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    So my wifey got me a surprise gift. I love these T-shirts so much. Has anyone else gotten any cool gifts? Here’s a tread to show them off. Post pics of your cool stuff😎
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    We are excited to host. My mom is making it covid safe. We will be setup for the swap and food on the patio. All the food is individually wrapped and drinks in coolers outside. We will have beer, pop and water. The food is subs, chips and cookies. My tank is doing so so right now so I'd always love suggestions. My mom said masks on in the house. We have a lot of tables and chairs for outside. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
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    So Jenn and I have been absent for a while now...and some of you may already know now that we are expecting our first child mid September. We are both very excited. We (I lol) have been working tirelessly on projects around the house the last few months to prepare for our baby boy. Here is one of them that we are proud of. My aunt is an artist and is helping us with a coral reef mural on one wall of the nursery. We are nowhere near done yet but here is a sneak peak of what we wrapped up today....
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    Hi All, Just thought I share my Retro Frag Swap Haul form last weekend (all the coral’s on the frag rack - minus the dragon soul Favia). Puffdragon couldn’t make it but was nice enough to meet up with me on Monday in Indy to make up for the frag swap miss. Thanks again to all attendees and Eric for hosting....
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    Finally had a little time and got a new image completed... This is NGC 7129 This is a little over 11 hours and does need more but I am pretty happy with results. Such a soft and subtle target. hope you love it!
  6. 4 points
    I got the tank up and running. So far all is good, no floods. What do you all think?
  7. 4 points
    Since im hosting the August meeting.....it might be a little cramped in my basement...... Kidding aside, cuddos to those making the decision. Its the right one. Things are gonna get worse before they get better. Ross
  8. 3 points
    Sure here is mine. Bought a kitchen cabinet, put wheels under it, took the back off and put a board inside and mounted controllers on front and cords on back side. Put a magnet on back so I can remove if needed.
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    TANKBUILD Plan 22g bookshelf. rimless UNS 36x12x12 with the Bathsea 36x18x16 sump Day 1:Moving the little pico into the BRAND NEW 10g frag /QT tank for corals. 10g with UV filter in tank. HOB for carbon and pinky floss and aeration. MP10 in the coral tank for now. ( ordering a little wavemaker for it_.mp10 goes into display... With the help of Luis I was able to seed the frag tank to get it started with a chunk of his LR....and also some extra for the DT sump for some added biodiversity. I got the 36 Bathsea sump from Roush2000. ( NOW the sump is bigger than the DT. LOL) I DIY the stand myself...with 2 holes drilled for the piping.~~ and then I will start the plumbing this week. Fish are holding strong in the little pico for a quick minute while I get the DT plumbed (I am winning against the DINOS. finally...~. Got a good set of frags too from Luis today and some starter rock. I spent a considerable amount of time dipping and cleaning and then I remounted everything I needed too and remounted all mine. I have some really ticked off corals. (mostly zoas that a closed up SUPER tight... BUT~~ now into the frag tank for 30-45 days. ( FWIW. I am on a mission to ONE day I~~~~ frag this 22g reef tank LOL~~~but for now~~~. this si the hospital/ frag tank until the beginning or mid sept ~. THEN they will go into DT. I want to make SURE dino are gone and I have the DT under control. Jeremy at Modern hooked me up with a pretty acan today too Super exciting///. and crazy to swap all this at once. LOL. PHEW. I'm tired~~~ been nothing but fishies for 12 hours today... and I am not done with display. I did get the light bar made last night too. it will hold the 24 inch 4 bulb. ATI T~and then reef LED too to boot. AGAIN. ty Jeremy at Modern... Shawn sold me the aquamaxx skimmer he had~FC-120. and I will bring it online along with the jebao UV sterilizer and then a second MP10 I decided to drill the side and chose a MEDIUM eshopps overflow. WITH luck~ the water line should be 1 inch. which makes the lights at at 11 inch off the water when hanging, The QT tank adopted the 80 tuna blue and controller from the pico and the fish can go ALL NATURAL or use the little baby light I have....for the next day or two. (kitchen has TONS of light for them). and less stress for fishes) CONCERNS<<<< the temps for all the dipping and transfers. etc.... we got down to 75 for a bit... ... the diff in alk and chemistry as a whole for the frags. (but most of luis are opening). ~. my super ticked off zoas arent ~. If i dont lose a couple corals from going nuclear on my pico 4 days ago. ( but it helped with dinos) I would be surpirsed. Luis frags are VERY NICE.. Plan for sump is to grow LOADS of pods~ and I have 2 pod hotels in there. I will have some marine pure block and sponges in the sump too. for. nneede aplications. ( pop up tanks etc..) only have one heater but getting a second and a controller BUT did add a small power head for now with all that nice rock from Luis~and did give them a little MB7 and some phyto toooo. PLAN for QT is WC every other week.. for now... and for 14 days running Prime too heres some snaps. all the nice looking frags are his. LOL Welcome suggestions....
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    A current Top Down shot.
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    Thought I share a recent full tank shoot here. Making progress to fill the tank..... Over the recent months I battled Dino’s, GHA, and a mild cyano break out, but feel I’m on the right track. Any tips for taking good FTS, beside getting rid of the reflections....
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    We got the sunny D's done yesterday...little larger than we wanted but they are nice and bright and look pretty sharp! My aunt will be working on fish the rest of the week...some anthias, candy basslet, helfrichi firefish and a few tangs. Getting there!!
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    Here is on of the recently discovered sump galaxy......who says you can’t combine hobbies....
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    i most certainly do. I love love love the hobby. Here's a couple recent ones
  15. 3 points
    I’ll probably go to this one
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    INDMAS is pleased to announce that the 2020 Frag Swap will be Saturday August 8th at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds 1900 East Main Street, Danville IN from 12-4 Over the past year the club has been hard at work to bring you one of the top swaps in the Midwest. There are multiple threads in this forum that should answer a lot of your questions. If you do not find it please ask. Returning again as our Platinum Event Sponsor The Reef Platinum Sponsors this year are Reef Hobbyist Magazine and Coral Magazine We will be offering early entry for those attending our speaker session (to be announced) And did I mention fabulous vendors a wide variety of vendors, The Reef, Cobalt, Fritz, Neptune, Aquarium World, Premium Aquatics, Modern Aquatix, Zoanthid Garden, Aznutty's saltwater connection, Eye Candy Coral. Summit City Corals, Blue Line Coral, Simply Saltwater Aquatics, Salty Ceramics, Coral Savers, Mermaids Cove, Whitlyn Aquatics, Underwater Gardeners, Just Pretty Corals, Two Crafty Clowns, Fragcration, Goat Corals Premium Aquatics is sponsoring the young hobbyist tank give away for those in attendance under 13 This year it will be a JBJ 28G nano cube Free frag supplied by the club for new members for the first 60 new members Free admission for club member otherwise a low $5 for admittance Membership is just $21 a year We will have a fast in admission line for members so if you are thinking about joining or renewing doing so in advance will save you time look for the member thread within this section. (Deadline is Saturday August 8th) Food Truck available I forgot to mention fabulous raffle prizes: Besides the grand prize of a Trident with controller and DOS, 4 stage RODI, Carib Sea rocks, Coral Magazine, Frag saw, Carbon, Salt, Aqueon sump, T5 and Led , Polyp Labs Reef Roids, Salt Critters gift certificates, Santa Monica Algae Scrubber just to name a few of the items. See everyone on the 14th of March
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    I am installing a new tank in our living room. I needed to remodel it before I pick up the new tank from Jeremy. I could not find my shop lights. Oh yeah not a problem, 2 x 400w MH who needs a shop light anyways. The tank is going where the plumbing is sticking up through the floor. Take care, Mike
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    I hope everyone has been well. With restrictions being lifted what better way to get reengaged than with the June meeting which is the summer social. While not everyone may yet be comfortable in a group setting for those of you that are the details are as follows: The June meeting will be June 13th from 4pm - 6 pm Craig Martin (cmrun) and his wife Connie are the host again this year . The address is 921 Arrowwood Drive in Carmel IN. The summer social is a pitch in so please reply if you can make it and what you will be bringing. Bring your aquarium questions to the meeting and we will be doing a question and answer I will be there +1 and will be bringing buffalo chicken dip Mike
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    I would put any bends in the return lines. With the drain being gravity flow you want to keep that as free flowing as possible.
  20. 3 points
    Thanks for everyone's comments. I would really like to give a shout out to Mike for his above and beyond commitment and time that he put in, not only staying in contact with the Health Office, Hendricks County Fairgrounds, vendors attending other swaps, our local vendors and sponsors but finding an alternative date that will put us past this pandemic and give us time to put all the pieces back together for a successful swap. Great job Mike!!
  21. 3 points
    I am in the health care industry as well and will be attending the event. While everyone should practice proper health care (washing your hands, not touching your face, and I think given the current state of affairs we can opt out on shaking hands and hugs), I support that we should move forward with the frag swap. I work in the health care industry on a daily basis and I am aware of the situation we are facing. At the same time, if you have any symptoms of a cold, the typical flu, or corona virus please use the advice that has been given and stay home to self quarantine to minimize the spread of your illness. The cost to post pone this event and reschedule for a later time in the year plus the effort that goes into this by volunteers and vendors drove the decision to keep moving forward. The only option viable would be to cancel this year's Frag Swap entirely. While we expect that attendance will be lower due to the Corona Virus, we respect that everyone will need to make their own decision on attending the INDMAS frag swap for 2020.
  22. 3 points
    Wanted to update everyone that the show is still a go for Saturday We also added a couple of Nero pumps and a couple of Radions for the raffle
  23. 3 points
    I've been here awhile, and I know a few of you from meetings. However I don't get around to meetings as much as I would like too, or my introverted self doesn't reach out to try and get to know you all as much as I would like. So in spirit of learning more about you, and to try and get a little participation going on these forums I'm starting this thread. I hope you all participate in some way or another to not only help me learn more about you, but help others as well. I always feel so lost at the swap or meetings, so maybe this will make us all feel a bit more comfortable. Maybe this will mold into a new chat thread for people that might want to chat about their tanks, the reefing community, and life in general. Name: Gender: Age or Age Range: Twitter/Instagram: Where are you from? Type of Tank(s): Photo(s) of you: Full Tank Shot(s): Favorite tank pic(s): How long have you been in the hobby? What do you like most about the hobby? Other pets: Other hobbies: Work: Favorite food: Favorite music: Favorite movies/shows: Something else you’d like to share about yourself:
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    Hello everyone! So at the January meeting, I had brought up the discussion of moving to a digital membership card for the club. With almost everyone having email, cellphone, computer, and printer, it will make things easier for club members to have the card with them, or if they print it and lose it to get a replacement. I wanted to get some feedback from club members on the current design and idea of this. Attached is a prototype version.
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    Well after care deliberation and with input from Jeremy at Modern Aquatics I decided in March of this year to shutdown my soft coral tank. This was not an easy decision but I had gotten complacent and I will admit I was bored and needed a new challenge. I would soon learn to be careful what I asked for in the future. The tank had been setup in this configuration for approx. 6 years as a soft coral tank and was populated with several large tangs and angels. Most of the tangs were starting to push the limits of the tank and I was becoming lazy on maintenance and up keep. I decided to go back to my roots and change it to a LPS and SPS dominated tank. I would sell off or give away everything but the live rock and start over This was the last picture of the tank I could find and I think it was about a year old
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    Who else is coming? Great door prizes...great speaker...and some great pay it forward equipment. This can not be successful without a great attendance as well. Check your schedules, and call your in laws and tell them you had a flat tire...and then drive to Lebanon for Luis's and his wife's awesome ham sandwiches and rock nems!!!!!
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    Door prize #1 You could win will be this mini colony of ORA Mint Pavina. Door prize #2 will be one of the Rock Flower Anemones born during my November meeting last year. Hope everyone that wants come will be able to make it.
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    The plan was to move some of the coral to my work tank and get rid of the rest. We would then catch the fish and get them to someone with a large tank. In the end the 6 large tangs and rabbit fish were to be moved to a 2000 gallon plus system in Fishers maintained by Glenn of Aquarium Service and Design. The smaller tangs and assorted angels were moved to another tank maintained by Glenn. Without Glenn's and Jeremy's help this part of the project could not have been done. For reference the big dussumieri tang is about 14 inches long and 9 inches tall
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    Looking good man! Keep it rolling!
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    Whoop whoop...got lucky!!
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    Coming around pretty well! Pink gonio looking really cool. Hopefully next week we will have some fish and highlights all done and can touch up baseboards, side walls...get carpet cleaned and bring up the furniture! Long process but looking pretty sweet!
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    We added meteor shower cyphastrea yesterday...and are going to do a superman digitata and sunburst montipora to fill in the left side...then a zoa garden trailing down the wall towards the door. Fill in with a few anthias, white tail bristle tooth, and our snowflake clowns Angel and Krusty. Then go in and add some highlights and UV accents and will be ready to move the furniture upstairs. Thanks again to @waldend for the deal on the nursery furniture! A big help and a lifesaver there...thanks bud!
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    Aside from the topics we’ve already communicated on, I was staring at my tank and one of my wrasses jumped out... So, what about a tank cover topic? What’s better? Glass tops, large gap screen covers, DIY vs store bought, etc. Also, how do these covers effect lighting, o2 exchange?
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    Picked up a haul of corals, rock, and a new media basket last week. From a local reefer and from Modern Aquatix. I believe I'm dealing with a diatom issue here. I do not get any film on the glass overnight but during the day I do. I have been advised to just keep doing waterchanges and it should pass in time. I also have a couple spots of GHA that I'm going to dab some Hydrogen Peroxide on during my next water change. Hopefully that will kill it off. I'm running chemi-pure blue in my media basket, but I have also added some carbon and phosphate pads in the basket to try and combat this issue. Lost by beautiful ORA birdsnest last week too. Accidentally dropped it onto the hammer coral over the weekend and was going to frag off the good pieces, but it was gone before I got home the next day. Dang bummer as it was beautiful, but it is what it is I guess. I've also lost the Red Digi that was growing so well. Not sure what happened with it, but I'm going to try one more time with a bubblegum digi eventually. Well here are a couple newer photos of the tank. I've placed the corals and also put in some more rock. The new rock and gives me a little more room to add a few more corals in the future. Oh and here is an updated coral list: Yellow Hammer (meshed into a green 🤷‍♂️ ) Splatter Hammer Date Night Paly's Cornbred Rainbow Infusion Paly's Rasta Zoa Fruit Loop Zoa Gorilla Nipple Zoa’s Scrambled Egg's Zoa's JF Fairy Tale Zoa's Utter Chaos Zoa's Rainbow Incinerator Zoa's Purple Rhodactus Mushroom Green/Purple Rhodactus Mushroom Pink/Purple Yuma Mushroom Candy Cane Coral Colony Purple Gorgs Pink Blasto Jack-O-Lantern Lepto Bejewled Favia Unnamed Yellow Favia Tyree Neon Green Toadstool (Long Polyp) Neon Green GSP Grim Reaper Torch Rainbow Clove Polyps Kedds Reds Zoas Nirvana Paly Gobstopper Paly Mandarin Orange Zoa Grandis Paly Yellow Submarine Favia
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    If you were still planning on attending the INDMAS swap and have found out it was postponed, The Reef will be having the following on Saturday the 14th for INDMAS members only from 12-4 Must state you are a member or join at the shop All corals 30% off Select Frags are $20.00 each or 2 for $30.00 all others 30% off! Ultra Rock flower anemones $20.00 each or 2 for $30.00 Proaquatix Clowns by the pair. 48 Pairs available! Ocellaris Black Ocellaris Snowflake Black Ice Bullet Hole Extreme Misbar Black Picasso Premium Picasso Wyoming White Frostbite Gladiator Extreme Gladiator Tahitian Clams 2.5 - 3 inch $75.00 5-6 inch $100.00 Planet aquariums 10% off 120 Crystalline Combo with LifeRock. 25% off only one available. Jeremy Meadows of Planet Aquarium will be on hand to answer any questions about custom aquariums and Planet Aquarium. All Reeflower products 50% off Marine Biologist Kyle Thielman with Reeflowers in house to answer any questions about Reeflowers and reef keeping. Cobalt C Vue Aquariums 10% off All Cobalt foods and Media 30% off Viral Surati of Cobalt Aquatic will be on hand to answer all your questions about their products Fritz Salt RPM case $49.99 each Represenattives from Fritz will be there to answer questions Special pricing on CaribeSea Liferock
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    Progress Update: Stand came together perfectly with space for the 75gal sump & 23gal rubbermaid ATO reservoir, and is rock solid with the tank in place! Plumbing is next
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    Name: Orlando Clark Gender: male Age or Age Range: 33 Twitter/Instagram: rajilnaja Where are you from? Born in North Carolina, spent my entire adult life in Indy, currently living in the southport area. Type of Tank(s): 80 lps heavy reef Photo(s) of you: Full Tank Shot(s): Favorite tank pic(s): How long have you been in the hobby? 3 years What do you like most about the hobby? The challenge Other pets: just a cat Other hobbies: standard nerd stuff, gaming, comics, reptiles despite not actively housing any at this time, fishing, squatting in modernaquatix Work: I'm a patient access advocate for a drug manufacturer. Short and non NDA breaching answer... when you see those commercials for prescriptions and it says to contact us if you cant afford this drug, I'm the case manager that would assist you. Favorite food: varies, but I also have the palate of a small child. Favorite music: most things, but independent and socially conscious hip hop take the number 1 spot. Favorite movies/shows: currently Jojo's bizarre, I'm in a weird anime phase right now. Something else you’d like to share about yourself: I'm sure I've ran into a lot of you either at the swap or modernaquatix. Despite being the unusual combination of nerd and extrovert, I have yet to make it to a meeting.
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    Congratulations to @PaulS.46122 for designing this years t-shirt. 2 years in a row with the great designs. You also get a free shirt!
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    Our 2020 frag swap speaker is..... The Indiana Marine Aquarium Society is excited to announce that our 2020 frag swap educational speaker is none other than the legendary Richard Ross!! You will most recently know Rich as one of the duo from the new Skimmate Podcast as well as the Master of Ceremonies for the MACNA banquet. If you have never had the enjoyment of listening to and speaking with Rich you will not want to miss this opportunity. I think many would declare him "The most interesting man in aquatics!". Richard Ross Richard Ross is known for his“Skeptical Reefkeeping” article series, his groundbreaking work with cephalopod husbandry, his entertaining and informative talks, and for managing the ambitious 212,000 gallon reef tank in the Steinhart Aquarium in the California Academy of Sciences. “It’s so great. I get to work on what interests me in a variety of ways; I write and speak about the practical philosophy of aquarium keeping and animal welfare in the hobby press, and I get to publish in academic journals. I get to practice the fascinating craft of aquarium keeping on a daily basis, as well as participate in various kinds of field work like coral sexual reproduction. Through it all, I have the ongoing challenge and honor of working with incredible species like pygmy seahorses, unique cephalopods, ghost pipefish and more”. Richard was presented with the MASNA Aquarist of the Year award in 2015, and his work has been covered by Scientific American, National Geographic, Penn’s Sunday School, NPR’sScience Friday, Discovery News and Fox News.
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    I'll play along with this one Name: Ryan Sweet Gender: Male Age or Age Range: 41 Twitter/Instagram: Nope Where are you from? Indianapolis (45mins northeast actually, town called Warrington) Type of Tank(s): 75gal mixed reef with a 120 waiting to be setup. 40gal breeder species specific for my Odont mantis Photo(s) of you: Will upload pics later maybe Full Tank Shot(s): Favorite tank pic(s): How long have you been in the hobby? 21yrs salt, appx 1yr fresh What do you like most about the hobby? The challenges of keeping a full biosphere in my home Other pets: 4 hairless cats (3 Sphynx, 1 Donskoy) Other hobbies: Wood working Work: IT Favorite food: Seafood Favorite music: Too wide to name a favorite Favorite movies/shows: Shawshank Redemption, ET, The Office Something else you’d like to share about yourself: I'm classified as an extroverted introvert, so if I talk to you at one point in time then completely ignore you the next time I see you don't take it personal. It's just how my brain works...
  42. 2 points
    Here is a teaser photo of my set up! Excited to host the INDMAS Feb Meeting! Looking forward to hear everybody’s insight how to progress!
  43. 2 points
    My last tank was a 210 with regular glass and now I have a rimless with the same thickness glass but low iron and the difference is very noticeable to me and I would choose low iron if costs are not outrageous. It is probably a hundred or two difference for the front panel to be low iron unless someone is really trying to mark it up.
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    Looking forward to seeing everyone at my house for the Christmas meeting! For those of you that don't know about my tanks I will tell you a little bit here. I have a 34 gal reef tank (LPS mainly) and a 180 FOWLR Tank. The 180 is my "pair" themed tank. Meaning I am stocking the tank with fish that normally pair up in the wild. And some single fish that don't form pairs also. I can explain at the meeting on how I pair them if anyone is interested. Still in the stocking process but so far I have a pair of Interruptus Angelfish, Indian Vegabond Butterflies. Along with a pair of Mocha Clowns, which was a door prize at one of our meetings that one of our very own members bred! My Goldflake/Flagfin hybrid angel recently lost his mate, as well as did my Pakistan Butterfly. (Interruptus Angels can be mean) I have a replacement female for the hybrid angel in QT now along with a Long Nose Black Tang. My QT system will also be up and running for all to see. See you all there!
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    Hi all. The fall season is kicking off, hope everyone is enjoying their fall weather (finally!), football, and pumpkin flavored everything. We wanted to get this months meeting posted to give everyone time to dig through their closets and attics for any used equipment that you may not be using. November’s meeting will be a “Pay it Forward” meeting where we are asking people to bring their misc items that they would be willing to donate to other members to fill those gaps others may have to get that last piece needed for a new setup, QT tank, sump, etc. Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting but only PAID MEMBERS will be eligible to choose items. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. We had a great turn out last year for this. We have lots of new members and hope to have a great turn out. We will also be hosting a Skype meeting with Larry DuPont from LRS (Larry's Reef Services, maker of LRS frozen food). He will be discussing food and nutrition with us. This is definitely a don't miss meeting!! We also have 10 packs of LRS foods to give away as door prizes!! Quick note on courtesy: We will be limiting any person to 2 items until everyone has had their choice. Please don’t be the person who takes good will freebies and goes and sells them. Don’t think that needed to be said for anyone I know in the club but there is sometimes that one person. When: Nov 9th 4:00-6:00 PM Where: Luis's house in Lebanon (Gonzo620) 1727 Jaques Dr Lebanon IN 46052
  47. 2 points
    Thanks Luis for hosting! Thanks to LRS for taking the time to talk to us, and a big thanks to Daniel for setting it all up.
  48. 2 points
    Also, a post from Larry on his FB page. If you aren’t following him it’s a fun read.
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    The tank has had water in it for just under two months and this is what we came up with, please remember I am a terrible photographer. I am still playing around with the lighting and am missing one of the Radians, in for repair or replacement
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