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2022 Meeting sign up


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The monthly meetings are an integral part of the club and are a great opportunity to share the knowledge that you have picked up along the way.

Please reply below if you can host one of the meetings and we will update this as we go.

Month  date and theme                        Screen name                    Name

January  1/15                                         Tank Novice                      Mike Miller

February 2/5                                       Rhwimers                             Ross

March 3/12                                           Petes Folley                      Bob Myers

April  NONE   2022 INDMAS FRAG SWAP April 2, 2022

May    5/14                                                                                     Mike Duffy

June 6/11  Summer Social                  CMRUN                            Craig

July  7/9                                               Puffdragon                      Alan

August 8/13                                        Gonzo                                Luis G

September Retro Frag Swap 9/17     Dueleroo and Redfish    Doug and Cheryl

October Board Elections 10/8

November Pay it Forward 11/12

December Holiday Party  12/10         Tryfin                                Bill


Please feel free to reach out with any questions


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