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INDMAS Board positions


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INDMAS is the largest saltwater aquarium club operating in Indiana. A lot of the other clubs around the state are no longer operating while our club is succeeding due to our members and the participation that we have. I will not be running for President this year as I firmly believe that after 4 years it is time for someone else to not only build upon what has been accomplished but bring innovative ideas to the club so we can continue to grow and thrive. 


Want to Give Back?

INDMAS is a great reefing community that offers tons of resources for us to keep our piece of the ocean looking at its best.  But all of those resources are carefully and diligently planned out by the volunteers on our Board of Directors.  This year we have a few positions that will be open to take office on November 1st.  These are all one year terms...and the nominations are currently open

1 Year Terms:

Membership – 

Commerce – 

Education – 

These are all the two year terms positions open, and the nominations are currently open 

2 Year Terms:

INDMAS President – 


Responsibilities of the officers can be found here: http://indmas.org/main/index.php/topic/1203-duties-and-responsibilities-of-elected-positions/ 

 2023 Frag Swap Commerce Committee

Don't think you have enough time to swing a Staff position?  The INDMAS Frag Swap is a big undertaking and planning for the March 2023 event will start in November.  The Commerce Committee is responsible for helping solicit those awesome raffles that you see near the stage every year!  They are a pivotal position and work directly with the Commerce Chair to ensure a great fundraiser for the club.  How can you help give back to the club and the reefing community?  I'm glad you asked!  Email for more information to see if this is a good fit for you:  [email protected]

Thank you all for reading this extended nomination post and I hope to meet each and every one of you that I don't know already,  yet this year.  I hope all of your reefs are flourishing and I have given you all something to think about regarding the future of our reefs.  You can all help be a part of the solution!

Nominations are open until the October meeting on 10/8/2022 and at the meeting we will vote for the new board positions. 

If any one wants to find out more please reach out to me at 317 730 7049

Mike Miller

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