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Were to fill up my co2 tank


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Thanks Katrina, so do they have to keep the tank overnight or do they fill it and give it back when you are there, sorry never filled one before : )


Hey Luke: I go to Indiana Oxygen at 71st st. on the NW side. I do an exchange program, they take my tank and bring me a new one already filled. It is 13.64 for a 5 gallon tank. That may work if your willing to part with the one you have. Otherwise i think you can wait and have them fill it for you. Take care, Mike

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Ahh, its like propane tank exchanging! Awesome! Thanks for the info everyone, much easier than i thought it was going to be : )


OR they will fill your tank while you wait as well. only takes about 5 minutes or so. quick and easy.

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