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New member, looking for help for anemone


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Hello, everybody, just got to the hobby,so everything is new to me.

My BTA anemone has act so strange these days, it puffed  and swelled up  so big in the daytime, I always worry it will blow up.Then, it shrinks every evening and discharge those dark red stuff. I didn’t feed any food, the clownfish maybe drop some food for him. 

Anemone’s mouth  loosely closed in the morning,  will get more tight during the day. Foot attached the rock.  It’s in my tank only 1 and half month. 
20 gallon, 77-78 temp, KH:10, ca: 380, no3: below 5, po4: 0, ph: 8 

Trying to find answer online, didn’t have any luck, I heard Indmas from Scott in FB . 

I hope get some helps here. 

thank you 



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From the picture it looks fine. 


It is normal for an anemone to shrink in the evening and grow larger during the day. Parameters are fine. If not dropping tentacles it should be fine.


Do not overfeed the tank the clown will feed the anemone.



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