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Tank upgrade/need advise

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So I decided to keep my Interruptions Angelfish, since I can’t sell it for what I paid for it. And plan to upgrade my tank. I hope that will help with his aggression and also plan to add more larger angels. It will be 3 to 4 months before this happens. Need to save some more money!! 

I’ve decided on a Planet Aquarium tank, stand and canopy. (So, yes my current 180 tank w/ stand & canopy will be for sale at that point) First though  I need some advice on the new tank. I really want their 270 gallon 84” x 30” x 25”, external  overflow, bean animal,  but due to cost have to keep my current sump, return pump and skimmer and was wondering if what I currently have will be big enough for this size tank. 
Current equipment:

Return pump: Royal Exclusive Red Dragon 80 watts, 2113 gph/17 feet pressure height. 

Sump: Bashsea  Signature Series 48” x 15” x 16”with 3 - 1 1/2” drains.

Skimmer: ReefOctopus Elite 200 INT, rated at : heavy bio load -125 gal, medium -210 gal, light-300 gal  

My biggest concern I think is the skimmer. It may be too undersized. But I will also have the following to implement if needed for nutrient control, a fuge with Cheato, Auto Turf Scrubber, GFO Reactor, and a bio pellet reactor(which I still need to buy) 

So wondering if anyone can tell me if my current equipment will work on the 270 gallon tank. Otherwise I will have to go with a 220 gallon 84x24x25






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It matters on how much you feed and what light you use for the refugium. If you get the kessil grow light or a really good ufo grow light, it should be fine having a smaller skimmer. If you are also running the algae turf scrubber on top of the refugium, it will definitely be fine. Your sump flow rate typically should be 5-10x mainly to keep your tank temperature stable. Most of your flow should come from powerheads/wavemakers.


It is also always better to have an underpowered skimmer than an overpowered one. An overpowered one will not work right and won't filter out much if you cannot control it's flow rate. The air to waste ratio will be too high. BRS did a wonderful video on this. Worst case with the smaller skimmer, you will just need biopellets and GFO to make up (which, you shouldn't really need because of the turf scrubber and refugium).

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