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Microscope and slide for parasite identification

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I'm fighting some sort of gill parasite in my QT tanks right now. They're my first ever fish and I'm being coached through QT by humblefish. So far I've been unsuccessful with 2.5PPM copper treatment for 14 days followed by tank transfer. Metroplex dosed every 48 hours for 14 days for uronema. General Cure dosed 2x 6 days apart. Fenbendazole bath 2x in case of prazi resistant flukes. Food soaked GC+Metro for days and food soaked Fenbendazole for 14 days. Nothing has worked so I'm either going to do formalin baths to try to rid whatever this is or I need to borrow a microscope and some slides to see if I can ID it?

Thanks for your time!


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Sorry I didn’t get any notifications that someone responded here so I didn’t look. 

I think it’s a bad case of flukes but everything I read says flukes come off as opaque ovals and these are coming off as small white snowflake looking things. I’ve been giving the fish fenbendazole baths every 3 days to try to break the life cycle and it’s killing the parasite but I have yet to succeed in eradication.

you can’t see them on the fish at all so pictures are no help but it’s also saying pictures are failing to upload.

Symptoms are congruent with flukes in the gills-  head twitching, yawning, scratching, clamped fins (these have improved with the fenbendazole baths but again no success in full eradication yet)

They are definitely prazi resistant I did 3 treatments with no success, they’ve survived 2 formalin baths 6 days apart, 2 fenbendazole baths 6 days apart, I have freshwater dipped and seen them die but not be eradicated. I used the parasites calculator to determine when to treat based on my temp and salinity.

because fenbendazole is improving the fish I have to believe it’s worms which would imply flukes but they are nasty flukes. My current treatment plan was to switch to every 3 day fenbendazole 12 hour baths in 100mg per gallon of medication. They will be getting their 3rd bath in this regiment tonight.

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On 4/9/2021 at 8:57 AM, ryansweet said:

We can also provide microscope services at one of the meetings (or can arrange to come by your place, as well)

Someone coming by my place to help would be phenomenal if someone is willing? I’m not confident in doing hyposalinity which is what I would do next for flukes if they don’t get resolved with my next treatment.

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