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dream tank reared fish

trying to decide what to try next  

20 members have voted

  1. 1. If you could have any fish tank raised what would it be?

    • dwarf angelfish
    • fairy wrasses
    • rare/unusual clownfish
    • royal gramma/ blackcap basslet
    • yellowhead jawfish
    • wrasse bass
    • yellow watchman goby
    • flame hawkfish
    • other - post below

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So I have had some success with clownfish breeding and have designed a broodstock and larval systems that will allow me to experiment with other species. I want to know what reefers would want to see bred. I excluded those species which need tons of room to spawn - tangs, large angels, butterfly fish, etc. Some of the fish listed would be real longshots, never been done before - but perhaps still worth a try.


We can always dream,



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Neon Gobies!


I always see these fish on dives and they are very cool.

I would have 10 of them if it wasnt for the cost.

I never understood why these guys are 20-40 dollars and a (red) firefish / dartfish is 9.99.


The yellow striped ones are very cool too. I have been tempted several times to pick up a pair of ORA yellow striped.


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I think it would be cool to do the blue mandarins. I know it's no longer ground breaking but they are beautiful fish and the survival rates of the wild are so dismal. From what I have read they would be quite a challenge.

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