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    Club As we end 2020 and look forward to a better 202one..... I have missed seeing a lot of you in person this year and am hopeful that next year we will start a return to our new normal. While we have many new members this year unfortunately we have had a few leave both the hobby and the club either through relocation or leaving the hobby altogether. One of the great things about our club is the help that we provide each other, always remember to ask and someone in the club usually has experience in what you are dealing with. Never get so discouraged that you decide to leave the hobby take it form someone that lost all of their fish to velvet. Learn from your mistake and always take it slow. We will be posting a sign up for monthly meetings for next year shortly. The January meeting will be at my house but we are moving it back to the 3rd Saturday of January with the hope that our in person limitations will be expanded. We will keep everyone informed and post that sign up shortly A couple of threads that we can all participate in that you will be able to find on the Forums... 1- We are bringing back the tank of the quarter starting the 1st quarter of 2021. Photos submitted between January1st and March 6th and the winner announced at the monthly meeting March 13th 2- Post what you got for Christmas this thread will start today The 202one frag swap will be May 8th at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds. Look for updates as we get them. As always if you have ideas, suggestions or criticism feel free to reach out to me at 317-730-7049, anything to make the club better. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all and a Happy Festivus to the rest of us! Mike
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    The January meeting will be on the 3rd Saturday this month January 16th. Mike -Tank Novice will be hosting and it will run from 4-6 Address is 11809 Langham Crescent Ct Fishers IN Kick off the New Year and check out the 600 gallon setup RSVP below and we hope to see everyone there!
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    Looking forward to seeing the tank after a year of growth. The larger sailfin will also turn 18 in January.
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    I should be there with Amber, unless work schedules change by then
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    I'll try to come also if not working
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    I am planning on coming I have to check my work schedule
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    Club Lets see what you got for your tank this year and put it to good use.
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    I got a new skimmer, new sand and rock. It won't let me post pictures though. Going to start my tank over. Had an invasion of aiptasia that got out of control and other not good stuff. So we will see how it turns out here in the next few months!!!!
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    Merry Christmas Everyone!
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    Just switched to it and love it so far.
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    Made the same mistake! Just my experience not to discourage you, but it took a good month to 2month before chaeto grew again after stop dosing vibrant. The one that was in my Refugium completely melted a month later I added a new ball, with no success either. Only now I see robust macro algae growth. Also if you chaeto is melting it will release all of the nutrients back into the water column. Why did it take that long? Vibrant is mostly a bacterial product, these bacteria will settle and grow on substrate and as such doing water changes will not get rid of them. So they have to run it’s course. My suggestion would be to pull your chaeto and wait a few weeks or a month before reintroducing any macro algae, but it just my two cents.
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