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    Hello everyone! So at the January meeting, I had brought up the discussion of moving to a digital membership card for the club. With almost everyone having email, cellphone, computer, and printer, it will make things easier for club members to have the card with them, or if they print it and lose it to get a replacement. I wanted to get some feedback from club members on the current design and idea of this. Attached is a prototype version.
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    I thought I would post pics of some fun new projects I have going on. The gobies and dottybacks are spawning, the angels previously were, the Darwin’s are starting to show signs and the urchins can be spawned at any time. Excited to raise some larvae soon hopefully!
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    I've been here awhile, and I know a few of you from meetings. However I don't get around to meetings as much as I would like too, or my introverted self doesn't reach out to try and get to know you all as much as I would like. So in spirit of learning more about you, and to try and get a little participation going on these forums I'm starting this thread. I hope you all participate in some way or another to not only help me learn more about you, but help others as well. I always feel so lost at the swap or meetings, so maybe this will make us all feel a bit more comfortable. Maybe this will mold into a new chat thread for people that might want to chat about their tanks, the reefing community, and life in general. Name: Gender: Age or Age Range: Twitter/Instagram: Where are you from? Type of Tank(s): Photo(s) of you: Full Tank Shot(s): Favorite tank pic(s): How long have you been in the hobby? What do you like most about the hobby? Other pets: Other hobbies: Work: Favorite food: Favorite music: Favorite movies/shows: Something else you’d like to share about yourself:
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    I personally wouldn’t be concerned with any leaks do to dried up silicone. I had my 180 sit dry in a shed through winter and spring. Then sat at LFS for a bit and the warehouse for who knows how long. On a different note, being a used tank silicone can look torn, frayed, or uneven. Especially black silicone. Personally if I were you, had the time, skill, and confidence to reseal. Do it. I mean you already said you noticed something you didn’t like. Better to fix it now then waiting till it’s stocked and it sticks out at you like a sore thumb. just my opinion
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    Radions would be my suggestion, I run all Hydra HD on my two tanks, but I don't keep high end coral -- I hear they are fine for that though, too.
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    Name: Orlando Clark Gender: male Age or Age Range: 33 Twitter/Instagram: rajilnaja Where are you from? Born in North Carolina, spent my entire adult life in Indy, currently living in the southport area. Type of Tank(s): 80 lps heavy reef Photo(s) of you: Full Tank Shot(s): Favorite tank pic(s): How long have you been in the hobby? 3 years What do you like most about the hobby? The challenge Other pets: just a cat Other hobbies: standard nerd stuff, gaming, comics, reptiles despite not actively housing any at this time, fishing, squatting in modernaquatix Work: I'm a patient access advocate for a drug manufacturer. Short and non NDA breaching answer... when you see those commercials for prescriptions and it says to contact us if you cant afford this drug, I'm the case manager that would assist you. Favorite food: varies, but I also have the palate of a small child. Favorite music: most things, but independent and socially conscious hip hop take the number 1 spot. Favorite movies/shows: currently Jojo's bizarre, I'm in a weird anime phase right now. Something else you’d like to share about yourself: I'm sure I've ran into a lot of you either at the swap or modernaquatix. Despite being the unusual combination of nerd and extrovert, I have yet to make it to a meeting.
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    Congratulations to @PaulS.46122 for designing this years t-shirt. 2 years in a row with the great designs. You also get a free shirt!
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    Announcing the Grand Prize donated by our Platinum Event Sponsor The Grand Prize will consist of an Apex, Trident, with 6 month reagent, a DOS+DDR and an Look for the complete vendor list next. Make sure to get your tax returns filed in time to get your refund by March 14th. You will need it for all the Corals, livestock, dry goods available from our fabulous vendors and of course raffle tickets!
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    Our 2020 frag swap speaker is..... The Indiana Marine Aquarium Society is excited to announce that our 2020 frag swap educational speaker is none other than the legendary Richard Ross!! You will most recently know Rich as one of the duo from the new Skimmate Podcast as well as the Master of Ceremonies for the MACNA banquet. If you have never had the enjoyment of listening to and speaking with Rich you will not want to miss this opportunity. I think many would declare him "The most interesting man in aquatics!". Richard Ross Richard Ross is known for his“Skeptical Reefkeeping” article series, his groundbreaking work with cephalopod husbandry, his entertaining and informative talks, and for managing the ambitious 212,000 gallon reef tank in the Steinhart Aquarium in the California Academy of Sciences. “It’s so great. I get to work on what interests me in a variety of ways; I write and speak about the practical philosophy of aquarium keeping and animal welfare in the hobby press, and I get to publish in academic journals. I get to practice the fascinating craft of aquarium keeping on a daily basis, as well as participate in various kinds of field work like coral sexual reproduction. Through it all, I have the ongoing challenge and honor of working with incredible species like pygmy seahorses, unique cephalopods, ghost pipefish and more”. Richard was presented with the MASNA Aquarist of the Year award in 2015, and his work has been covered by Scientific American, National Geographic, Penn’s Sunday School, NPR’sScience Friday, Discovery News and Fox News.
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    I'll play along with this one Name: Ryan Sweet Gender: Male Age or Age Range: 41 Twitter/Instagram: Nope Where are you from? Indianapolis (45mins northeast actually, town called Warrington) Type of Tank(s): 75gal mixed reef with a 120 waiting to be setup. 40gal breeder species specific for my Odont mantis Photo(s) of you: Will upload pics later maybe Full Tank Shot(s): Favorite tank pic(s): How long have you been in the hobby? 21yrs salt, appx 1yr fresh What do you like most about the hobby? The challenges of keeping a full biosphere in my home Other pets: 4 hairless cats (3 Sphynx, 1 Donskoy) Other hobbies: Wood working Work: IT Favorite food: Seafood Favorite music: Too wide to name a favorite Favorite movies/shows: Shawshank Redemption, ET, The Office Something else you’d like to share about yourself: I'm classified as an extroverted introvert, so if I talk to you at one point in time then completely ignore you the next time I see you don't take it personal. It's just how my brain works...
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    Here is a teaser photo of my set up! Excited to host the INDMAS Feb Meeting! Looking forward to hear everybody’s insight how to progress!
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    INDMAS is pleased to announce that the 2020 Frag Swap will be Saturday March 14th at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds 1900 East Main Street, Danville IN from 12-4 Over the past year the club has been hard at work to bring you one of the top swaps in the Midwest. There are multiple threads in this forum that should answer a lot of your questions. If you do not find it please ask. Returning again as our Platinum Event Sponsor The Reef Platinum Sponsors this year are Reef Hobbyist Magazine and Coral Magazine We will be offering early entry for those attending our speaker session (to be announced) And did I mention fabulous vendors a wide variety of vendors Free frag supplied by the club for new members Free admission for club member otherwise a low $5 for admittance Membership is just $21 a year We will have a fast in admission line for members so if you are thinking about joining or renewing doing so in advance will save you time look for the member thread within this section. (Deadline is Saturday March 7th) Food Truck available I forgot to mention fabulous raffle prizes See everyone on the 14th of March
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    Thanks! I appreciate the offer, but I have enough of the trash cans at this point.
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    Progress Update: Stand came together perfectly with space for the 75gal sump & 23gal rubbermaid ATO reservoir, and is rock solid with the tank in place! Plumbing is next
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    Their Facebook got hacked...Brad is working on getting it revamped
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    Hey everyone so I purchased an oceanic tech 120g this past August, and I’m nearly ready to get it up and cycled. what I’m wondering is 2 fold. First, the tank is used and was leak free a day before I picked it up. I’ve noticed, however, that there is a little bit less silicon on an area of one of the corners. There’s definitely silicon still there, but it is a little less than everywhere else. Part 2, the tank was in my garage for a month before I got it situated in my apartment. But it’s been sitting in my apartment for about 4 months without water. And most likely will be dry for another month or two. I do have a 40b up and running with a few fish that has required top off so the air is not dry. my question is should I be concerned about the seals failing. I’m a member on R2R as well and have read all the horror stories about getting a tank filled only to have a seal fail. I got the DT, 40b, and stand for about a sixth of what a new 120g would cost. I just don’t know if I should be concerned enough to look into resealing the tank or not. thanks!
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    Thanks for the links. Loved the first video about the T5 fixture. Makes me feel better about that purchase.
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    I was openly critical of the higher end lighting choices such as the Radions. I have since upgraded to a deep dimension take where I need the spread of the G4 radions mated with the 24" wide aquatic life T5 hybrid fixture. I cannot even describe the difference in the coloration of the corals, now this was the same coral from my 60 cube now in a 200 gallon plus system so there are a lot of variables. However, these are quality units that have in my opinion really upgraded the lighting quality in my tank. With the T5's here is far less shading and much to my surprise to still get a slight shimmer. I "hotwired" the AL fixture to where I can switch on the two inside or two outside lights, stock setup is the two front or rear bulbs on/off. In this way I can turn on the two outside actinic bulbs on a half hour before and after the radions turn on. Then turn on the coral plus about an hour or so and then ramp the radions up/down throughout the day. AL does now make a dimmable fixture but it is considerably more than the standard fixture and as of two months ago only came in a 12" width. The rewiring of the fixture was not difficult but does void the manufacturers warranty. I followed a youtube tutorial on how to rewire the fixtures. I will link tonight after I get home from work.
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    Name: Ross Winters Gender: Male Age or Age Range: 38 Instagram: Rossmwinters Where are you from? Rushville Indiana Type of Tank(s): 800g Photo(s) of you: Full Tank Shot(s): How long have you been in the hobby? 14 years. (13 years in INDMAS) What do you like most about the hobby? I enjoy the tank build as much as i do the enjoyment of a finished tank. Other pets: 1 Dog Other hobbies: Golf, Snowsking, Bowling Work: Owner - Winters Homes, Custom home building
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    I'm a size medium if this happens. lol
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    That is awesome. I am trying to get my 3d printer leveled out so it prints right. Once it is going, I will be working on some nice prints.
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    Interesting! I’ve always wanted a full scale helmet. I actually finished this guy tonight. . https://imgur.com/a/44mAhwg
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    I am a big fan of stormtroopers as well. I have contemplated printing a whole suit with the 3d printer.
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    My favorite film will always be attack of the clones. But the new series on Disney plus (The Mandalorian) is probably going to take the top spot. I have been a big fan of the bounty hunters and general grievous. As for ranking all the films, it really just depends on what portion of the star wars universe you find yourself interested in. Each movie plays into one another and back fills portions that were missing.
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    Name: Luis Gonzalez Gender: Male Age or Age Range: 32 Twitter/Instagram: @g0nz0620 Where are you from? Well I would have to say I grew up in Lafayette Indiana. I was however born in Massachusetts. Type of Tank(s): 180 Gallon and a 50 Gallon Frag Tank. Photo(s) of you: This is the Gonzalez Posse Full Tank Shot(s): Favorite tank pic(s): How long have you been in the hobby? I’ve been going at it since 2013! What do you like most about the hobby? I like how inexpensive and hassle free it is... Other pets: We have 2 cats. Other hobbies: Work: Sheet Metal Worker Local 20 Favorite food: Love Love Love Chinese Food!! Favorite music: Anything but Country Favorite movies/shows: There are so many movies and show I like. I’ll name a few. Forest Gump, Deadpool, Jurassic Park, Dexter, Law and Order SVU, Handmaids Tale, Walking Dead Game of Thrones. Something else you’d like to share about yourself: 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷
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    I'll get the ball rolling Name: Paul Gender: Male Age or Age Range: 38 Twitter/Instagram: Twitter: @tehSAC Instagram: @tehSAC_reef Where are you from? Danville Type of Tank(s): 10 Gallon Innovative Marine NUVO All In One Cube Photo(s) of you: Full Tank Shot(s): Favorite tank pic(s): How long have you been in the hobby? Saltwater: Just over 3 Years Freshwater: 15 Years What do you like most about the hobby? Anytime I'm around my tank I can relax and feel like I'm in a tropical paradise. Especially on those cold winter days. Other pets: 2 Dogs, 6 cats (not all indoors) Other hobbies: I love to travel from short road trips to international travel. In October my oldest daughter and I traveled to Tokyo Japan and loved every second of it. Itching to get back to explore more. I also love to build plastic model kits and have been getting into Gundam/Star Wars Bandai kits as of late. Other interests are BBQ'ing/Smoking, Coaching Softball, racing, flying drones, and trying new foods/restaurants. Work: I work in the Civil Engineering field, more specifically surveying. I've been working in this field since 2002, but started off in Road and Bridge design. I have dabbled in pretty much every aspect of civil engineering since then, but surveying is something I have found that I enjoy the most. The firm I work for is one of a handful in the state that has the ability to use drones to acquire data for surveying purposes, and I am apart of that team. Flying a drone was never something I thought I could/would do, but it has been very rewarding, and knowing I am one of a few in our state that not only flys but processes the data is a cool feeling. The hardest part of it all was acquiring my license from the FAA. Favorite food: This varies because there are so many amazing foods out there, but if I had to boil it down, Street Tacos or Pineapple. I'm always seeking out new restaurants to try in the city or surrounding states. Favorite music: I have an eclectic taste that varies from week to week. I don’t care for classical or country music. Some of my favorite bands include: Foo Fighters, Motion City Soundtrack, The Story So Far, Knuckle Puck, and Blink 182. Favorite movies/shows: I don't watch a lot of TV, but That 70's Show was always a favorite of mine. I'm more interested in travel vlogs on youtube, documentaries, or anything related to Star Wars. Which in turn is my favorite movie. Something else you’d like to share about yourself: I'm a very introverted person, unless we are discussing something that really interests me, or if I am traveling. I've been described as standoffish or odd in the past, but I just don't do well in groups more than 3-4 people. Unless I am at a race track, coaching, or traveling.. 🤷‍♂️ Once I get to know people I come out of my shell a bit more, so if we have met and I have been quiet this is probably why. I apologize for any feeling of rudeness from me, it was not intentional.
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    I have to give the credit to Mikayla for this design. The great thing about the digital membership card is that we can change up the background picture each year.
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    Progress Update: Panels painted and installed.
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    Email sent to Treasurer address shown above.
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    rhwimmers, how do I get more information on reserving part of a table for a hobbyist for your Frag Swap?
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    I’ll take a 1/2 table. Sending email now. Thanks
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    I renew every year to support the club. Even though I haven’t had a tank set up for a year now I’ll always support the club.
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