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That may work too. I have a few things lined up for my plastic welder as soon as it is locateddry.gif Dont remember if it is borrowed or me putting it where I wouldnt forget where it was atblush.gif . If your glue doesnt work and I find the welder, I would be happy to take a crack at it and see if it can be fixed.

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So Matt had a fantastic idea last night. The nob where the impeller head sits on was also worn down from the head spinning in place.


Instead of putting the WeldOn 16 on the crack on the head of the impeller, he decided to smear a bunch of the stuff around the nobby thing and to shove the impeller head on. We then zip tied it to give it a solid contact.


It should be cured as of today, so we'll see what happens when I get home and put the sucker back together. It probably won't work, but again... it can't hurt anymore than the poor pump already is! :)

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