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Tank Giveaway!


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My barber has a 150 gallon tank that he never got around to setting up. He overheard me talking about INDMAS and said that he is happy to donate the tank to us as long as we are able to get it out of his basement. He is older and no longer wants to put the time and effort into it. He lives on the north side in Fishers.

*NOTE* it is a 4 ft tank so relatively tall. It is also not drilled, so not reef ready right now. I have included pictures here.

I spoke with Mike and Doug and we all agree that we would love for someone in the group to have it, if they can use it.

Please let us know if you are interested. If so you must:

-Need the tank and plan to set it up, aka not take it just to sell it 

-Be willing and able to move the tank from his basement to your home. This includes rounding up some people to help. I am happy to help move it as well. 

Happy to help someone in the group and Happy Reefing!







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