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We are needing volunteers for the swap as we cannot run this without you the members these are the slots needed:


Friday Setup   time 4-7    setup event and help those coming in Friday unload

MikeM JBJ craig  Doug 

Saturday 7am -11am   vendors set up 

JBJ MikeD MikeM Drumscott Maddie Craig Luis Blowfish Bob shawk

Saturday  Speaker  Room 10-12 

Susan Wlliams Rosie

Front Door Sat  two shifts     

10-1   Ben, Hector Susie Nano Amber

1-3  Ben Susie William Drumscott

Raffle 11:30-4 

Deb, Marcia and Rosie Bob

Tear down everyone  4-5

Mike D Drumscott Ryan Craig Mike Bob 

Thank You all for helping out 

Thank You 

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Mike, Ill be there for set up Friday, set up and tear-down on Sat. (at my table during the swap). Large shirt.


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I would like to attend the lecture and help after the talk till 4:00. (I esp. like to help watching over the raffle prizes.)  If it is not too late, I take a small men's tee shirt or a medium ladies.

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