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    We are excited to host. My mom is making it covid safe. We will be setup for the swap and food on the patio. All the food is individually wrapped and drinks in coolers outside. We will have beer, pop and water. The food is subs, chips and cookies. My tank is doing so so right now so I'd always love suggestions. My mom said masks on in the house. We have a lot of tables and chairs for outside. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
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    Hi All, Just thought I share my Retro Frag Swap Haul form last weekend (all the coral’s on the frag rack - minus the dragon soul Favia). Puffdragon couldn’t make it but was nice enough to meet up with me on Monday in Indy to make up for the frag swap miss. Thanks again to all attendees and Eric for hosting....
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    Finally had a little time and got a new image completed... This is NGC 7129 This is a little over 11 hours and does need more but I am pretty happy with results. Such a soft and subtle target. hope you love it!
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    Sure here is mine. Bought a kitchen cabinet, put wheels under it, took the back off and put a board inside and mounted controllers on front and cords on back side. Put a magnet on back so I can remove if needed.
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    A current Top Down shot.
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    The September meeting will be on Saturday September 12th and is the annual retro frag swap. The retro frag swap is no tanks/no lights/no heaters old school- just frags in coolers to buy sell and trade. I have posted this on reeftrader (https://www.reeftrader.com/ ) as well. With COVID there are a couple of changes to this one.... Members only and everyone must have a mask (No exceptions) Our host is Eric (ericreefer05) The club greatly appreciates Eric and his family hosting. The address is 11541 Buckskin Drive Zionsville IN 46077 Time is 4pm to 6pm We do request RSVP in this thread so we have a handle on the number of attendees. I will be there, Mike
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    I used Dr. Tim's cycle process with new unseeded rock. The sand was "live" sand. I used Dr. Tim's One and Only, MicroBacter7, and Prodibio Digest as the bacteria additives. It still took a solid 3-4 weeks to get through all the peaks and valleys of ammonia, nitrates and nitrites. I can not tell you anything about the tanks that are setup in a day. All I can tell you is take the cycle stage slow and steady as that is the most important part to a solid tank. Test daily for ammonia and nitrites until you have that under control and then start on the perimeters. I documented my cycle on reef2reef.com Here is the link: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/cycling-levels.544637/ and also https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/cycling-new-tank.537812/
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    Looking good man! Keep it rolling!
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    My Daddy and me.... We are making the board after the awesome model on youtube that has gray interior and orange bottom and black extrerior with a few modifications. I have a 30 wide by 16 deep by 37 inch tall cabinet we are making and insetting the back by 8 inches ( Basically~ making an "I" shape to allow for me to mount my cabling on the back side ( still away from the sump etc. it will snuggle right under the lip of my stand facing outward to cover the ugly side of the stand. I will be mounting 2 alarm lights on the side though that will be programmed. ~yellow non audible for warnings like low ato ~low alk ~ low ph ~ low temp etc, and red audible for OMG the tank is falling apart. LOL.. i have a Break out box I got on etsy that has feed mode button maintenance mode and a third I will program for lighting for photography. etc. and a KILL switch for anything drastic that I will program to kill every single thing. (incase of fire etc.). Im super excited. I got the lunar module. ( love that moon). and the WXM module for my pumps. Ordering the pm2 to allow for another breakoutbox for the floats and door switches etc. I hope this works as good as it can be. so far so good. dad drilled on set of holes an 1/8 of an inch lower than the other. I tol him. "no biggie. it adds character". who like that perfectly level crap anyways. LOL. its coming along great though!!!!
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    I went to my local kroger to get a nice german Kolsch beer but they didn’t have much selection and then i saw some new Taxman brews that peaked my curiosity! They are both delightful 😅! Thanks Ryan and your crew! You guys Never disappoint!
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    Thanks Bob! I’m very excited getting them into their more permanent place soon!
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    still have to trim the top bottom and sides. apply the LED; apply the orange hole covers. Apply the 6 shelves in the back to hold onto the power bricks etc. and then marine spar and apply the apex stuff. SO excited!!
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    All, we have had a family emergency come up and will not be able to make it. I can try to meet the two people who reserved coral Monday. I have an appointment in Indy.
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    I will take the orange turtle earrings for Jenn! Nice stuff here everyone. Scarlet made us a custom Colts baby jersey onesy and a bandana for our dog Niko. Reach out to her for anything custom even if you don't see it here. Thanks again Scarlet and Alan "the Bedazzler"!
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    Guess you are gonna win the 80 gal build contest. Btw I will be parting with one of my carib sea arches. Can either send you a pick of the two i have or bring both of them with me when i pick up my goods.
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    Reeftrader and the forums both have frags listed for Saturday check them out. Anyone else attending and or bringing frags with them?
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    I use a mono camera with filters to capture the specific colors. I shoot with limited moon for this type of an image. I LVOE dark sites are we go once a year atleast. and it is HUGE difference. like 1/8 the time needed for same quality///. for moon nights i shoot narrowband. the reds. or the bright orange/ blue etc colors you see. that is a bandlength of 3-5 nm only its a really cool hobby
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    Nice progress here! Hope it will turn out the way you want it.....
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    Dug up an old forum Rosy 😉
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    Not sure but,I think you may have reached your size limit. The size limit is for all photos in the post not each photo, so you may have to resize the ones already posted. That might give you the ability to post more pictures. I could be wrong though. Maybe @rhwimmers or @tanknovice can help.
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    Hello, We are new to the group. We have tried to make the last 2 events and something always comes up so hopefully we will be there this time. So count me and my other reefing buddy in. Looking forward to meeting you guys. Greg Depinet
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    My NUVO 10 was started with live rock and some live bacteria. It worked, but I still lost fish in the beginning. Personally for me, in the future if I ever start up a tank again, it would go through a full natural cycle. Rushing in this hobby isn't a great idea in my honest opinion. Also if you get in the habit doing 2 gallon waterchanges weekly, you don't need a skimmer. Save that money for frags!
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    Like your colors for the plumbing. That's going to look really cool!
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    Looking good D. One slick stand and Bashsea!
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    You will definitely like the additional space Equipment list looks good 80 gallon with 1st little one start planning the 125 with the second one LOL
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    We got the sunny D's done yesterday...little larger than we wanted but they are nice and bright and look pretty sharp! My aunt will be working on fish the rest of the week...some anthias, candy basslet, helfrichi firefish and a few tangs. Getting there!!
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    Looks great! Love the rock work. Very well done!
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    Thank you both! That is what I hear. Both excited...my body keeps waking me up earlier and earlier and I can't get back to sleep. Maybe someone is trying to prepare me to be a zombie when I'm actually trying to rest
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    Congrats! My daughter just turned 1 on the 14th. Life is very different but can’t believe we ever lived without her.
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    A cooler works great or styrofoam box of some kind. Maybe a heat pack if you can find them. Walmart often has some, the hand warmer kind is what I've gotten from them before.
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    I renewed because I want to support my local reefing club. I’ve also made new friends and would love to meet more members in the future.
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