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November 202ONE Meeting

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The November meeting will be at Luis's (Gonzo620) home at 1727 Jacques Drive in Lebanon IN on Saturday November 13th from 4pm to 6pm.

The theme of this months meeting is the annual pay it forward. You may ask what that is...

The concept is simple everyone has tank items lying around that they cannot use and can't or do not want to go through the hassle to sell. Bring your items and during the meeting members will have the opportunity to select that item. You may not even know you need it until you see the item. This portion of the meeting is open to club members only.

You may see heaters, pumps, old lights plumbing parts. If you are bringing items to donate there are no leave behinds please make sure to take back with you anything not picked 


Additionally most of us do not get the chance to venture to out of the area stores. That gave us an idea to organize a field trip to Aquarium World in Lafayette. Aquarium World setup at the frag swap this year. The idea is to meet at Luis at 1pm and carpool to Aquarium World in Lafayette. This is not part of the official club meeting and we will return to Luis' for the meeting. 

Please RSVP below for both events the same day.

And for 2022 the frag swap will be Saturday April 2nd and we will have setup April 1st let everyone know

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Sorry, I look forward to this meeting but cannot make it this year. I like the idea of the additional field trip too. I'll have to make that pilgrimage to Lafayette myself one of these days.



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