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Number one is to keep parameters consistent 

Nitrates and phosphates low

alk/calc amd Mag in line 

If your parameters start getting out of line the stony corals will be the 1st to show

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My first suggestion would be to drop the fancy names and learn the scientific ones. SPS (small polyp stony) corals are a bit more sensitive to parameter changes and will show that much more quickly than LPS (large polyp stony), and soft coral (mushrooms, leathers, etc without a calcium based skeleton). There are a lot of hobbyists who keep SPS successfully by keeping up with water changes and testing weekly, but you want to make sure things in your tank are very consistent and don’t chase the “perfect numbers”. Consistency is (IMO) much more important. 
Definitely do some research on the different types of SPS and the care they require. Then start looking at the different ones local shops and hobbyists keep successfully. Also realize that just because someone is successful in keeping certain fancy named corals doesn’t always mean they’ll look the same in your tank. Water parameters and lighting will change an SPS from one tank to the next. 

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