I had one made for her. Now she is saying she is going to have a tank like daddy someday, but only one Nemo, and more coral. 🤣 Always a critic. 🤔
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    Hey Guys! I just wanted to take a second and introduce myself! My Name is Kyle Delello and I have been in the Hobby for a couple years. I run a Red Sea 750XXL and I am a major fish nerd. I have some soft coral and LPS, but my tank is dedicated to the fish! I don't have a good excuse as to why it took me so long to join here, other than I spend tons of time on Reef2Reef as I am a moderator there. 3fordfamily is a very good friend of mine, I HOPE THAT DOESNT COUNT AGAINST ME I also have 6 QT's in my basement as I am a major fish disease nerd and I am constantly trying new methods for treatment for the betterment of our hobby. Look forward to meeting some local hobbyists!!!
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    Hello everyone! So at the January meeting, I had brought up the discussion of moving to a digital membership card for the club. With almost everyone having email, cellphone, computer, and printer, it will make things easier for club members to have the card with them, or if they print it and lose it to get a replacement. I wanted to get some feedback from club members on the current design and idea of this. Attached is a prototype version.
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    Well after care deliberation and with input from Jeremy at Modern Aquatics I decided in March of this year to shutdown my soft coral tank. This was not an easy decision but I had gotten complacent and I will admit I was bored and needed a new challenge. I would soon learn to be careful what I asked for in the future. The tank had been setup in this configuration for approx. 6 years as a soft coral tank and was populated with several large tangs and angels. Most of the tangs were starting to push the limits of the tank and I was becoming lazy on maintenance and up keep. I decided to go back to my roots and change it to a LPS and SPS dominated tank. I would sell off or give away everything but the live rock and start over This was the last picture of the tank I could find and I think it was about a year old
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    Who else is coming? Great door prizes...great speaker...and some great pay it forward equipment. This can not be successful without a great attendance as well. Check your schedules, and call your in laws and tell them you had a flat tire...and then drive to Lebanon for Luis's and his wife's awesome ham sandwiches and rock nems!!!!!
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    Door prize #1 You could win will be this mini colony of ORA Mint Pavina. Door prize #2 will be one of the Rock Flower Anemones born during my November meeting last year. Hope everyone that wants come will be able to make it.
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    The plan was to move some of the coral to my work tank and get rid of the rest. We would then catch the fish and get them to someone with a large tank. In the end the 6 large tangs and rabbit fish were to be moved to a 2000 gallon plus system in Fishers maintained by Glenn of Aquarium Service and Design. The smaller tangs and assorted angels were moved to another tank maintained by Glenn. Without Glenn's and Jeremy's help this part of the project could not have been done. For reference the big dussumieri tang is about 14 inches long and 9 inches tall
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    Familiar faces down here in Orlando! Lots of cool tanks people vendors and products...will post more pics later. Hard at work cutting more PA decals for tomorrow's day at the event. Chao for now!
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    Premium Aquatics, Real Reef and JBJ teamed up to raffle off a 45g JBJ all in one tank and stand with 30 lbs of branch rock. Young reefer Will won this and him and his family drove it back to their Florida home. Love it when another teenager makes it into the hobby for little to no investment!
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    JR one of the previous education chairs even came to visit me. Was really glad to see an old friend again...stay fishy INDMAS!
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    I will post pics of my collection for any stick heads that are intrested. I am 3D printing frag transporters for any one that wants to order one they will be $10. They will come in a water tight container and will post other pics latter but PM if you want one as they take 5 hours to make. These are PETG and safe for aquarium use.
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    I wanted to get some feedback, thoughts, ideas on starting a Dont Break The Chain idea that the Buckeye Reef club has been doing for a few years now. The post below was borrowed from their original post to explain what it is. "I would like to get a "Don't Break the Chain" going in the Supporter Forums. If anyone is not familiar.....This is a place where you can give a high end frag to a fellow hobbyist for them to grow out. Once this frag has grown and can be fragged again, it is reposted in the forum for the next person to take. The original donor can request a frag back if they have a crash or lose their colony. It's a great way to get really nice frags and pay it forward to the next guy/girl. Plus it keeps your frag babies spread out in case of a crash!"
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    Here are a few of the many of mine 😋
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    Hey club...we have a member in need of some help. Rodney has been in the club for a few years now and has blown out his knee. His wife doesnt know the first thing about them or how to clean them up. His two reefs are suffering and need some help. Can someone please PM me to work out the details to go to his home to help out? Rodney is hearing impaired so I would need to communicate with him about a list of items he needs help with and so he can have the water made and have the items necessary. He has everything there...it would just need one or two bodies to do regular maintenance on his systems. Who can help that is in his neck of the woods? Reply here and send me a PM please so we can set something up soon for him...
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    Thanks for hosting this! I had so much fun!! I found a Marine Betta for $55 and feel so lucky. Brought home a large lobo and a lavendar tang. My husband and I truly had a great time. 😊
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    Welcome to the indy reef addict club. My name is Brandon and I have a problem. Now give me a beer... Oh wrong club...my bad lol
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    I thought I would post pics of some fun new projects I have going on. The gobies and dottybacks are spawning, the angels previously were, the Darwin’s are starting to show signs and the urchins can be spawned at any time. Excited to raise some larvae soon hopefully!
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    Name: Orlando Clark Gender: male Age or Age Range: 33 Twitter/Instagram: rajilnaja Where are you from? Born in North Carolina, spent my entire adult life in Indy, currently living in the southport area. Type of Tank(s): 80 lps heavy reef Photo(s) of you: Full Tank Shot(s): Favorite tank pic(s): How long have you been in the hobby? 3 years What do you like most about the hobby? The challenge Other pets: just a cat Other hobbies: standard nerd stuff, gaming, comics, reptiles despite not actively housing any at this time, fishing, squatting in modernaquatix Work: I'm a patient access advocate for a drug manufacturer. Short and non NDA breaching answer... when you see those commercials for prescriptions and it says to contact us if you cant afford this drug, I'm the case manager that would assist you. Favorite food: varies, but I also have the palate of a small child. Favorite music: most things, but independent and socially conscious hip hop take the number 1 spot. Favorite movies/shows: currently Jojo's bizarre, I'm in a weird anime phase right now. Something else you’d like to share about yourself: I'm sure I've ran into a lot of you either at the swap or modernaquatix. Despite being the unusual combination of nerd and extrovert, I have yet to make it to a meeting.
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    Our 2020 frag swap speaker is..... The Indiana Marine Aquarium Society is excited to announce that our 2020 frag swap educational speaker is none other than the legendary Richard Ross!! You will most recently know Rich as one of the duo from the new Skimmate Podcast as well as the Master of Ceremonies for the MACNA banquet. If you have never had the enjoyment of listening to and speaking with Rich you will not want to miss this opportunity. I think many would declare him "The most interesting man in aquatics!". Richard Ross Richard Ross is known for his“Skeptical Reefkeeping” article series, his groundbreaking work with cephalopod husbandry, his entertaining and informative talks, and for managing the ambitious 212,000 gallon reef tank in the Steinhart Aquarium in the California Academy of Sciences. “It’s so great. I get to work on what interests me in a variety of ways; I write and speak about the practical philosophy of aquarium keeping and animal welfare in the hobby press, and I get to publish in academic journals. I get to practice the fascinating craft of aquarium keeping on a daily basis, as well as participate in various kinds of field work like coral sexual reproduction. Through it all, I have the ongoing challenge and honor of working with incredible species like pygmy seahorses, unique cephalopods, ghost pipefish and more”. Richard was presented with the MASNA Aquarist of the Year award in 2015, and his work has been covered by Scientific American, National Geographic, Penn’s Sunday School, NPR’sScience Friday, Discovery News and Fox News.
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    So..... I took the month of November to really evaluate this tank and my desire to keep it. I went back and forth a lot last month. Doing minimal work and the necessary water changes on the tank to keep it going. I even sold off a few pieces of coral in preparation to shut it down. The desire to keep it going after vacation wasn't there like in the past, but something was still there to keep it going for November. At some point I decided to keep this little box of water and take it slow and get it back to what it once was. Another positive over that time was I saw an increase in growth in all of my corals. Decided to keep it going and enjoying the decision. Nothing like a few new additions to the tank to make you start loving it all over again, right? Thanks @puffdragon and @ddeurloo for the new additions! In the past week I have added: ORA Birdsnest Red Digitata Splatter Hammer Coral Neon Green Toadstool Neon Green GSP Tube Anemone I'd say that's a good end to 2019. We will see how they fair in 2020.
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    My last tank was a 210 with regular glass and now I have a rimless with the same thickness glass but low iron and the difference is very noticeable to me and I would choose low iron if costs are not outrageous. It is probably a hundred or two difference for the front panel to be low iron unless someone is really trying to mark it up.
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    We have another great submission!
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    Looking forward to seeing everyone at my house for the Christmas meeting! For those of you that don't know about my tanks I will tell you a little bit here. I have a 34 gal reef tank (LPS mainly) and a 180 FOWLR Tank. The 180 is my "pair" themed tank. Meaning I am stocking the tank with fish that normally pair up in the wild. And some single fish that don't form pairs also. I can explain at the meeting on how I pair them if anyone is interested. Still in the stocking process but so far I have a pair of Interruptus Angelfish, Indian Vegabond Butterflies. Along with a pair of Mocha Clowns, which was a door prize at one of our meetings that one of our very own members bred! My Goldflake/Flagfin hybrid angel recently lost his mate, as well as did my Pakistan Butterfly. (Interruptus Angels can be mean) I have a replacement female for the hybrid angel in QT now along with a Long Nose Black Tang. My QT system will also be up and running for all to see. See you all there!
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    I don't have personal experience but they have not shipped in well to the shop. I know they are planktonic feeders in the wild and after time and some diligence can accept flakes and brine. They do well in groups with big enough tanks too. Richard Ross at the steinhart museum knows of keeping them very well from what I understand.
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    Thanks Luis for hosting! Thanks to LRS for taking the time to talk to us, and a big thanks to Daniel for setting it all up.
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    Also, a post from Larry on his FB page. If you aren’t following him it’s a fun read.
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    The tank has had water in it for just under two months and this is what we came up with, please remember I am a terrible photographer. I am still playing around with the lighting and am missing one of the Radians, in for repair or replacement
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    This just in: INDMAS goes international
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    Now with the plumbing done and the sand in we are ready for the rock placement. Once again I enlisted Jeremy's help (I owe him big time) on this for his expertise, because my artistic eye is well lets say, severely lacking at best. We were looking to go with a little more open space then on the previous setup and I think he hit a home run. Now all we had to do was to transfer water from the sump and trash cans and make the last little bit and we are good to go.
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    So I have ordered my Simplicity return pump, and Simplicity skimmer. I have also ordered all the plumbing pieces I need to replace the stock valve with the gate valve. It will probably be a week before everything arrives, so there will not be a lot of updates until then. The next steps will be getting my dry rock. I will need to go to Premium aquatics, and hand select the pieces I need to make a really nice tower. I plan on using Marco rock for the build, and then utilizing the Marco Cement to make it one safe secure structure. Has anyone done this before, and how did it work out?
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    I just bought a Maxspect Gyre XF350 Standard Unit Package. I have not installed it yet, but from my research it is supposedly quieter than the Icecaps. But you gotta get the new 300 series. The new 300 series are quieter and easier to clean.
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    I wanted to let everyone know that Central Indiana Aquatics posted that they will be closing their store. Kenna has been a supporter of the club over the last three years and has always provided excellent customer service to everyone. For those of you that do not facebook (like myself) I wanted to share the post with the club. "I have spent the past three years doing my very best to provide the best customer service and the healthiest livestock to my customers. I've made complimentary house calls, deliveries, and gone above and beyond anything LiveAquaria or Amazon would ever do for it's customers. But that has proven to not be enough. So the time has come to permanently close the shop. To the people who have come in and spent 45 minutes asking me about every issue you've ever had with your tank, showing me pictures of every single coral and fish you've ever owned, asking me to quote you on everything you would need for a new tank but you're waiting till you move out of your mom's basement to pull the trigger, and then not buying that twenty dollar coral because your buddy sells it out of his house for ten bucks or that product I recommended because you found it on Amazon three dollars cheaper....you all know where you can shove it. To the rest of you, thank you so much for supporting me. There are no words that could ever explain how much I appreciate you. Many of you have become great friends and that is what I will miss the most. Those of you that have brought your kids in, I enjoyed interacting with them more than anything. The smiles on their little faces when they held a starfish would always make my day. The shop will continue to be open on Sundays until I've sold everything, and then from there I'll close to walk-in customers and continue a small part of the business online in my spare time. If you would like to schedule an appointment to stop by the shop, there's a handy new "book now" button on our page. You can click that and select a day and time that would work best for you. As for me, I'll be focusing the rest of my time on my kids, vacations, petting my dog, and all the other things I haven't been able to due to choosing the most high maintenance business to ever exist. On a final note, please remember to shop local. You wouldn't believe how happy every single sale, no matter how small, makes us. When you make a purchase at a small business, you are literally putting food on a table. So please support your local shops, we depend on you!" Central Indiana Aquatics is not the 1st local shop to close by any means. But it is a reminder that if we do not support our local shops then we will not have any local shops. Take a minute to think about that...… Every one of us depend on the expertise of our local shops and we should really concentrate on supporting those shops. Most people are not aware but even if you buy from a local shop on amazon their net profit is reduced by a couple of factors. I wish Kenna the best in everything that she may do in the future. We as a local reefing community want to prevent this from happening again we really need to rethink how we support everyone. If not who might be next? Mike
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    You’ll want to siphon as much out as you can, and then use chemiclean. Cyano (in my opinion) is the best problem to have in this hobby, as it’s the easiest to rid of as long as you act fast and use the right treatments.
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    Many thanks to Gonzo620 for coming today to rescue my fish today. I hope they will recover and live healthy fishy lives under his care. I also got some good advice and counseling so I’m not going to take down the tank. Instead I’m going to leave it empty of fish to hopefully stabilize and give whatever germs may be in there time to die out for lack of a host. The recommendation was two months and that sounds fine. I’ll probably black it out for at least half of that time to eradicate any cyano and algae that are hanging around, then if things look ok I’ll start again with a few fish and work up. Thanks again for the help.
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    You’ve probably heard this before, but getting your own RODI filter is one of the most important things you can do for your tank. That way you can better control what goes into your water. If you just dose the calcium part of the 2 part, you will be able to raise calcium without raising alkalinity. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with only dosing one or the other.
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    Great meeting! I really enjoyed the presentation with Dr Tim. Thanks for hosting Bob.
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    Terebellidae A type of spaghetti worm most likely.
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    Not an upgrade in my opinion...more like a lateral really. The light you have should be 30 watts...which is 3x the size of a 10g. Add a wall timer if you dont have one already and would be suffice for anything you should wanna grow.
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    Updated Livestock list in my Nano. Livestock: 2 Ocellaris Clown 1 Yasha Goby 1 Cerith Snail 1 Astrea Snail 2 Blue Legged Hermits 1 Cleaner Shrimp 1 Peppermint Shrimp 1 Candy Cane Pistol Shrimp Current Corals: Purple Tip Hammer Green Tip Hammer Blue Hammer Yellow Hammer Green Frogspawn Red Acan Lord Light Blue/Red Acan Lord Pink Zipper Paly's Date Night Paly's Watermelon Zoa Yellow Brick Road Zoa Bam Bam Zoa Sunny D Paly Cornbred Rainbow Infusion Paly Utter Chaos Zoa WWC Watermelon Zoa Pink and Gold Paly Yellow/Purple/Orange Zoa Rasta Zoa Rainbow Hornet Zoa's Fruit Loop Zoa Gorilla Nipple Zoa’s Various Unnamed Zoa’s Blue/Green Ricordea Mushroom Orange Ricordea Mushroom Gold/Green Ricordea Yellow Ricordea Purple Rhodactus Mushroom Green/Purple Rhodactus Mushroom Pink/Purple Yuma Mushroom Superman Mushroom Candy Cane Coral Colony Duncan Coral Meteor Shower Cyphastrea Purple Gorgs Pink Blasto Jack-O-Lantern Lepto Bejewled Favia Unnamed Yellow Favia New top down under full kessil blue's
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    Thanks Ryan. Tank is shallow and will have good coverage from front to back with 8 bulbs. I also considered the matrixx ii in white gloss finish from Giesemann, but i am happy with my final decision
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