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Lagoon Reefer

Just introducing myself

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Hello! My name is Austin Cutliff. I’m 24 years old and live in Terre Haute, In. I started in the hobby when I was 19. I have came a long way since then. My first tank was a standard 40 gallon breeder with no sump and all soft corals. I had it for roughly 3 years before upgraded to a 75 gallon reef. Unfortunately I only got to keep that tank for about a year and a half as I was forced to move and downsize again. Now I have a 45 gallon lagoon which I love with some high end equipment to help me out. I will attach some pictures for your enjoyment :) thanks for allowing me to be apart of this community!806636EE-D629-4405-84D0-915C00F02FD7.thumb.jpeg.7bfece8a296d0a30e951092492d2a83d.jpeg5828600A-3057-4968-9883-799C8264CE76.thumb.jpeg.456d53e2bb783deb4a4bfb892ce6dc9d.jpeg0DE06516-09AB-4844-B013-C97B28141BC8.thumb.jpeg.b562509283b82a1b302dadebffc7b49c.jpeg

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