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2023 Meeting Host


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We are looking for meeting hosts for next year for all months except March which will be the frag swap. The meeting date is the second Saturday of the month

January 14th                                                    Tanknovice

February 11th                                                   Ross  Rhimmers

March 11th             INDMAS FRAG SWAP

April 8th  New member welcome                   Petesfolley

May 13th                                                          CoralBeauty and Reef addict

June 10th   Summer Social                            Amanda Mrs bugmaster

July 8th                                                           Puffdragon

August 12th                                                     Gonzo620

September 9th  Retro Frag Swap                 DDuerloo and redfish

October 14th      Board Elections                   Kyle079

November 11th                                                Reefnfun

December 9th      Holiday get together        Tryfin


Backup  Mike762

Please volunteer below, Note the September meeting is the retro frag swap and the December meeting is the holiday party

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