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Okay, to help get the ball rolling for 2009...


Who is willing to host a meeting next year? You need not have to be the speaker, we are just looking for a place to crash for a few hours!


Even if you do not have a tank setup yet or you believe your tank doesn't look great or you think the Tang Police are going to get you or you just think Btuck smells funny and you don't want him on your couch doesn't mean we cannot have fun and talk aquariums!!!


We only have 10 slots that have to be filled for next year, and they may go fast. Let us know if you are willing to host, and if you are more particular, which month you would like to host! First come, first serve!


April and December are already Taken!

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We'd be happy to host. I'm just concerned about space. We live in a 1000 sf apt. If you think that would be too crowded for an average turnout, I won't be offended. I'm just trying to picture 10+ people in my little living room and it scares me a bit, lol!


I think we did fine in my apartment, although seating was a little on the thin side


BYOC baby!

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Okay, Here is what we have so far!


January 10th- Old Salt


February 14th- ScottDL99


March 14th- MrsBugMaster


April 11th- Frag Swap


May 9th- BoothnBrennan


June 13th- BStone


July 11th- Summer Social (BTUCK are you still hosting this one??)


August 8th- OPEN


September 12- Mothergoose


October 10th- Club Auction


November 14th- MBrown322


December 12th- Holiday Social (NaH20 are you still hosting?)


Of the open dates, I have 3 people that have stated their willingness to host, these are (in no particular order) Willy, MBrown, and Reefyguy.


August is an open date still, first to respond gets the date! Thanks folks, looks to be a fun year! - Andy

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