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2021 Holiday Party

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Club, its that time of year again, sick kids, head colds, flu, shoveling snow, scraping windows without gloves... er, wait, I mean it's the 2021 INDMAS Holiday Party!!!    This is the event that makes those other things bearable!    

As part of the festivities we will be having a White Beluga gift exchange.  This is optional participation and gifts should be no more than $25 and the gift should be saltwater related.  Its always a lot of fun!  

We will also be having a food pitch-in.  In the RSVP reply that you are attending please put what you are bringing so others will know.

Let's show a great turnout this month club.  See you all there!


When:  December 4, 2021  5pm to 7pm or until Bill kicks us out, whichever is later.  Please note the date and time

Where: Bill's House  Tryfin  

7619 Dartmouth Road Indianapolis, IN 46260

Check out Bill's tank and see what makes this one run. It has been a couple of years  since the club has seen this set up and Bill went through a complete rebuild!

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I hate to do this, but I will have to back out.   I need to go down and help my Parent's on Saturday and I am not sure when I will be back.  So, my apologies.  I feel bad for the late notice.  I will most definitely try and make the meeting in January....


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Thanks for hosting Bill!  Tank looks incredible and your holiday decorations were awesome as well!  Hope everyone has a happy holiday season.  We'll see everyone in January for the next meeting at Mike's place (TankNovice).

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