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October 2021 Monthly Meeting

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The October meeting will be on Saturday October 9th at Doug (ddeurloo) and Cheryl's (redfish) home. 

Time 4-6

Address 10873 Olivia Ct Indianapolis IN 46234

They have a 300 gallon display and a 500 gallon system. Make sure to bring a notebook and camera sop you can take notes about one of the best designed fish rooms in the club and a water storage system that could fill a swimming pool.

Our club elections will be at this meeting so we hope to see everyone there!

Nominations for the 2022  board have now officially started club!  Per the INDMAS By-Laws, and in order to have more time to train any new BOD in preparation for the frag swap…the newly nominated positions will now be taking office on November 1st, 2022.


Nominations will remain open until the night before the meeting on October 9th, 2021 and voting will take place at the same October monthly meeting (Must be present to vote!!).  If you are interested in running for one of the offices below you can nominate yourself or you may nominate another member.  If another member nominates you, please accept or reject that nomination on this thread! There is no limit to the number of nominations accepted per position.

This is a great opportunity to give back to INDMAS, help assist your local non-for-profit club grow and educate, and to show your reefing pride!

So without further adieu here is the list of open positions and current nominees!

 Want to Give Back?

INDMAS is a great reefing community that offers tons of resources for us to keep our piece of the ocean looking at its best.  But all of those resources are carefully and diligently planned out by the volunteers on our Board of Directors.  This year we have a few positions that will be open to take office on November 1st.  These are all one year terms...and the nominations will begin in September.  The officers below have done a great job already for 2021, and

1 Year Terms:

Membership – currently held by Kyle Price (Silentnight1793) will not be running this year

Commerce – currently held by Mikayla Price

Education – currently held by Brian Plankis

2 Year Terms:

INDMAS Treasurer – currently held by Ben

INDMAS Secretary – currently held by Bob Myers

Responsibilities of the officers is as follows: http://indmas.org/main/index.php/topic/1203-duties-and-responsibilities-of-elected-positions/ 

 2021 Frag Swap Commerce Committee

Don't think you have enough time to swing a Staff position?  The INDMAS Frag Swap is a big undertaking and planning for the May 2021 event will start in November.  The Commerce Committee is responsible for helping solicit those awesome raffles that you see near the stage every year!  They are a pivotal position and work directly with the Commerce Chair to ensure a great fundraiser for the club.  How can you help give back to the club and the reefing community?  I'm glad you asked!  Email for more information to see if this is a good fit for you:  [email protected]

Thank you all for reading this extended nomination post and I hope to meet each and every one of you that I don't know already,  yet this year.  I hope all of your reefs are flourishing and I have given you all something to think about regarding the future of our reefs.  You can all help be a part of the solution!

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Anyone going to the October meeting and anyone running for the board positions. Both a week away

I will be at the meeting +1 and I cant run for anything else. Would love to see a great turnout and participation in the club by volunteering!


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I will not be running for Secretary again this year so the position is open.  Certainly not a difficult job, but after 4 years it is someone else's turn.  We need new ideas and new perspectives so that this club can continue to be successful.  This is an opportunity for a position on the board that does not take too much time but allows you to be a part of creating the future of INDMAS!  It is a great position/opportunity.

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I will be able to make this meeting. Looking forward to seeing the progress and growth in the system!


Will the mermaid make her appearance?

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