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June 2020ne Summer Social

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The June meeting will be June 12th from 4pm - 6 pm

Craig Martin (cmrun) and his wife Connie are the host again this year . The address is 921 Arrowwood Drive in Carmel IN.

The summer social is a pitch in so please reply if you can make it and what you will be bringing.

We hope to see everyone there!

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We are looking forward to seeing everyone. Back by popular request (Marcia, Marcia, Marcia)... we will have Hollyhock Hill chicken for the group.

Weather permitting, outdoor activities to include (aside from eating, drinking, relaxing, and eating)  corn hole, badminton, and newly added Croquet set. {Martin international croquet rules apply}. 

Sadly, one of my cast of characters, the 23 year old Ocellaris Clown is no longer. She made the final circular swim several weeks ago. Not a bad go of it though! Two trainer Ocellaris Clowns are in my frag tank waiting to make it into the show. The two 11 year old dwarf angels are now the seniors in the tank as the 18 year old Sailfin is swimming with friends in Mike Millers ocean.

Have a safe holiday weekend!

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Marcia and I will be there.  My son, Kyle, will not be coming so I will need a new partner for corn hole seeing as how we ruled it last time!!  😁  We will be bringing baked beans (less pepper this time) and wings.

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Sorry, I didn't see some of these lasts posts until this am (Sun). Spoke or texted with a number of the above, But wanted to say thank you for all pitching in and bringing food & drinks etc. I hope some of you who took pictures will post them here because this was great time. WHAT A BLAST!  Really enjoyed getting to meet some of the new members.

Haven't spent anytime looking for a stray mermaid, but haven't noticed her yet either.... There may have to be some form of retribution to those delinquents who aided in or instigated of hiding of said mermaid.... LOL.   ;):)   

14,236 days... made it through another one!

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