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October 2020 Meeting

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The October meeting will be at the home of

Dduerloo ( Doug) and Redsfish (Cheryl)

And will be on October 10th at 4pm

The address is 10873 Olivia Ct Indianapolis, IN 46234

Come see this new tank build in progress (Ok a lot more than just progress)

This new build consists of a

300 gallon display on main floor ( part of a 500 gallon system in the works ) no water yet

-basement fish room has frag tank, refugium, and sump for display

-40 gallon waterbox

-60 gallon cube coral quarantine 

-35 gallon fish quarantine 

-adjacent to fish room is a 200 gallon water mixing station 

-100 gallon display tank in basement (original display) is now Cheryl’s tank. Still recovering from the move to the new house.

You will not want to miss this setup

Please make sure to RSVP

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10 hours ago, PetesFolly said:

Marcia and I were really looking forward to being there.  We completely forgot that we will be in South Carolina for my Mom's 75th birthday that weekend.  😥  Any volunteers to take notes for me?

I planing on being there, and happy to take notes for you! Enjoy the Birthday bash!!!

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Thank you for hosting. It was good to see everyone at the meeting. It looks like your plan for the new build is well on it's way. Very detailed, well planned and executed. Very Nice!

You'll have to host again next year so we can see your accomplishments. (Hosting next year is also true for Mike Duffy, Mike Miller and Bob Myer). Im looking forward to seeing these tanks grow out.



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