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    So Jenn and I have been absent for a while now...and some of you may already know now that we are expecting our first child mid September. We are both very excited. We (I lol) have been working tirelessly on projects around the house the last few months to prepare for our baby boy. Here is one of them that we are proud of. My aunt is an artist and is helping us with a coral reef mural on one wall of the nursery. We are nowhere near done yet but here is a sneak peak of what we wrapped up today....
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    Thought I share a recent full tank shoot here. Making progress to fill the tank..... Over the recent months I battled Dino’s, GHA, and a mild cyano break out, but feel I’m on the right track. Any tips for taking good FTS, beside getting rid of the reflections....
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    TANKBUILD Plan 22g bookshelf. rimless UNS 36x12x12 with the Bathsea 36x18x16 sump Day 1:Moving the little pico into the BRAND NEW 10g frag /QT tank for corals. 10g with UV filter in tank. HOB for carbon and pinky floss and aeration. MP10 in the coral tank for now. ( ordering a little wavemaker for it_.mp10 goes into display... With the help of Luis I was able to seed the frag tank to get it started with a chunk of his LR....and also some extra for the DT sump for some added biodiversity. I got the 36 Bathsea sump from Roush2000. ( NOW the sump is bigger than the DT. LOL) I DIY the stand myself...with 2 holes drilled for the piping.~~ and then I will start the plumbing this week. Fish are holding strong in the little pico for a quick minute while I get the DT plumbed (I am winning against the DINOS. finally...~. Got a good set of frags too from Luis today and some starter rock. I spent a considerable amount of time dipping and cleaning and then I remounted everything I needed too and remounted all mine. I have some really ticked off corals. (mostly zoas that a closed up SUPER tight... BUT~~ now into the frag tank for 30-45 days. ( FWIW. I am on a mission to ONE day I~~~~ frag this 22g reef tank LOL~~~but for now~~~. this si the hospital/ frag tank until the beginning or mid sept ~. THEN they will go into DT. I want to make SURE dino are gone and I have the DT under control. Jeremy at Modern hooked me up with a pretty acan today too Super exciting///. and crazy to swap all this at once. LOL. PHEW. I'm tired~~~ been nothing but fishies for 12 hours today... and I am not done with display. I did get the light bar made last night too. it will hold the 24 inch 4 bulb. ATI T~and then reef LED too to boot. AGAIN. ty Jeremy at Modern... Shawn sold me the aquamaxx skimmer he had~FC-120. and I will bring it online along with the jebao UV sterilizer and then a second MP10 I decided to drill the side and chose a MEDIUM eshopps overflow. WITH luck~ the water line should be 1 inch. which makes the lights at at 11 inch off the water when hanging, The QT tank adopted the 80 tuna blue and controller from the pico and the fish can go ALL NATURAL or use the little baby light I have....for the next day or two. (kitchen has TONS of light for them). and less stress for fishes) CONCERNS<<<< the temps for all the dipping and transfers. etc.... we got down to 75 for a bit... ... the diff in alk and chemistry as a whole for the frags. (but most of luis are opening). ~. my super ticked off zoas arent ~. If i dont lose a couple corals from going nuclear on my pico 4 days ago. ( but it helped with dinos) I would be surpirsed. Luis frags are VERY NICE.. Plan for sump is to grow LOADS of pods~ and I have 2 pod hotels in there. I will have some marine pure block and sponges in the sump too. for. nneede aplications. ( pop up tanks etc..) only have one heater but getting a second and a controller BUT did add a small power head for now with all that nice rock from Luis~and did give them a little MB7 and some phyto toooo. PLAN for QT is WC every other week.. for now... and for 14 days running Prime too heres some snaps. all the nice looking frags are his. LOL Welcome suggestions....
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    Here is on of the recently discovered sump galaxy......who says you can’t combine hobbies....
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    i most certainly do. I love love love the hobby. Here's a couple recent ones
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    I'll agree to both of the above Reef2Reef has good info and would easy access as your time allows. Mike has an awesome system. I don't believe our next Indmas meeting will be until September as the August Frag Swap has being re-scheduled to 2021. The nice part of attending our meetings is that you will see a variety of successful systems and meet folks who have a great deal of experience and sound advice.
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    We got the sunny D's done yesterday...little larger than we wanted but they are nice and bright and look pretty sharp! My aunt will be working on fish the rest of the week...some anthias, candy basslet, helfrichi firefish and a few tangs. Getting there!!
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    Coming around pretty well! Pink gonio looking really cool. Hopefully next week we will have some fish and highlights all done and can touch up baseboards, side walls...get carpet cleaned and bring up the furniture! Long process but looking pretty sweet!
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    You should see if @Mike762 would be willing to have you you over to check his setup out. Probably the most thought out build I’ve seen
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    We added meteor shower cyphastrea yesterday...and are going to do a superman digitata and sunburst montipora to fill in the left side...then a zoa garden trailing down the wall towards the door. Fill in with a few anthias, white tail bristle tooth, and our snowflake clowns Angel and Krusty. Then go in and add some highlights and UV accents and will be ready to move the furniture upstairs. Thanks again to @waldend for the deal on the nursery furniture! A big help and a lifesaver there...thanks bud!
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    Aside from the topics we’ve already communicated on, I was staring at my tank and one of my wrasses jumped out... So, what about a tank cover topic? What’s better? Glass tops, large gap screen covers, DIY vs store bought, etc. Also, how do these covers effect lighting, o2 exchange?
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    I got one today~~~. let's hope he makes the QT... got him from Jeremy. I have the naoku wrasse ~pistol shrimp.~ yellow watch man a barnacle blenny and the starry... I FW dipped them and into the QT they go. ~~`we will see.,,, Dawn
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    Def a starry. It’s the fish that got me started in the hobby many years ago. Some websites label them as eyelash blennies because of the look. They can change colors and patterns slightly because of special cells, so each one can look a little different.
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    Masked gobies are a nice addition but are small so watch the overflow and mouth size of other fish being added. court jester goby if captive bred. They will do much better than wild caught Mated pr of neon goby would be nice,but to keep two they must be a mated pr. barbacle blenny is a nice fish but will hide a bit until established and needs plenty of holes in rockwork to live in. A lid is a must. if adding a mandarin i suggest adding one captive bred. Preferably eating prepared foods. Firefish just watch compatability
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    I learned today that flasher wrasse have a divided pupil allowing them to forage for food while keeping watch for predators.
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    Looks great Jochen! Great selection of fish! In addition to the rock work of course! I'm sure the corals will do great having seen your setup and knowing how well you maintain your tank.
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    Congrats to you and Jen!! Awesome news! Mural looks fantastic. Keep posting pix, I'll use it to help remind me what corals I have in my tank...or at least want in my tank! lol!
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    Thanks! I had Jermey at Modern bring them in for me.
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    vey very nice. I like the aquascape half moon lagoon. very nice..
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    I made an awesome stand off someones idea and it is HUGE and a beast.~~~ let me know if anyone is interested in plan etc... or needs ideas... 50 x 25 by 39. it is so solid... made with 4x4. LOL The original picture and measurement are for a 18 inch wide. I wanted a little wider. I plan to add the lighting hanger for my T5 behind the tank. my tank is a 36 x12 x12. and then maybe the little pico on the end. I also put the brackets to the floor. so I would have more sump room and I added the little cubby shelves. I DO NOT DO WOOD and this was not very hard.... ' forgive the TV and holes. have to patch those and remove the TV. ~~~~ make way for the Corals!!! I do plan to put something in the back of the cubbies so whatever doesnt go perklunk in the sump/.;/
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    Marine spar. SINGLE coat. PERFECTO!!!! Thank you
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    Thank you I am going to attend the meetings for sure. I'm super excited about it and I have been looking at some build threads. and plan to make one here too!!! I think I have a pretty decent idea of how to beging.. but I just wanted to see if anyone was bored And wanted to get out of the house ~~~that's no problem I can always change things of beauty of the~Hobby and the beauty is only having a 22 gallon tank and not a 300 gallon tank so I appreciate you getting back with me I have a 22 gal. longAnd I'm using a 20 gallon longAnd I have to 22 through on theLeft hand and then I'm getting used to hang on the back return.I have a UV Secondary to having this Dino case~~~ I want to make sure that I can kind of possible future and Then I will have about 10 pounds of live rock and then caribsea life rock The live rock will be in the sump and maybe a brick or two of marine pure as well.
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    I really like the arches! Looks great.
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    Just saw this. Hopefully new owner will be better than Petco managed it!
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    I know!! I saw this a couple days after we were talking about them tanking!!! The reef hobbyist/Amazonas magazine company was looking at buying them!! This would be a huge improvement!!!
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    Congrats! Love the mural
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    Congrats "officially"
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    Looking good 👍🏼
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    Congratulations 🎉
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    Looking awesome!!
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    Congrats! My daughter just turned 1 on the 14th. Life is very different but can’t believe we ever lived without her.
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    Methods of waste removal would be interesting. Pros and cons of: Refugium (different types of algaes and setups) Biological filtration (vibrant, biopellets, phosphate RX, nopox, gfo, ect) Skimmers Deep sandbed Water changes Algae scrubbers Aiptasia scrubber (a really bizzar one, but one I have heard rumors about) Filter floss/socks/roller Zeovit and triton methods are also something that can be touched
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    Hello INDMAS members! I am working on developing educational topics for the fall INDMAS meetings. I wanted to open this thread to allow all members to suggest potential educational topics. What do you want to know more about for your reefing? Let me know and I'll get to work! Brian
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    I will never order from them again. Ordered 28 snails a month ago. When i placed my order items were in stock, but when shipped only received one species of snails as i was told the others were out of stock and would ship when they received them. I was told i would receive an email to verify if “ok” to ship second shipment. That didn’t happen, instead I was sent an email my snails shipped (glad I was going to be home). Both shipments arrived by 9:30 a.m. on their scheduled delivery day, but on shipment 2 the majority of the snails were already dead. Followed website acclimation for surviors. Those that were dead were covered by their arrive alive guarantee . Sent photo as instructed on website. Received credit for those snails that arrived dead. The rest were dead the next day and guaranteed for14 days, but when i submitted my second request for credit I didn’t receive a response from them. I reach out several times with no response. I gave up and decided i wouldn’t order from them again. This was my first order as I was in need of snails and one place that had them (supposedly) in stock and would be shipped overnight instead of 1-2 day priority mail. I wanted overnight service so went with liveaquaria. In my opinion their customer service was not top notch and i will never order from them again. Maybe your experience has been different, but my experience was not what I expect. I typically don’t post negative experiences about businesses, but this time I decided to share.
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    Thank you GUYS/GALS.. I am happy to talk geek on this whenever. I love ASTRO
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    Maybe rudimentary - reef chemistry - why are we doing the things we do? I’m sure you covered this in the past but sure a refresher would be reasonable I would be interested in learning more about taxonomy of corals Recently I was start to think if crystal properties of CaCO3 dictates the shape of corals or are they indeed limitless
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    I second lifereef skimmer. Easy to set up and dial in. Depending on space extendable to increase capacity and you can run any pump that meets minimum requirement with it. Works well for me.
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    Welcome! In addition to the up coming frag swap, we have monthly meetings that are usually held on the second Saturday of the month from 4pm to 6pm(but once in a while this may change).The meetings are held at a members house, which is a great way to see other set ups, and there is an educational topic along with door prizes. Check one out if you can.
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    Some of these have been covered in the past and for some these may seem to basic but I thought I would through some ideas out there to get the conversation started. Lighting: pro's and con's of the different types. Sump/Refugium set-ups and best practices Methods for keeping Phosphates in check As Apex continues to gain in popularity; programming your APEX to get the most out of it Water flow in a reef aquarium Sand Using a calcium reactor; pro's and con's and how to set them up correctly Hardware Update to simplify keeping a marine aquarium; automation, ATO's, other system outside of APEX, water testing, leak detection, auto water changes, etc.
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    Fish and coral went in today. Used aquaforest cement to place coral rocks in, a bit of a hassle but seems to have worked well. Tank is still clearing up a bit and have equipment still to finish hooking up and wire management! Then done and time to start adding more!! Thank for your comments guys, if anyone has some radion xr15 or 30s lmk.
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    Mike thank you for hosting - what an incredible setup! Thanks for sharing with us!
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    Hello Everyone, I am sure at some point in time, there has been a time you have tried to renew your membership and had gotten an error that says "you are only allowed to purchase one of this product, and you have already done this". It can be frustrating trying to figure out ho to fix this. Good news is that this can be resolved easily by you. I have put together a quick guide on how to fix this. If you have any further questions, please reach out to me. indmas issue word.doc
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    My husband and I will be there. Rosy
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    I don't know about you all, but I've found a fondness for favia's lately. Here are two of the newest additions. A Yellow Submarine and a Spicy Lemon.
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    I will be there and am looking forward to it. Take care
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    Wow very cool! Sounds like you ha w a pretty good routine down! Welcome to the club and ask away whenever you need anything...good group of guys and gals here. Make sure to keep a look out on here for corals that we post. Nice stuff lurking around with the members!
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