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My 60 Gal Reef

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Lookin' good SugarFysh.


Let us know when you make it down to Indy and if you need any help moving or setting up your tank.


There's lots of guys (and gals) here that will do just about anything for a beer or two. 8O

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Well TYVM Scott! That would be a great way to break the ice with with my local reefers!! I will need help setting up the 180 since Ive never set up a sump before. So Im holding you to it when I make the move :D Were actually coming down day after tomorrow for job interviews and going to the zoo to set up wedding stuff.

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Your KIDDING?? I just applied for a job as an aquarist at the Indy zoo! I havent heard back from them yet. Wonder if he will be there tomorrow and I can make introductions? Yeah were going tomorrow and checking out the Dolphin Room for the wedding and reception! My fiance' has an interview with the Attorney Generals Office there in Indy. Anyone in the club from there? LOL!

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Too funny.


Not sure if Andy is working tomorrow or not.


I'm not aware of anybody from INDMAS working for the AG, but maybe.


The Dolphin Room for a wedding/reception would be sweet. With the dolphins swimming around overheard, that would be a killer time.


Hope everything works out for you guys while your here.

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