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    So my wifey got me a surprise gift. I love these T-shirts so much. Has anyone else gotten any cool gifts? Here’s a tread to show them off. Post pics of your cool stuff😎
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    Since you do not have corals in the display I would thing the Yellow Coris
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    She should put in a design for the tshirt for the swap next year
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    Reeftrader is up...where is everyone at??
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    The INDMAS Coral Show & Frag Swap (Indianapolis, Indiana) is less than 4 Weeks Away !!!!!!!! Don't Forget tot Request the Day Off if You Work Weekends Saturday, March 14
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    I always bring a couple of these Small Coleman Coolers. To Keep the Corals that I Buy at the Right Temperature. But any Cooler will do.
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    A Few Show Tips for Both Newbies and Veterans 1. Don't Forget Cash. Some Vendors will Take Credit Cards, but Others are Cash Only. 2. Bring a Portable Cooler - to Store the Corals that you Bought In and to Keep them at the Right Temperature. 3. Doors Open at 12:00 Noon and the Swap Ends at 4:00 PM 4. Admission is $5 Kids are FREE too. Having the Exact Amount Helps Things Go Smoother at the Entrance. 5. Please be Patient with Vendors. Please keep in mind time is short and the crowds are large, if a vendor does not have adequate time to answer all of your questions ask for a business card or web address follow up with them at a later date, they are all professional and have great experience with keeping salt water tanks thriving but time is limited. The chaos can be great at these shows. The vendors greatly appreciate your business.
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