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Hi again all.  Back from the reef-less place again, kind of. This is my work showcase tank. Started this in March of 2021 on the first day of my new job; after a drastic change of direction in my career path.

At it's core it is a FluvalSEA EVO 13.5 with the standard filtration block in chamber 2, the FluvalSEA PS2 Mini Protein Skimmer (replaced 3 times due to pump failures) in chamber 1. The circulation pump and heater occupy chamber 3 and both have been upgraded from the recommended specs for more constant/reliable temperature regulation and more flow respectively. An old-skool deep sandbed wasn't really practical with the given space, so I tried my best to get a really well populated 2-3 inches (with bugs from as many different places as I could managed and using two varieties of pre-packaged live-sand for the base.

Corals consists of donated frags from regular customers along the way, some frugal rescues of stressed/damaged frags, and cherry-picked favorites purchased from Petco (Bloomington Magnet Store), Tidal Gardens (online), and most recently Modern Aquatics (Stellar corals there!). Personal highlights include:
- a branch of "Tracy Morgan" gorgonian (center-stage on the sand)
- a nuclear candy cane (bottom-left on the rock base)
- some Bam-bam zoas (middle-right behind some C. prolifera)
- a recovering-from-brown-out rainbow monti (top-center behind the "E" in "GREAT").

I'm a plant-hoarder at heart, so there are also 3 varieties of Caulerpa sp., Codium sp. mounds, Gracilaria.

Fish are limited to:
- Koumansetta rainfordi "court jester" or "Rainfordi" gobies (2)
- Stonogobiops yasha "Yasha gobies" (2)
- Elacatinus multifasciatus "green-banded gobies" (2)
- Acanthemblemaria hastingsi "cortez blenny" (1; received as a panamic barnacle blenny)

Because I'm me, the fish are pretty secondary to the inverts which include: 
- Fire cleaner shrimp (1) 
- Red-banded pistol shrimp (2; paired symbiotically, one each with the Yasha gobies)
- Pom-pom crabs; with pom-poms! (3)
- Sexy shrimp (6)
- Bumblebee shrimp (2)
- porcelain crab, white with brown spots; filter feeder (1)
- anemone crab, green-brown with teal highlights; filter feeder (1)
- Bumblebee snails (5)
- Nerite snails (3)
- Stomatella snails (many)
- Collonista snails (many)
- Asterina stars (many)
- Brittle micro stars (several)

Good to be back.

Scott "Densityman" Chevalier


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