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October Meeting 2022

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The October meeting will be On Saturday October 8th 2022 and will be held at Modern Aquatix 5508 Elmwood Ave Indianapolis IN 46203

There will be a special shopping hour at 3pm for INDMAS members only prior to the official meeting which will have 20% off livestock.

The official meeting will be from 4-6 pm

The October meeting is also the election of officers so all members should plan on attending. Check out the nomination thread for candidates or to nominate candidates

There will be no sales during the meeting only prior to the meeting.


Hope to see everyone there! Please RSVP 

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Thanks Jeremy for having us over. As other reef clubs seem to be going by the wayside we are still vibrant. I believe we have a good slate of new officers and I am optimistic the club will continue to thrive. Mr. Miller, you did an excellent job being our leader. it was good to see all of you on Saturday.  Personally I am really glad that I picked the reefing hobby. It is a complete pain in the butt but I love it. If patience is a learned virtue, this hobby will teach you very well. You must possess the willingness to just flush money down the toilet, then get up and do it again.  I really enjoy talking to you guys to get ideas on what is working for you and what you are doing Take care, Mike 

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