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    I got the tank up and running. So far all is good, no floods. What do you all think?
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    Sean Your brother is in good hands. Having another tank to transfer everything into helps tremendously. By the way did you tell him you will have to stay another year until the tank stabilizes.
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    Picked up a haul of corals, rock, and a new media basket last week. From a local reefer and from Modern Aquatix. I believe I'm dealing with a diatom issue here. I do not get any film on the glass overnight but during the day I do. I have been advised to just keep doing waterchanges and it should pass in time. I also have a couple spots of GHA that I'm going to dab some Hydrogen Peroxide on during my next water change. Hopefully that will kill it off. I'm running chemi-pure blue in my media basket, but I have also added some carbon and phosphate pads in the basket to try and combat this issue. Lost by beautiful ORA birdsnest last week too. Accidentally dropped it onto the hammer coral over the weekend and was going to frag off the good pieces, but it was gone before I got home the next day. Dang bummer as it was beautiful, but it is what it is I guess. I've also lost the Red Digi that was growing so well. Not sure what happened with it, but I'm going to try one more time with a bubblegum digi eventually. Well here are a couple newer photos of the tank. I've placed the corals and also put in some more rock. The new rock and gives me a little more room to add a few more corals in the future. Oh and here is an updated coral list: Yellow Hammer (meshed into a green 🤷‍♂️ ) Splatter Hammer Date Night Paly's Cornbred Rainbow Infusion Paly's Rasta Zoa Fruit Loop Zoa Gorilla Nipple Zoa’s Scrambled Egg's Zoa's JF Fairy Tale Zoa's Utter Chaos Zoa's Rainbow Incinerator Zoa's Purple Rhodactus Mushroom Green/Purple Rhodactus Mushroom Pink/Purple Yuma Mushroom Candy Cane Coral Colony Purple Gorgs Pink Blasto Jack-O-Lantern Lepto Bejewled Favia Unnamed Yellow Favia Tyree Neon Green Toadstool (Long Polyp) Neon Green GSP Grim Reaper Torch Rainbow Clove Polyps Kedds Reds Zoas Nirvana Paly Gobstopper Paly Mandarin Orange Zoa Grandis Paly Yellow Submarine Favia
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    Dry plumbing done yesterday on the trigger emerald sump! Everything worked pretty well, except i was hoping to make space for three lines on the return for the manifold, only had space for two. Lmk what u think, before i glue it all in
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    Mr. & Mrs. Puffdragon plans to be there.
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    Thanks. Not full enough yet. The plan was to upgrade, but I cannot find the tank I want to upgrade to, so this will continue to be the path I am on. Its been up for 3.5 years, so whats another 3.5, right?
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    Awesome! Looking forward to coming to this meeting. I'll have to polish up on my axe throwing (lack of) skills.😀 Count me in!
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    Craig and Connie Great time as always Thank You for hosting!
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    Big thank you to Craig and Connie (Candy, Lol) for hosting. Beautiful house, Amber loved your flowers, I loved the tank. The food was great and the company was pretty alright too.
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    I hope he is on the mend and feeling well soon. Hope to see you at the July meeting.
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    @cmrun Thank you to you and your wife for hosting the summer social! Great tank and house! It was nice to see everybody who attended!!!
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    After surveying responses, I’ll bring a fruit tray.
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    Myself, brother and 2 boys will be there. We are bringing some chili and chips
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    I am going to attend +1.
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    This is my sump. It is a 100 gallon Rubbermaid farm tub. I can use it if I have a major catastrophic failure in my display tank
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    This is a 75 gallon I have in the basement I tied it into my system. My new 240 is still sitting in the back of my pickup. I'll have enough guys over this weekend to get it in the house.
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    My husband and I plan to attend and I'll bring a tabouli salad. Rosy
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    I will be there with Dawn Bullock with potato salad.
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    If you just did a water change and parameters seemed in line for alk, calc...etc then i would be your source water has changed and RODI is not getting everything out. Bummer to see, been there done that......hate to say. Its been a few weeks, hows it looking?
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    I should be there. Mikayla has photo sessions all weekend and kids will be at grandparents
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    Only one week until the summer social Who else is coming! Ryan - taxman is always a favorite
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    Changing my screen name here to Jeremy Wade
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