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    https://www.mcmaster.com/6680A15 We use these at work. So I’ve managed to bring some home when we have extras. There very very strong. The magnet is sealed off and the strike plate is made of a 600 series stainless steel, helping against rust. They’re expensive but worth it in my opinion. They come in black too. https://www.mcmaster.com/6680a23
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    I agree, since it is already empty I would re-seal it now. Better now while empty versus after the tank is set up, has live rock, fish, and coral that would need to be broken down if a leak developed later. There are plenty of videos on line and many in the club have done this and have experience. I recently resealed a 220G that I was setting up. Probably didn't need it, but it was better to take care of it while it was empty just to be sure. It is a lot of work and you do need to pay attention to the details so that you have a good water tight seal afterwards.
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