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My favorite coral


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This is my favorite coral. Some of it is green and some of it is yellow. I don't take good pictures but it's really cool. I bought it at modern. Jeremy told me a guy named Myles was leaving the industry. This was called Orchid Corals Hologram I got his main colony so they're probably not much of it out there. It grows very well. Take care


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Love this thread! Can’t say I have an all time favorite but right now I’m digging Gonis! I picked this frag up in Kentucky June of 2021. We were on a weekend anniversary trip and on the way back home, we stopped at a local reefers home I had previously purchased from on reef2reef. This Goni is definitely my current favorite. EAABDCA6-3DB0-48C7-BE3E-A8AB434C2016.thumb.jpeg.2c4d240cf557cf84e3354c9d12eea8c7.jpeg1D8EA381-F6EB-4343-8319-78B94BD3ECFF.thumb.jpeg.1fc6daeb5562bf2763ebcca3291161bb.jpeg

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