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The Abyss


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Just a few miles off of 465 taking the Binford Blvd exit from the northwest...


I believe they're on 65th? There is a gas station and a lawn and garden place on the left, turning left (again, coming from 465.)


Corporate office is right down the road. I will just move in there if they keep talking of transfering me to Indyl...


Great fish and great guys, really. Always willing to help and always pleasant to chat with. :)

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the abyss is about 50/50. Some things are priced "normal" and others are pretty high. I once saw a regular 3-stripe damsel about the size of a quarter in there for $15.... Thats a bit extreme, quarintine or not. there are a few other questionable things like a watchman goby and pistol shrimp pair for around $75...


Oh well...guess its just like any other shop, some things are going to be more expensive..."just because" and others will be normal priced.


They do get some good looking fish and and some rare ones at that.



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Why not get a fish that is healthy and cheaper at a better price.I bought

a yellow bar angel from them a the damn thing just died in 3 days.After

hearing that they quarintine there fish I have had saltwater fish that have

been alive for 8 years.I dont care for them, after you spend 150 dollars

on a fish and watch it die, fun fun fun.I know sometimes fish just die,but

for a place that thrives on saying their better than other stores, They

shouldn't die that damn fast or say their better than other places............. :evil:

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I think a lot of it, too, is what diseases are running rampant in your tank? If everything in your tank has been quarantined and healthy, and you add another quanantined and healthy fish, unless it dies simply of stress you're OK.


But if you have dormany parasites running around, a new fish could contract them, and then you're just....outta luck.

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Bringing back an older thread, but are the Abyss's hours still 10-6 on Saturdays? I'd check the website, but it appears it's gone, and I'm just too lazy to call. I'm planning on dropping by before the meeting tomorrow depending on when they're open.

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