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Starting from scratch


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Greetings all,


Long time lurker thinking about stating up a reef tank. Maybe even a species-specific tank revolving around a Stomatopod. Anyone have any tips or suggestions?







Enough of that... dropped off the reef hard a few years back, but as always seems to be the case I've got the itch again. Thought I'd start by coming in here and seeing if anybody I knew might still be in active (and/or remember me)?


Gonna start slow and small, but know how it'll end up eventually. Also feeling a little nostalgic (for the "good old days") and guilty (for fading into the shadows so quickly when I did).


Hope all is well and glad to see this place still standing. :D


More catching up later, have lots of reading and planning yet to catch up on.





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Good to be "back." I have a lot of research and spending to do before I'm actually back though. Still good to be thinking about it again. *grin*


ps - who do I get dues to these days?


Are you thinking about doing a 75 gal again, or something different?


There's a paypal link under the "Subscriptions" button at the top of the page. If you'd rather not use Paypal, let me know and I'll provide you with a mailing address.

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Thanks for the "Subscriptions" tip (I figured it out after posting, but assumed that was for topics I was subscribed to - LOL). All paid up and ready to spend money on tanks/water/stuff.


Starting small... need to stay mobile for the time being. Looking to start in something long and deep. Was originally planning another 10g mantis tank, but may step that plan up to a 20L. Still formulating a plan.

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So are LED banks the new metal halides?


They are a nice alternative at least. ;) I have a couple customers that have been using the reefbrites for over a year now with great results. I know my future purchases will most likely be LED, not halide. Hard part is which way to go, DIY, or turnkey with a warranty. ;)

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